List of top 10 best player in Uruguay

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Uruguay is a small country in South America but is famous for a great football history. This country has produced talented players and achieved many great achievements in world football. Among the best players in Uruguay, there are some names that have become symbols of the passion and continuous efforts of Uruguayan players. They are not only good players but also heroes, bringing pride to the country and unforgettable joys to the fans. Today with Wintips to list the top 10 best player in Uruguay through the article below!

Who is the best player in Uruguay

1. Diego Forlán

Diego Forlán, one of Uruguay’s exceptional forwards, has had an impressive football career both domestically and internationally. His goal-scoring talent and work rate have elevated the Uruguayan national team to new heights.

At top European clubs like Manchester United and Atlético Madrid, Forlán played as a superior striker. He contributed to his international reputation with crucial goals, especially in the Premier League during his time at Manchester United.

Diego Forlan - Best player in Uruguay
Diego Forlan – Best player in Uruguay

Later, Forlán moved to Atlético Madrid and continued to showcase excellent goal-scoring abilities, helping the team achieve impressive results in La Liga and European competitions. Forlán’s career in Europe solidified his position as one of the world’s top forwards during the peak of his career.

2. Luis Suárez

Luis Suárez is one of the world’s leading strikers, leaving a profound mark on Uruguayan football history through his exceptional goal-scoring ability and controversial playing style. He is renowned for his unique skills and fierce competitive spirit. Starting his career in his native Uruguay and moving to Europe, Suárez shone at major clubs such as Liverpool, Barcelona, and currently Atlético Madrid.

Luis Suárez - Best player in Uruguay
Luis Suárez – Best player in Uruguay

At Liverpool, he became a crucial player, scoring decisive goals that contributed to the team’s success in the Premier League and European competitions. Moving to Barcelona, Suárez continued to demonstrate his talent alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar, forming the dangerous attacking trio MSN.

Suárez’s international career also shone brightly with Uruguay, where he became the team’s second-highest goal-scorer in history, behind only Diego Forlán. He has earned numerous individual honors and contributed to collective joy and success for his country alongside his teammates.

3. Edinson Cavani

Edinson Cavani, with exceptional work ethic and goal-scoring ability, has made significant contributions both at the clubs he has played for and the Uruguayan national team. His special partnership with Luis Suárez formed one of the most dangerous attacking duos in football history. Upon moving to Europe, Cavani achieved success at top clubs like Napoli and Paris Saint-Germain before joining Manchester United in 2020.

Edinson Cavani - Best player Uruguay soccer
Edinson Cavani – Best player Uruguay soccer

At Napoli, he stood out with impressive goal-scoring abilities, helping the team achieve success in Serie A and European competitions. At Paris Saint-Germain, Cavani continued to affirm his role as one of the world’s top forwards, clinching important titles for the club.

With Manchester United, he maintained stability and effectiveness as a leading striker, bringing diversity and productivity to the team’s playstyle. Cavani is an experienced and talented player, always leaving his mark with his goal-scoring prowess and relentless effort on the field.

4. Enzo Francescoli

His football career officially began with the Uruguayan club Montevideo Wanderers. Francescoli played for the national team in the 1986 and 1990 World Cups. He spent several years with River Plate in Argentina. Francescoli also played for Racing Club de Paris (then Matra Racing Paris), Marseille in France, and Cagliari and Torino in Italy.

Enzo Francescoli - Uruguay best football player
Enzo Francescoli – Uruguay best football player

Francescoli was renowned for his skillful and agile style of play. These qualities influenced the playing style of the French midfielder Zinedine Zidane later on. Zidane considered Francescoli his idol during his youth and named one of his sons Enzo after him.

Francescoli is nicknamed El Príncipe in Spanish or Le Prince in French, meaning The Prince. He is one of the few foreign players admired by the majority of Argentine football fans. Pelé included him in the list of the 125 greatest living footballers in March 2004.

5. Fernando Muslera

Fernando Muslera, Uruguay’s top goalkeeper for over a decade, is considered an indispensable pillar of the national team. With excellent shot-stopping abilities and composure under pressure, Muslera has established a reliable and stable image across the clubs he has been associated with.

During his career, Muslera has had a long-standing relationship with Galatasaray, one of Turkey’s top clubs, where he enjoyed significant success. At Galatasaray, Muslera became a symbol of stability and professionalism. He won multiple Süper Lig titles with the club, including domestic cups, and achieved impressive results in continental competitions.

Fernando Muslera - Uruguay best football player
Fernando Muslera – Uruguay best football player

Muslera’s capabilities extend beyond technical skills to his personal qualities and strong mentality. He consistently demonstrates professionalism and high fighting spirit, becoming a dependable cornerstone for his teammates in every match. With his stability and experience, Muslera has contributed to Uruguay’s football history and is admired as one of the country’s finest players.

