The best long range shooters in football - Shots are unstoppable

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There are many ways to score goals in football, from teamwork, breakthroughs, headers, to long shots. Among them, long-range shooting is considered the most lethal weapon for some players. They possess extremely powerful legs and excellent finishing abilities. Whenever they shoot, these players often aim for the top corner or the far post of the goal. This is not solely reliant on the strength of the shot or luck. It all requires training, practicing shooting hundreds of thousands of times. In today’s article, let’s join Wintips admin to discover the Top 10 best long range shooters in football – Let’s see who these football stars are!

Best long range shooters in football
Best long range shooters in football

Top 10 best long-range shooters in football history

1/ Roberto Carlos

One of the most unforgettable moments in football history occurred during the Torneo de France match in 1997, where Brazil faced off against France. It was a match that showcased sheer brilliance and left fans in awe with a moment of pure magic.

In this pivotal game, the Brazilian team found themselves in a tense situation, needing a moment of brilliance to turn the tide in their favor. And it was then that a phenomenon unfolded, one that would etch itself into the annals of football folklore.

Legendary Brazilian full-back - Roberto Carlos
Legendary Brazilian full-back – Roberto Carlos

With the ball placed for a free-kick, the Brazilian maestro stepped up, his left foot poised with purpose. But instead of the usual approach, he stunned everyone with an unorthodox technique. Using the outside of his left hand, he struck the ball with precision and power that seemed almost supernatural.

2/ Ibrahimovic – Best long-range shooters in football

In that unforgettable moment, during a high-stakes match between PSG and Anderlecht, the Swedish sensation showcased his extraordinary skill and power. As the game reached a crucial juncture, with tensions running high and the outcome hanging in the balance, he stepped up to take a free-kick that would leave an indelible mark on football history.

Standing over the ball with unwavering focus, he visualized the trajectory he intended to impart upon it. With a steady gaze and a determined demeanor, he prepared to unleash his weapon of choice – his trusty left foot. As he approached the ball, anticipation hung thick in the air, both on the pitch and in the stands.

"Saint" Zlatan owns a shot of up to 149.7 km/h
“Saint” Zlatan owns a shot of up to 149.7 km/h

Then, in a moment of sheer brilliance, he executed a flawless strike, connecting with the ball with precision and power. The sound of impact reverberated throughout the stadium as the ball rocketed off his foot with incredible velocity. It soared through the air like a guided missile, leaving a trail of awe and admiration in its wake.

3/ Kevin De Bruyne – Best long-range shooters in football

Kevin De Bruyne is the creative leader of modern football, and with the ball at his feet, defenders are preoccupied with tracking attacking players, leaving space for the Man City star to punish them with a thunderous strike. De Bruyne has scored 24 goals from open play and outside the penalty area in the league, out of his total of 75 goals.

Best long range shooters in football
Star De Bruyne has beautiful long shots

Another significant challenge for defenders is that Kevin is known to shoot from distance with his stronger right foot but also with his weaker left foot. Four out of his 20 longest-range goals across all competitions have come from a left-footed strike. The longest goal scored by the Belgian player was in 2018 against Crystal Palace, measured at a height of 34 meters, from a narrower angle than usual.

4/ David Trezeguet

The goal scored by the French legend on this occasion rivals the spectacular nature of his performance in the 1998 Champions League quarter-finals. As a forward for Monaco, he displayed exceptional skill and precision by overpowering the helpless Van Der Gouw with a shot traveling at a staggering speed of close to 155 km/h.

Top best long-range shooters indispensable Trezeguet
Top best long-range shooters indispensable Trezeguet

This momentous goal exemplifies the extraordinary talent and prowess of the French striker. His ability to strike the ball with such velocity and accuracy is a testament to his exceptional technique and composure on the field. It also underscores his knack for seizing opportunities and delivering decisive moments when it matters most.

5/ Hakan Calhanoglu – Best long-range shooters in football

A dead-ball specialist can also excel in open play. Hakan Calhanoglu has scored 11 goals in the league from open play in his endeavors in the tournament. In his comprehensive performance, the Turkish player has scored 24 goals from distances of 16 meters or more!

