What is horse racing betting? Points of note when playing horse racing betting online

18/05/2023 Sports betting

Horse racing betting is a traditional betting game that has been present in Europe for a long time. But until now, the “hotness” of this game has not shown signs of decreasing. So what is horse racing betting? What to keep in mind playing horse racing betting online? To answer this question, please read the extremely useful information shared in the article below of bet win tips.

The concept of horse racing betting

Horse racing is a sport with a long history, which has formed and existed for centuries. Horse racing is known as a challenging and exciting extreme sport. Today, horse races are held in many parts of the world attracting thousands of people to the racetrack and millions of people around the world watching the matches on television.

What is horse racing betting?
What is horse racing betting?

Horse racing betting is a game associated with matches, this form of gambling has been formed since ancient times and is still extremely popular over time. Betting on horse racing is a fun not to be missed for many people because watching the dramatic match and predicting the result brings extremely exciting emotions to viewers. Even horse racing betting became a source of sponsorship for the sport’s races.

Points of note when playing online horse racing betting

To ensure the interests of players participating in horse racing betting and minimize the possibility of errors. Players also understand and firmly grasp the notes when playing horse racing online.

Below, we will share with everyone some important notes that must be seen before participating in horse racing bets:

Note 1: Rules for when racehorses give up

In case there is a racehorse that quits just before the match. But if you bet on that horse, the bookmaker will make specific rules as follows:

  • All bets related to abandoned racehorses will be refunded to the player.
  • For complex bets, the House is only responsible for cashing out bets related to horses giving up, while other bets are still valid.
  • As for the Cross bet, if a racehorse gives up, it will lower the number of oblique bets.

Note 2: In case the racehorse is disqualified from competition

If before a horse race there is a case of a racehorse being disqualified, you should be aware of the following issues:

Points of note when playing online horse racing betting
Points of note when playing online horse racing betting

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Cases of racehorses being disqualified

The racehorses that were disqualified from the race were horses with the original wrong weight. If before the signal light comes on, it will be counted as if the racehorse is disqualified. If the latter, it will count as the final finish horse unless otherwise decided.

Racehorses that are disqualified after turning on the signal light still do not affect the final result of the race. And the previously announced total bonus will still be counted.

Besides, when the player places money on the horse that is disqualified before the lights come on, the bet will be refunded. For complex bets, it will be counted as if the racehorse gave up.

Regulations on types of betting tickets when there are not enough horses participating in the competition

As you know, when a race does not have horse racing involved, it will more or less affect some types of betting tickets. As follows:

  • Win: In case there are less than 5 racehorses competing, the bet will not be opened.
  • Similarly, if the race has less than 5 horses participating in the race, the rafters will not be opened.
  • Quinella: If less than 5 horses compete, the dealer will not open the bet.
  • Trio: The bookmaker will play the Trio if there are less than 5 racehorses participating in the competition.
  • Players will not be able to bet if there are fewer than 5 racehorses competing.
  • First four: This bet will be canceled if there are fewer than 6 racehorses participating.
  • Quinella Place: If the race has fewer than 7 racehorses, players will not be able to bet on this type of bet.
In case the racehorse is disqualified from competition
In case the racehorse is disqualified from competition

Note 3: Bonus rules in online horse racing

Similar to the types of bets, the rules for paying prizes in online horse racing are very strict. The form of bonus payment and promotional bonuses need to ensure the interests of the parties involved. Therefore, players need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • The winning racehorse will be rewarded based on the final decision of the referee.
  • For each type of betting ticket, there will be specific payout rates set by the bookmakers right on the betting ticket.
  • Players will be refunded their bets if the match is postponed. At the same time, this bet will no longer be valid if the match is held at a different time or location later.


Above is all the information about what is horse racing betting concept? Note when playing online horse racing betting that new players need to grasp. Hopefully, you will get useful information to catch the standard and win big in online horse racing. Good luck!

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