Top 10 unknown rules in football will surprise you

24/04/2024 Betting News

Football rules are a system of standardized regulations applied in football matches. They are established by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). This system of playing rules is applied in all countries worldwide. Every player, coach, referee, and fan needs to understand these regulations. However, in reality, there are some rules that football viewers often overlook while watching matches. There might be some rules you’re not aware of, and in this article, Wintips admin will reveal some extremely interesting 10 unknown rules in football.

10 unknown rules in football
10 unknown rules in football

The most 10 unknown rules in football

1. If the ball bursts on its way into the goal, the goal will not be counted

The lawmaker believed that the ball should always be in an intact condition so this law was born. If the ball is not intact, the match must be paused to replace the ball with a new one. In the Champions League, there was a situation where the ball exploded but the goal was still recognized. Perhaps because in that situation, it is too difficult for the referee to recognize that the ball exploded and the player did not even know this rule existed.

2. A yellow card for excessive celebration by a player will be retained, even if the goal is not awarded

Explanation by the rule makers: Even though the goal is disallowed, the impact of the celebration on the audience remains the same as if the goal were awarded. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you receive a yellow card even though the goal is not counted.

You will still get a yellow card even if the goal is denied
You will still get a yellow card even if the goal is denied

Example: If you score a goal and then remove your shirt to celebrate, but the VAR disallows the goal, you will still receive a yellow card for the improper celebration.

3. Players can receive a red card even before the match begins – 10 unknown rules in football

If a player commits a stupid act before the game starts, the referee can completely withdraw his disqualification red card. Bad behavior can be: cursing at the referee, insulting colleagues, hitting fans.

In November 2017, Patrice Evra while playing for Marseille (France) threw a kung-fu at fans during a pre-match warm-up. The referee immediately drew a red card and Evra was unable to play that match.

4. In penalty shootouts from 11 meters, there must be an equal number of players from both teams allowed to take penalties

Put simply, if during the regular 120 minutes, Team A has a player sent off with a red card, then this team will only have 10 players for the penalty shootout. Team B, even if none of its players receive a red card, will also only be allowed to have 10 players for the shootout. This means one player from Team B is automatically “excluded” from participating in the penalty shootout.

Always have to balance the number of players kicking 11m
Always have to balance the number of players kicking 11m

For example, in the 2006 World Cup final between France and Italy, the legendary Zidane (France) was sent off during extra time, and one Italian player was “excluded” from the shootout. Can you guess which Italian player was removed from the list of penalty takers? The answer is midfielder Gennaro Gattuso. He played 420 minutes throughout the tournament but was unable to stand with his teammates at the center circle during the shootout.

5. A match can start with only 7 players from each team – 10 unknown rules in football

We all know football matches have 2 teams, each team of 11 players. But if before the game, your team suddenly has technical problems, you can completely start the match with only 7 players. 7 players is the minimum number to start the match.

This rule also means that a team is only allowed to receive a maximum of 4 red cards in a match. When the 5th player is sent off, the match automatically closes. Note that this rule does not apply to reserve players. It’s okay for them all to get red cards, as long as they have 7 people on the field.

6. Players cannot score an own goal directly from a corner kick or a throw in

Indeed, if a player directly kicks or throws the ball into their own goal without it touching anyone, it will not be counted as an own goal. In such cases, the opposing team will be awarded a corner kick. However, it’s very rare for spectators to witness this rule being enforced.

7. No player from the defending team in a free-kick situation is allowed to stand closer than 1 meter to the defensive wall

This is a law officially put into effect from June 1, 2019. When the fence has 3 or more A team players (free kick takers), B team players are not allowed to stand near the fence less than 1 meter. According to the lawmaker, Team B standing in Team A’s fence often causes many difficulties for referees to control order, leading to wasted time:

10 unknown rules in football
Before taking a free kick, the referee must adjust the fence

“There is no concrete evidence that B team players have more advantages when standing within the fence of the A team, even their appearance against the slogan ‘Spirit of the match’ initiated by FIFA, which ruins the image of the game.” If the A-team player spotted Team B sneaking into the fence, he could report to the referee for a penalty.

8. The team winning the coin toss nowadays can choose to either kick-off or choose their end of the field

Previously, the team winning the coin toss could only choose their end of the field. However, nowadays, they have the option to choose the kick-off or their preferred end.

9. In penalty shootouts, goalkeepers are not allowed to touch the net, posts or crossbar

Referees will not allow penalty kicks if they detect goalkeepers touching the posts or crossbar to intimidate the opponents. While this rule exists, it’s rare to see referees delay penalty kicks because of a goalkeeper hitting the goal frame.

10. The maximum holding time for goalkeepers is 6 seconds – 10 unknown rules in football

After catching the ball, goalkeepers must release it back into play within 6 seconds. However, this rule is not always strictly adhered to, as demonstrated in the scenario you’re currently witnessing. If caught, the goalkeeper may receive a yellow card or incur an indirect free kick for their team.


Above are 10 unknown rules in football that you may have never noticed or heard of before. They will help ensure fair and transparent encounters and limit instances of foul play and cheating by all parties involved. Of course, knowing these rules will also help you position yourself properly while playing football to avoid committing unnecessary fouls. Keep following the bookmaker com reviews website every day to stay updated with more interesting sports news.

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