6. Diego Godín

Diego Godín is an essential pillar of the Uruguayan national team and is regarded as one of the world’s top defenders. He is known for excellent positional sense, high spirit, and remarkable leadership skills.

Godín’s time at Atlético Madrid was particularly successful and impressive. He won numerous domestic titles with the team and captained Atlético in successful UEFA Champions League campaigns. Beyond being an excellent defender, Diego Godín is an icon of resilience and strong fighting spirit on the field.

Diego Godín - Uruguay best football player
Diego Godín – Uruguay best football player

With his excellence in the center-back position, Godín has played a crucial role in Atlético Madrid’s success in recent years and has been one of the players who bring pride to Uruguayan football. His stability and qualities have earned him recognition as one of the world’s leading defenders.

7. José María Giménez

José María Giménez is a talented and promising young player, especially as a central defender, who has formed a solid partnership with Diego Godín during their time together at Atlético Madrid. This collaboration has helped Giménez establish himself as a reliable defender with strong ball-handling abilities.

With significant talent and potential, José María Giménez promises to continue a successful career and have a significant impact on Uruguayan football. He has demonstrated his abilities at both club and national team levels and is still young, offering ample room for development to become one of the world’s top defenders in the future.

José María Giménez - Uruguay best football player
José María Giménez – Uruguay best football player

Giménez’s brilliance and reliability are crucial pillars in Uruguay’s defense and at Atlético Madrid. With a strong fighting spirit and leadership mentality, he is an indispensable part of the teams he plays for. Giménez’s progress promises to be a bright spot in the future of Uruguayan football.

8. Rodrigo Bentancur

Rodrigo Bentancur is a versatile and dynamic midfielder who has shone and shown great potential since joining the Uruguayan national team. He is a key player for Juventus in Serie A, showcasing excellent passing skills, tactical vision, and game control.

With career progression, Rodrigo Bentancur has the potential to become an important figure not only for Uruguay but also for the clubs he represents. He has demonstrated talent and leadership on the field, becoming a pillar of Juventus under the guidance of renowned coaches.

Rodrigo Bentancur - Best player in Uruguay
Rodrigo Bentancur – Best player in Uruguay

With versatile play and exquisite technique, Bentancur can bridge defense and attack, contributing positively to team building and development. Bentancur’s progress promises to be a bright spot for Uruguayan football and a notable player on both domestic and international stages.

9. Lucas Torreira

Lucas Torreira, a tireless defensive midfielder, has had a significant impact both at the national team and club levels. He is known for his endurance, precise passing, and intelligent defensive mindset, serving as a crucial figure in the heart of the Uruguayan national team and the clubs he plays for.

Torreira’s time at Arsenal showcased his talent and immense potential as he consistently vied for a starting position. He is renowned for his professional play, fearlessness, and readiness to face any opponent on the field. Torreira provides stability and reliability to Arsenal’s midfield, becoming one of the admired players for his fighting spirit and talent.

Lucas Torreira - Best player in Uruguay
Lucas Torreira – Best player in Uruguay

With career development and accumulated experience in the Premier League, Torreira is sure to continue succeeding and making important contributions to both Uruguay and the clubs he will play for in the future. Capable of meeting the demands of a modern defensive midfielder along with a fighting spirit and talent, Lucas Torreira is a valuable asset to international football.

10. Giorgian De Arrascaeta

Giorgian De Arrascaeta is a renowned attacking midfielder known for his creativity and playmaking abilities. He is considered one of Uruguay’s top young talents. Currently playing for Brazil’s Flamengo, De Arrascaeta has garnered fan love for his superb dribbling skills, precise passing, and impressive goal-scoring abilities.

With his talent, De Arrascaeta has become an integral part of the Uruguayan national team. His influence is growing internationally as he consistently creates goal-scoring opportunities and showcases creativity in the team’s play.

Giorgian De Arrascaeta - Best player in Uruguay
Giorgian De Arrascaeta – Best player in Uruguay

De Arrascaeta is not only a talented player but also someone who makes a difference in the attacking line. With speed, technique, and game observation skills, he is a nuisance for opponents. De Arrascaeta’s career progress has attracted worldwide attention and he is considered one of Uruguay’s most promising players in the current generation.


The best player in Uruguay are not only elite players on the pitch but also symbols of the strength and bravery of a country with a passion for football. Their careers are etched in the hearts of fans and are an integral part of the Uruguayan football story. With players like them, Uruguay is always on the list of the most respected teams in the world.

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