Best long range shooters in football
H. Calhanoglu has excellent long-range shooting ability

This attacking midfielder may have been overlooked outside of Italy, but with the farthest goal from 33 meters, Hakan cannot be considered solely as a player executing set-piece situations. All of his long-range goals have come from his stronger right foot.

6/ Cristiano Ronaldo – Best long-range shooters in football

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional footballer hailing from Portugal. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. Ronaldo has played for several top clubs, including Manchester United and Real Madrid, while also being the all-time leading goal scorer for the Portugal national team. He has won the Ballon d’Or award five times, the highest individual accolade in football, and is an icon of the sport.

Best long range shooters in football
Fans can’t forget Ronaldo’s shot against FC Porto

CR7 cannot be left out of the list of the most beautiful long-range shots in football. He has left goalkeepers with sore hands beyond measure, so that cannot be overlooked. Before joining Al-Nassr, Cristiano had scored 15 goals from open play in the tournament he played in. Overall, he has 25 goals in his career since 2017!

7/ Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben’s career in football is a testament to his exceptional talent and remarkable contributions to the sport. Born in Bedum, Netherlands, on January 23, 1984, Robben began his football journey at a young age, showing early promise and catching the eye of scouts with his natural ability on the ball.

Best long range shooters in football
Robben – Excellent striker with classy strikes

Robben’s professional career started in his homeland, where he played for Groningen before moving to PSV Eindhoven in 2002. It was during his time at PSV that Robben’s talent truly began to shine, as he showcased his electrifying pace, precise dribbling, and deadly left foot. His performances attracted the attention of top European clubs, and in 2004, he made a high-profile transfer to Chelsea FC in the English Premier League.

8/ Frank Lampard – Best long-range shooters in football

In terms of achievements, Frank Lampard has amassed an impressive array of titles throughout his career. During his time at Chelsea, the 42-year-old former player won the Premier League title three times, the UEFA Champions League once, and the UEFA Europa League once. Additionally, he clinched the FA Cup four times, the League Cup twice, and the FA Community Shield twice.

Chelsea are lucky to have the best midfielder F. Lampard
Chelsea are lucky to have the best midfielder F. Lampard

Regarding individual accolades, Lampard’s standout year was in 2005 when he won the UEFA Silver Ball and finished second in the FIFA World Player of the Year award voting. In terms of personal records, FL8 dedicated 13 seasons to The Blues, scoring an impressive 177 goals and providing 118 assists. Lampard earned the nickname “The Engine” for his relentless work rate in Chelsea’s midfield, tirelessly covering ground without the need for rest.

9/ Radja Nainggolan – Best long-range shooters in football

He is a physically strong and versatile midfielder with a particularly potent long-range shooting ability, considered one of the best long-range shooters in football. The 34-year-old veteran has spent his entire professional playing career in Italy.

Best long range shooters in football
Belgium’s best long-range shooter – Radja Nainggolan

Nainggolan may not have scored many goals in his career, but each time he does, it’s a thunderous strike. His volley against Juventus in Serie A in 2019 was an emotional goal and one of his greatest strikes. Radja Nainggolan is renowned for scoring only against world-class players.

10/ Steven Gerrard

For Liverpool fans, Steven Gerrard remains the most iconic figure symbolizing the soul of Anfield, someone irreplaceable. He stunned audiences with spectacular goals from long distances. Steven Gerrard was born and raised in the Merseyside area, joining Liverpool’s youth academy at the tender age of 9.

Best long range shooters in football
S. Gerrard – Exemplary captain and legend of Liverpool

Eight years later, Liverpool introduced to the footballing world a new name, one that would become immortalized in the club’s history for years to come. G8 is known as the king outside the box with powerful long shots. In the 2005 match, Gerrard had a shot in a beautiful arc-shaped trajectory.


In the modern era of football, tactics play an incredibly important role. Teams not only need to have a distinctive playing style but also a philosophy behind it. However, teams still always want to possess a world-class long-range shooter. The best long-range shooters in football are a rare commodity. They are ready to settle a match in just a moment. That’s why many fans, including the website admin of best online bookmaker websites, love the names mentioned in this article.

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