A guide on how to bet badminton from A-Z for newbies

Badminton is a sport familiar to the daily life of many people as well as badminton tournament enthusiasts. Since then, badminton betting has also been loved and received by many people. However, there are still many new people wondering how to A guide on how to bet badminton? The following information win betting tips guide you.

A guide on how to bet badminton from A-Z for newbies
A guide on how to bet badminton from A-Z for newbies

Learn about badminton betting

Badminton betting is understood in the most inclusive way as the way you bet on badminton tournament elements. By watching badminton matches, players can predict the winning score, predict the winner, predict the winner,… and set the corresponding stakes.

This badminton betting is also held with many types of bets such as handicap bets, top/bottom bets, correct score bets, and more. Each of these types of bets corresponds to different odds, so players must calculate and consider carefully, utilizing betbook betting tips, to maximize their chances of earning winnings from this game.

A Guide to Badminton Betting Steps for Newbies

Step 1: Choose a reputable bookmaker

The choice of bookmaker when betting badminton will determine whether the betting results are transparent and fair. A reputable badminton bookmaker is a bookmaker that meets the following standards:

  • High information security: The problem of exposing personal information in the process of interacting with the internet and social networks is no stranger. Therefore, the security factor is very important when players choose a bookmaker.
  • Easy to trade: This factor gives players more peace of mind in depositing/withdrawing bets at any time at the bookmaker.
  • Variety of promotions: Reputable bookmakers always create the best badminton betting conditions for players by rewarding stakes.
  • Stable customer care policy: There are always staff on duty to support and answer problems well.
  • Provide a variety of bets: Players will have a choice of bets that have an advantage for themselves when participating in bets.
Choose a reputable bookmaker
Choose a reputable bookmaker

Step 2: Register a betting account

Players are required to set up 1 account to bet badminton at any website or bookmaker. Depending on the rules of each bookmaker, you will need to deposit a minimum amount of bets and have a promotion upon successful registration.

Step 3: Log in to the bookmaker

After registering, players have the right to log in to that house with the account name, password just set up.

Step 4: Choose your type of badminton betting

As introduced above, badminton betting has many types of bets for players to choose from.

Choose your type of badminton betting
Choose your type of badminton betting

Basic types of badminton bets

Like betting on football, basketball, volleyball,… Badminton betting is also diversified with many different types of bets:

  • Champion betting: Championship team betting is the most common type of bet in badminton betting. The bookmaker will organize players to bet on which team wins the final.
  • Full set handicap: This type of bet is used when it is noticed that 1 team has a difference in capacity. Players will place bets on which side they decide will win, the result includes the number of handicap sets.
  • Bet total points above / below: Normally the dealer will give the total score of 1 player, then the player will bet the number of points that the player predicts about that player will be higher or lower than the number given by the bookmaker.
  • All-match score bet: As we know, 1 badminton match has 3 games. At the end of these 3 games, the final score results will be announced. With this bet, the player will predict the final score and bet money.
  • Even or odd bets: With this type of bet, players will predict whether the total score of all 3 games is even or odd and bet money. With this parity bet shows interesting chance in badminton betting.


This article has shared badminton betting guides from a – z for newbies. Apply this information in practice immediately if you are interested in this subject. Wish you receive many bonuses from badminton betting. Good luck!

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