Top 10 best American soccer betting sites in 2024

04/01/2024 Sports betting

America is a vast, affluent, and economically powerful nation. The country is continually evolving, accompanied by a plethora of captivating entertainment options. Despite soccer not being the foremost favorite sport among Americans, the realm of soccer betting tells a completely different story. The number of soccer betting sites in the United States has surged significantly in 2024. This demonstrates the potential and lucrative nature of this market. However, the legality of soccer betting in the US remains a question. What are the most reputable American soccer betting sites? Let’s delve into this article alongside expert insights from Wintips.

Top American Soccer Bookmakers
Top American Soccer Bookmakers

Is it legal to bet on soccer online in the American?

Legal online soccer betting provides adults who meet the legal gambling age requirement an avenue to engage with one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, enabling immediate wagering possibilities via smartphones and PCs. Soccer’s worldwide appeal stems from its cost-effective and universally adaptable nature. A spherical ball and a couple of friends suffice to initiate play, regardless of whether children hail from economically advantaged or disadvantaged Third World nations.

This universality contributes to the enduring and fervent backing soccer enjoys in numerous countries, including Brazil, England, France, Germany, and Spain. While MLS soccer betting in the United States might not achieve the same level of prominence as football or basketball, it maintains a dedicated following and boasts numerous legal online sports betting alternatives.

The webpage delves into the legal aspects of soccer betting for USA players and suggests legitimate online betting platforms. The listed sites are fully authorized to accept American players and are among the most esteemed entities within the industry. Hence, whether you’re a newcomer to soccer betting or a seasoned expert in search of the most reputable betting sites, we have your needs covered.

Differences in soccer betting between American and Europe

While the contrasts might appear subtle at first glance. There exist distinct differentiating factors in sports betting practices between the United States and Europe. We’ll now examine the primary divergences in sports betting between these two regions. Offering you a comprehensive grasp of the entire procedure.

Sport Variety and Cultural Nuances

One of the prominent distinctions between betting practices in the United States and Europe lies in the array of soccer available for wagering. In the United States, you can place bets on a diverse range of sports, including baseball, football, soccer and basketball. Conversely, in Europe, the focal point predominantly revolves around soccer games. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that you can still engage in soccer betting within the United States and wager on sports based in Europe.

MLS is America's premier soccer league
MLS is America’s premier soccer league

Furthermore, the cultural attitudes toward sports differ appreciably between the U.S. and Europe. For instance, individuals in the U.S. often perceive sports as a source of entertainment and enjoyment, whereas in European nations, the populace approaches their teams and game outcomes with a considerably more solemn disposition. Typically, the most lucrative bets in the U.S. tend to revolve around events like championships or playoffs, while Europe offers relatively substantial payouts across a broader spectrum of games and events.

Comprehensive Regulations

Dissimilar regulatory frameworks further distinguish sports betting practices between the two regions. Europe stands out with its complete legality and abundant array of betting platforms. Conversely, the United States presents a varied landscape, as each state holds the autonomy to establish its own betting laws, resulting in certain states completely prohibiting betting. Numerous U.S. locations are currently pursuing licenses to facilitate sports betting; Thus, it’s imperative to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the specific rules and regulations applicable to your desired betting locale. In essence, Europe offers a broad spectrum of freedoms in sports betting. Physical establishments like sports cafes offer in-person betting, alongside a multitude of online alternatives.

Distinct Betting Platforms

The ultimate differentiation pertains to the actual betting websites. In the United States, identifying trustworthy and authorized platforms for placing bets might prove time-consuming, particularly considering the intricate web of state-specific betting regulations. Navigating these legal complexities often leads platforms to primarily focus on major events such as playoffs and championships. Conversely, Europe’s legal landscape allows these platforms to offer bets on virtually any game, irrespective of its magnitude. Consequently, while securing bets in the U.S. for non-major events could be challenging, Europe boasts a consistent availability of bets on a daily basis, encompassing a diverse spectrum of game types and events.

Top 10 best American soccer betting sites in 2024

1. W88

There is no official information about the founding year of W88, but at the very least, W88 has been present in the market since at least 2013 until now. And since that time, the W88 betting brand has endured through generations of players. In terms of documentation and credibility, we can rely on the fact that W88 is under the ownership of Marquee Holdings Limited, a corporation. It is licensed by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA), a world-class casino management organization.

