A simple, straightforward guide to esports betting

Esports is an e-sports game that has a strong attraction in the domestic and world markets today. Because of this great development, Esports has soon become a betting sport that many people are interested in online bookmakers. Therefore, to help new players get the full experience with Esport, in the following article we will guide to esports betting and most effective way to bet on esports. If you are interested in Esport betting, you should not ignore this useful information of Wintips.

Esport betting for new entrants
Esport betting for new entrants

A simple 4-step guide to participating in Esport betting

To participate in Esports betting in the safest way possible, please follow the instructions we share below to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Step 1: Access the official website of the bookmaker

Visit the bookmaker's homepage to place Esports bets
Visit the bookmaker’s homepage to place Esports bets

First, access the homepage of trader bookmaker you have chosen. Then, enter your account name and password and click on login. If you do not have an account yet, you can register.

Step 2: Choose a play hall

Normally, there will be 2 main halls for players to choose to participate in betting in the E-Sports section, which are:

  • TF E-Sports: This is the most updated gaming hall, there are many types of Esports games that are hot in the betting market.
  • E-Sports: Is the fastest place to offer matches that are being played with very high odds.

In each lobby, you will be offered game styles along with different types of betting bets. So, take a moment to find out which lobby your favorite game is located in to make the right choices.

Step 3: Search for the match

1XBET is one of the bookmakers that allow reputable Esport bets
1XBET is one of the bookmakers that allow reputable Esport bets

The Asian bookies will constantly update the highest-rated tournaments from esports games such as FIFA, CS:GO, LOL, and a host of other games. Here, you will find the matches that you want to place bets on, then click on it to select.

Step 4: Start placing your bets

On your screen, you will see the information about the upcoming match on the right half and the betting odds on the left side. It will help you to analyze and predict the outcome of the upcoming match more easily. Finally, choose the type of bet and the appropriate betting amount, then complete the betting process. The result of the win or loss will be announced by the bookmaker on the system after the match ends.

Live function in the match
Live function in the match

In addition, to make the choice of betting door more accurate, you can refer to the figures section. In this section, all the information of the 2 teams will be compiled by the bookmaker from the last 5 matches as well as some accurate analysis of the squad and gameplay to help you make the optimal decision.

Important notes when playing Esports betting

When you want to win big in this exciting and new Esports betting game, you need to pay attention to the following things we recommend:

Only participate in betting when you fully understand all the game factors

As we know, Esports has many different games, so before participating in betting, you need to know how to play those games. By just watching a few matches, you can already know the basic elements of the game. However, you also need to observe and understand the main techniques in the game to easily analyze the matches before choosing to place a bet.

For example, in Dota 2, each side consists of 5 heroes, and players must coordinate with each other to destroy the opponent’s base. As for CS: GO, 2 teams shoot against each other, the one who wins 16 rounds first will win, but with at least 2 rounds apart.

Therefore, learning the rules and how to play each discipline in esports is a mandatory task for every bettor before participating in esports betting at reputable bookmakers. Additionally, staying updated with live betting tips can greatly improve your chances of success in live esports betting.

Study pre-match information
Study pre-match information

Should collect news, follow the progress of matches, tournaments

Similar to other sports, you can learn to collect information about esports matches from mainstream media, websites, forums or fanpages. This will help you get insights into the strength of the teams such as the probability of winning, the seeding team,…

Even if the analysis cannot accurately reflect the teams playing esport. However, this is one of the bases to help you make more accurate betting decisions.

Learn about betting bets before you play

For each Esport game, at each different match, the bookmaker always offers a variety of bets to increase the attractiveness. In it there will be bets that are quite easy to eat and there are also very difficult to eat. So you need to analyze and learn each type of bet that the bookmaker offers to be able to choose the most suitable bet for your plan.


In conclusion, we have provided a simple and effective guide to esports betting, hoping that it will help many of you play effectively. Participating in esports betting will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of major tournaments, where you can interact with gamers and professional players worldwide. Moreover, if you are fortunate enough to win any esports game, you will receive a considerable amount of money from reputable bookmakers.

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