Terms And Condtions

Thank you for supporting Wintips.com website. Below are our terms & conditions. We hope readers respect and comply with the regulations.

Terms and Conditions of Use Wintips.com

1. Terms for website users

Only suitable for viewers who are over 18 years old.

Website users must ensure civil and legal liability.

If we intentionally access it when we are not eligible, we are not responsible at all.

2. Right to information security

As stated in the “Privacy Policy” section, member information will be kept by the system for up to 12 months. During this time, we commit not to buy, sell, exchange information with any 3rd parties. After 12 months, the reader’s information will be permanently deleted.

3. Intellectual property rights per article

Wintips.com is an independent website, we are not regulated by any agency. Therefore, all information about the article – product – service at Wintips.com is unique, is exclusively owned.

Readers may not copy, edit or use for personal use without our consent.

4. Right to refuse access to the website

The user will be denied access if one of the following errors is violated:

Propagating depraved, unhealthy culture under every article.

Sharing information related to political, reactionary and anti-State issues.

Intrusion aims to deactivate website data, crash the server.

Insulting and insulting the culture and other members.

Depending on the behavior, we will take different measures. Access may be banned for several days or permanently. Heavier, it will be handled by the law.

Summing up

All information about the terms and conditions applies to the Wintips.com website. During use, we will rely on the reader’s reflection to change it accordingly and with better deterrence. Hope you will grasp this information carefully so that we have the best experience with Wintips.com.