The W88 brand offers the most user-friendly experience
The W88 brand offers the most user – friendly experience

Although not extensive in quantity, the slot games offered by W88 are quite distinctive in terms of configuration. This is reasonable considering that W88’s primary customers are enthusiasts of both casino games and sports betting. Well-known slot game brands in the industry are all present here, providing players with ample opportunities to engage. The interface of the W88 gaming app is also extensively optimized, making it compatible with all mobile devices currently available on the market.


In our assessment, amidst a competitive landscape, BetMGM emerges as the premier soccer betting app. It boasts an unparalleled array of game and player props, underpinned by a dependable app equipped with cutting-edge technology. The odds offered are notably competitive, sparing you the need for exhaustive line comparison. The inclusion of live betting features injects a high level of excitement into in-game soccer wagering, and the attentive BetMGM customer support team further enhances the experience. From our vantage point, BetMGM stands as the ultimate soccer betting app in the USA, catering to novices and seasoned bettors alike.

BetMGM brings huge selection of player props
BetMGM brings huge selection of player props

These top-tier mobile soccer betting applications extend enticing sign-up promotions and ongoing bonuses, enhancing your bankroll’s cushion. Bonuses serve as a straightforward method to infuse added value into your online soccer betting journey. Typically, these bonuses manifest as welcome incentives and sign-up rewards, bolstering your initial bankroll as you embark on your site engagement. These opportunities are undeniably enticing for anyone venturing into the realm of soccer gambling.

3. DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook stands out as the ultimate choice for soccer enthusiasts, leaving little room for comparison. This prominent sports betting app, ranked second in the nation, boasts an impressive range of markets, encompassing over 70 soccer leagues worldwide, including niche and international competitions. Its accessibility spans across almost half of the U.S., and its reach is poised to expand in the coming years. Each match, whether a high-profile English Premier League showdown or a Bulgaria First League midseason encounter, receives the complete DraftKings treatment. The available bets consistently average well over 150 and frequently surpass this count.

DraftKings with aggressive advertising campaigns
DraftKings with aggressive advertising campaigns

However, numerous sportsbooks offer extensive league coverage. What truly differentiates DraftKings is its pricing structure. It excels in offering the most competitive vigorish on popular wagers like 3-way moneylines, draw (no bet), totals, and select props. This extends to its in-play moneyline pricing as well. Moreover, the DraftKings soccer betting interface is notably user-friendly. Bets are neatly organized into intuitive categories and sub-categories, while alternative spreads and totals are conveniently condensed into a rolling toolbar for easy access.

4. FanDuel

FanDuel’s array of soccer bets is not extensive, primarily focusing on fundamental options. Players can expect to encounter standard moneyline, totals, spreads, and familiar props like “First to Score,” yet fewer specialized wagers are available. This stance is somewhat surprising given that FanDuel operates under the Flutter umbrella, which also oversees several of Europe’s largest sports betting brands.

FanDuel Sportsbook presents a respectable option for soccer bettors
FanDuel Sportsbook presents a respectable option for soccer bettors

Nonetheless, FanDuel does deliver commendable soccer coverage, encompassing representation from over 60 leagues. The competitiveness of its moneyline and in-play pricing remains strong, trailing by a mere ~1% compared to its most formidable rivals. However, the pricing for totals and spreads might dissuade some, escalating to as high as 9%.

5. Caesars

A dominant force in the sports betting industry, Caesars Sportsbook boasts an expansive soccer betting selection that aligns with its colossal reputation. Encompassing more than 60 leagues and events, the platform presents a plethora of opportunities, with each game offering an average of 140-150 distinct betting options. The vigorish assigned to 3 – way MoneyLines and draw (no bet) wagers leans toward the lower spectrum, hovering close to 5.5%. Caesars further showcases its competitiveness by extending attractive pricing to totals, spreads, and select props.

Caesars is renowned for its exceptional promotions catering
Caesars is renowned for its exceptional promotions catering

The Caesars Sportsbook bonus undergoes periodic changes, yet all previous iterations have held appeal for soccer bettors. Typically, the ongoing bonus package blends instant rewards with connections to Caesars Rewards, furnishing new patrons with a substantial boost within its highly regarded loyalty program. When considering the entirety of offerings, Caesars Sportsbook emerges as a dependable haven for bettors. However, it’s worth noting that the incorporation of same game parlays into its soccer betting menu is pending, and the vigorish for in-play options rests on the higher side, approximating 8.5%.


