7 best mobile betting apps in January 2024

19/02/2024 Betting News

Online betting has long become the most popular entertainment field in the world. Besides traditional betting websites, the best mobile betting apps have become the top choice of many bettors because of their convenience, speed and safety. In this article, Wintips experts will help you learn about all the best mobile betting apps today. In addition, we will also explain how we create these rankings to help you find the reputable betting app that is best for you.

Top 7 best mobile betting apps in January 2024
Top 7 best mobile betting apps in January 2024

What is a mobile betting app?

Mobile betting app is an application created to allow users to place bets and participate in online betting activities through their mobile phones. Mobile phones have become a popular tool to access the internet, so the development of mobile betting applications helps bring convenience and flexibility to players.

With best mobile betting apps, users can access reputable bookmakers, casinos, chess fields and other games directly from their mobile phones. These applications often provide easy-to-use interactive interfaces and are optimized for small screens, making it easy for users to browse betting categories, make selections and place bets as desired.

Football betting apps also often provide additional features such as odds review notifications, sports news, match statistics, and safe transaction methods. Users can create a new betting account, deposit money into the account, withdraw winnings and manage personal information conveniently.

Overall, the soccer betting app brings convenience and flexibility to players, allowing them to participate in betting activities from anywhere and anytime they want via mobile phones. mine.

Top 7 best mobile app for sports betting

There are currently dozens of mobile betting applications for you to choose from. This huge arsenal of football betting apps can make you overwhelmed and wondering what to choose. That’s why you should focus on the list of top 7 what is the best mobile betting app that we recommend below.

1. W88 mobile betting application

For 8 consecutive years, W88 has proven its prestige with titles such as the bookmaker with the fastest withdrawal speed, the number 1 most prestigious soccer bookmaker in Vietnam,… That is a great motivation. for W88 to pioneer in developing the W88LITE phone application.

W88 mobile betting application
W88 mobile betting application


  • Provides full functionality just like the website version, helping players not be confused the first time they use it.
  • Table loading speed is fast, no lag with an average time of 3-5 seconds.
  • The App is equipped with a smart processor, thanks to which withdrawal/deposit transactions are guaranteed to the maximum.
  • W88’s application is very light, thanks to which the phone can operate quickly, without being heavy, helping to save battery life for users.
  • Minimalist design, eye-catching and easy to use, very suitable for beginner players.

2. Fun88 bookmaker betting application

As one of the leading bookmakers currently on the market, Fun88 also soon invested in users of a mobile betting app programmed by leading international experts. This helps members participate in betting more conveniently, can bet anytime, anywhere, without missing out on any attractive bets.

Fun88 bookmaker betting application
Fun88 bookmaker betting application


  • Providing a full range of betting products similar to the website version including: Betting odds, full odds table, diverse matches and tournaments, casino betting games…
  • Players can update odds and promotions quickly without having to log in.
  • Small, compact, powerful configuration with 34.5MB capacity, suitable for the configuration of smartphones on the market today.
  • The design is aimed at simplicity with two main colors blue and white. Information layout and betting operation buttons are convenient and user-friendly.
  • Battery saving mode, allowing players to play up to 8 hours/day.
  • Player information is kept as secure as possible as committed.

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3. FB88 safe betting application

Although in terms of experience, FB88 is somewhat inferior to W88 and Fun88, with its professionalism, this house has quickly built a strong community of players on its own mobile platform. With the early launch of the FB88 mobile betting application, members at this bookmaker have the opportunity to experience convenient, safe and fast betting services.

FB88 safe betting application
FB88 safe betting application


  • There is a smooth coordination between the app version and the web version, including games such as soccer betting and Casino betting.
  • It only takes 5 seconds to connect to the next page of the application. There are very few errors that cause the player to log out midway.
  • Friendly app design, eye-catching colors, easy-to-understand content.
  • The application is only 22.3MB, so it is very light on the device and does not take up much memory.

4. Attractive football betting application Bk8

Established in 2015, BK8 is one of Asia’s leading bookmakers with new member promotions up to 200%, managed by the gaming authority Gaming Curacao. BK8’s reputable football betting app is very simple and user-friendly, easy to navigate.

With a sports lobby, you can participate in a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, as well as virtual soccer and e-sports (like League of Legends betting). For soccer in particular, BK8 provides competitive betting odds for most major and minor soccer tournaments in the world. In addition to sports, BK8 Casino is also famous for the best real money online card lounges with live dealers, fish shooting or thousands of diverse Slots Games.

Attractive football betting application Bk8
Attractive football betting application Bk8


  • Newcomer welcome bonus up to 200%.
  • Reputable football betting app is smooth, easy to use, no lag.
  • Many payment methods including bank transfer, e-wallet, cryptocurrency.
  • Withdraw winnings quickly, on average about 15 minutes.