It is no surprise that Betway is one of the best online casino brands in operation today. Although the casino brand was established in Europe in 2006, it didn’t commence operations in the United States until recently. Thanks to an agreement with Digital Gaming Corporation, Betway is now present in 5 states; New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. Betway operates in various countries worldwide, the USA inclusive, but despite being in the United States, the casino does not operate in all 50 states.

Betway offers new players free bets with real money on the sportsbook
Betway offers new players free bets with real money on the sportsbook

In the Betway is only available to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, and Colorado players. Pretty soon, more states would be on this list. If you love betting on sports events, then you’d want to check out Betway Sportsbook. The casino brand has a sports betting platform where eligible players can gamble on various sports competitions and tourneys worldwide. There are various betting options for each sport on the sportsbook site, so you have more chance of winning.

7. BET365

While it has a limited presence in the US, bet365 is one of the most significant online gambling services in the world, with an extensive user base in over 100 countries across six continents. Bet365 Group offers all gambling services, including online casino, sportsbook, and Fantasy Sports. Their presence in the US is currently limited to the Bet365 sportsbook in New Jersey, but the Group has entered agreements across other states to launch its online gambling and sportsbooks services.

Bet365 sportsbook is a major sports betting platform in EU, US and Asian
Bet365 sportsbook is a major sports betting platform in EU, US and Asian

The bet365 sportsbook launched in 2019 after entering a partnership with New Jersey’s famous land-based Casino, Hard Rock Atlantic City. The partnership has attracted other industry players like Playtech, which made an auspicious entrance into the Garden State in 2020 to add its online casino services to the blossoming partnership between bet365 and Hard Rock Atlantic City.

8. PointsBet

Emerging as a fresh contender within the realm of legal online betting, PointsBet has ignited significant curiosity. Its reputation is anchored in the innovative points betting system, setting it apart from conventional fixed odds. This platform introduces a distinctive betting experience that diverges from the norm, prompting us to present this comprehensive PointsBet review.

PointsBet has created a very sleek and stylish sports betting website
PointsBet has created a very sleek and stylish sports betting website

Delve into our impartial analysis of PointsBet to grasp its mechanics and anticipate what lies ahead. Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on our exclusive PointsBet promo code offer. When seeking to diversify your betting options within your state, PointsBet garners our endorsement as one of the recommended choices.

9. Fanatics

Fanatics, a relatively recent entrant to the sports betting arena, currently operates exclusively in four states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Tennessee. The good news extends beyond this limited scope, as Fanatics is poised to rapidly expand its presence to additional states. A standout feature of Fanatics revolves around its enticing offer for new customers.

Fanatics also has live betting options for multiple MLS
Fanatics also has live betting options for multiple MLS

Those who embark on their sports betting journey with Fanatics Sportsbook can seize a remarkable opportunity—a rewarding $200 in bonus bets awaits upon signup, following a mere $5 initial wager. Yes, a mere $5 investment yields a substantial 40-fold return in bonus bets. Furthermore, Fanatics app users have the added advantage of accumulating FanCash while placing bets, which holds the dual potential of being redeemed for bonus bets or utilized for purchases on products.

10. BetRivers

Website BetRivers compensates for its comparatively modest soccer promotional incentives by presenting one of the most comprehensive betting menus for avid bettors. Accessible across ten states—Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia. BetRivers rovides a virtually exhaustive array of soccer wagering markets.

BetRivers excels in the realm of live betting
BetRivers excels in the realm of live betting

Beyond the basics, the BetRivers app extends alternate goal-lines, totals, and Asian spreads/totals. Nonetheless, for newcomers, the BetRivers website might appear somewhat overwhelming. Unlike other operators that segregate their sportsbook and online casino offerings, BetRivers consolidates both under a single web domain.

The evaluation criteria American soccer betting sites prestige

When assessing the prestige of American soccer betting sites, several key criteria should be considered to determine their credibility. These factors play a pivotal role in ensuring a safe. Enjoyable betting experience for users. The essential evaluation criteria for assessing the prestige of American soccer betting sites:

Diverse Range of Markets

Firstly, the array of available markets stands out as a crucial aspect for bettors. As outlined in our soccer betting guide, the realm of soccer markets extends beyond traditional sides and totals. Enthusiasts can place wagers on various facets, including the initial goalscorer, precise match score, or even the timing of the first goal in any given fixture.

Nonetheless, for those inclined towards the essentials—such as the three-way moneyline, goal-line, and over/under—there are sportsbooks that exclusively cater to these core markets. Furthermore, these platforms occasionally delve into prop markets for marquee events like the UEFA Champions League Final. Consequently, bettors need not restrict themselves solely to the fundamental trio of markets.

Live Betting Opportunities

Another critical factor in selecting a sportsbook is the availability of live soccer betting. While live betting options for soccer can be scarce in certain states (think Nevada), many of the aforementioned sportsbooks do provide live betting opportunities. Furthermore, depending on your chosen bookmaker, live betting extends beyond sides and totals to encompass ALL pre-game markets.

Soccer Tournaments

Many assert that soccer holds the distinction of being the world’s most widely watched sport, and they would indeed be accurate in their assertion. Across the globe, thousands of matches unfold, each embracing the allure of the beautiful game. Numerous sports bettors in the US commonly place wagers on renowned leagues like the English Premier League, MLS, Champions League, and international competitions.

Americans increasingly love soccer betting
Americans increasingly love soccer betting

However, soccer’s realm extends far beyond these well-known events. Premier soccer betting platforms encompass a global spectrum, ensuring an extensive array of markets for virtually every league. Whether your allegiance lies with a Bundesliga team or you’re inclined to bet on the Copa Sudamericana, a proficient soccer betting site should feature markets for these diverse leagues.

Incentives for New Bettors

Another crucial factor to weigh when selecting a bookmaker for soccer betting is the availability of sign-up bonuses tailored for new bettors. Most sportsbooks extend enticements to newly registered bettors, often in the form of initial bonus bets. These bonuses typically involve refunding the bettor’s stake, often in the form of bet credits, if their first wager incurs a loss.

Winning experience at American soccer betting sites

Embrace Exploration

In jurisdictions with legalized sports betting, numerous soccer betting apps have been launched, some numbering in the dozens. It’s advisable to capitalize on this by downloading as many apps as you can effectively manage. By strategically pairing the most favorable odds from different sources, bettors often manage to diminish the effective house edge from 5-6% down to 1-2%. Although this alone may not guarantee victory, it does provide a substantial head start.

Recognize Sharp Lines

While many US soccer betting sites mimic lines from sharp sportsbooks, delays in their adjustment may occur. When a line in a non-sharp sportsbook diverges from a line posted by a sharp betting site, it could present an opportunity worth pursuing.

It's not easy to fight online bookmakers
It’s not easy to fight online bookmakers

Typically, lineups are shared on social media approximately 60 to 75 minutes before kick-off. Overtime, this information can be leveraged to predict lineup trends. Additionally, deviations from anticipated lineups could offer a chance to place wagers before sportsbooks recalibrate their lines.

Explore Smaller Markets and Exotic Props

The abundance of smaller market soccer games offered by sportsbooks often makes it challenging for them to set sharp lines for all. Focusing on 1-2 smaller markets could potentially allow bettors to outmaneuver the bookmakers. The same applies to exotic prop bets, where incorrect pricing due to obscurity can lead to advantageous opportunities.

Strategic Timing for In-Play Bets

Soccer’s rapid pace is juxtaposed with the gradual development of momentum and scoring opportunities. Consequently, it’s advisable for bettors not to rush into in-play bets during initial exchanges, as insufficient time has elapsed to establish a viable position. Waiting for patterns to emerge and comparing odds across different books can yield favorable in-play options.

Harness Promotions

Leveraging soccer betting promotions stands as a straightforward method to temporarily gain an edge over the house. This necessitates a discerning approach, however, as not all promotions deliver substantial value. Promotions offering notable profit boosts or featuring deposit matches with low wagering requirements are often worth investigating.


Above is a compilation of the Top 10 Best American Soccer Betting Sites in 2024. These betting platforms have firmly established their credibility within the market. They deserve to be your top choices. Their appeal extends beyond soccer betting to encompass all other online games of chance. With a simple account registration and deposit, you can comfortably engage in betting on your favorite matches. Furthermore, these American soccer betting sites offer enticing promotions and bonuses. Start availing them today and may success be yours.

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