5. Betting application of bookmaker M88 (Mansion88)

M88 not only focuses on providing an excellent betting experience through its website, but also places special attention on developing its mobile application to provide an optimal and responsive gaming experience. every player’s wishes. This demonstrates M88’s ongoing commitment to providing modern and convenient betting solutions, not only on the online platform but also through a flexible mobile interface, helping players enjoy the experience. The best entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Betting application of bookmaker M88
Betting application of bookmaker M88


  • Bookmaker M88 is licensed to operate from the Philippine government and is headquartered in Manila.
  • Outstanding sponsorship activities for football teams: Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Bournemouth.
  • Deposit-withdrawal time: 5 – 15 minutes.
  • Optimized for touch and swipe operations.
  • Smoother experience than on the website.
  • The app supports betting for convenient Android and IOS platforms.
  • Promotion: Welcome bonus 125% deposit when betting at M88.

6. Play online betting with the 12Bet application

Bookmaker 12Bet is a unit of Pacific Sea Invests SA – a remote gambling operations management company based in Asia, focusing primarily on providing sports betting products and services to a large number of people. Some European and Asia Pacific markets are very famous.

Play online betting with the 12Bet application
Play online betting with the 12Bet application


  • 12Bet has a full online betting business license such as: IOM (Isle of Man) and PAGCOR (Phillippine).
  • Sponsorship: Arsenal, Newcastle, Sevilla, Wigan, Swansea, Leicester, West Bromwich FC, Porker Triton Poker Montenegro tournament 2019, YONEX All England badminton tournament.
  • Super fast deposit and withdrawal time from 5 – 30 minutes.
  • The application is easy to use, simplifying betting operations and making it incredibly simple.
  • App for Android and IOS is friendly and easy to use.
  • Promotion: 100% bonus on first deposit.

7. Online betting application for Mobile Dafabet

Dafabet was born in 2004 and has taken full advantage of its expertise and innovation to create an excellent betting application to bring the best experiences to gambling lovers. Dafabet’s success lies not only in providing quality online betting services but is also the result of dedicated investment in mobile application development, helping players easily access and participate. Participate in betting activities anywhere, anytime. This highlights Dafabet’s commitment to providing a premium betting experience and constantly striving to satisfy the preferences and desires of gamblers.

Online betting application for Mobile Dafabet
Online betting application for Mobile Dafabet


  • Have a license to operate online betting business.
  • Sponsor famous football teams: Celtic, Norwich City, Fulham and
    Wales national team.
  • Deposit and withdrawal time: 15 – 20 minutes.
  • The application is carefully designed and fully equipped with products just like the website.
  • Convenient app support for Android and IOS.
  • Promotion: Bonus 100% of first deposit value.

Criteria for ranking the best mobile sports betting app

The list of what is the best mobile betting app that we recommend is not an arbitrary and randomly compiled list. It is the result of an extremely serious testing and review process from our team of experienced reviewers. Below are the 5 main criteria that we focus on during the process of evaluating the best mobile betting apps:

Welcome offer

A good welcome offer can give a player’s account a great start. From this start, players can continue their growth momentum in the field of football betting towards short- and medium-term success. At these betting apps, you will also find instructions on how to read football odds, helping to increase your knowledge and betting skills.

Whether a bookmaker offers a deposit required welcome offer, no deposit required, free spins or any other type of welcome offer, we will hold it to the same standards. In particular, we checked whether they offer genuine value and whether the betting terms and offer conditions are fair.

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Promotion is going on

If welcome offers are designed to target new accounts, ongoing promotions at sign-up will motivate players to stay engaged over the long term. These incentives are aimed at the continued loyalty of customers when participating in betting.

These promotions often include programs such as reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, and VIP bonuses. Each program brings different benefits to customers. However, most importantly, we still appreciate reputable soccer betting apps with clear promotion terms and conditions.

Football odds

Nearly every soccer betting app offers bets related to the biggest tournaments on the planet, including the World Cup, Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League,… However, we look for betting apps. Soccer betting has a superior advantage, specifically it is the most reputable soccer betting app today.

Criteria for ranking the best mobile sports betting app
Criteria for ranking the best mobile sports betting app

Firstly, we appreciate brands that offer a broader football betting market, from professional leagues to mid-range leagues or grass football matches from all regions. Second, we also highlight football betting apps that provide diverse and comprehensive betting products, including popular bet types on the market such as handicap bets, score bets, over/under betting apps. or side bets such as penalty bets, red card bets, etc.

Special Features

The more special features a soccer betting app has, the more comprehensive it will support players in their betting experience. Among the special features, live streaming is one of the most anticipated, because it not only helps you directly enjoy the fun with your favorite team, but also helps you easily send out live betting options. Other utilities such as betting tools, betting tips, statistical information, withdrawals, quick notifications, customizable interface, football betting app, etc. We also highly appreciate finding a reputable football app.

The safety of a reputable football betting app

When using a reputable football betting app, every player wants to be sure that all their data and payment details are safe. To ensure this, we carry out multiple assessments.

First, we check whether appropriate security measures have been applied on reputable football betting apps. Reputable soccer betting apps will have SSL-encrypted homepages, firewall settings, and commit to separating company and customer money.

Next, we also check whether secure payment methods are offered. Finally, and most importantly, the bookmaker brand must have at least one license with a regulatory body, such as the UK Gambling Commission.


Thus, through the above article we have introduced to you the 7 best mobile betting apps in January 2024. Hopefully this information will be useful to you, helping you choose the right application for your version. Be familiar and participate in betting more effectively. In addition, the application selection criteria that we share can also help you find for yourself safe mobile betting applications that you love. Wishing you success!

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