Top 10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024

27/03/2024 Betting News

In the era of technology and social networks, online gamblers have more and more tools to support betting to increase their experience as well as win. Currently, on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there are many accounts related to sports betting. Especially Twitter, the entertainment and connectivity platform with the highest number of traffic. However, to save time and choose the right Twitter account, you need to refer to this article. Admin Wintips will synthesize and send 10 details best sports betting Twitter accounts for all players.

10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024
10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024

Sports betting Twitter accounts – Top 10 best

1. @DarrenRovell

Darren Rovell is one of the prominent sports journalists on Twitter. He is the sports business reporter for ESPN and has been covering sports for 25 years. He boasts a large following, with over 1.5 million followers on Twitter. His tweets often touch on topics related to the sports betting community, and his audience primarily consists of sports betting enthusiasts.

Account X on top sports betting - @DarrenRovell
Account X on top sports betting – @DarrenRovell

He serves as an excellent source of information on new trends in the sports betting world and provides valuable advice on how to profit from your bets. He engages with his followers on various topics, including:

  • His thoughts on recent developments in sports betting laws.
  • His favorite betting picks.
  • Interesting sports news from around the world.
  • Tips to avoid being scammed by sportsbooks or other online betting platforms.

2. @ColinCowherd – Best sports betting Twitter accounts

Colin Cowherd is a renowned sports commentator and bettor who knows how to make money in the sports betting industry. This can be valuable if you’re seeking advice or want to learn more about how he earns money from sports betting.

10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024
Monitor your @ColinCowherd account to increase your betting experience

Sports bettors should follow Colin Cowherd because he has been in the business for many years and he knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making money. He has written books on sports betting, so he knows more than most people on the subject. While @ColinCowherd tweets are usually quite technical, they can be a good resource for those who want to learn more about how to bet on their favorite team.

3. @SharpFootball

If you’re a sports bettor, you should follow @SharpFootball on Twitter. @SharpFootball is a Twitter account that provides sports bettors with the latest trends in gambling and football. Whether you’re looking for information about your favorite team or smarter betting tips, @SharpFootball has what you need.

10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024
The account @SharpFootball updated sports news every day

You can find out the best time to place a bet on a specific game, which team is expected to win or lose, and the odds offered at various gambling websites. If you love sports betting and want to ensure you always have the latest information, this is the account to follow. @SharpFootball focuses on sports betting and NFL. This account is operated by someone named Sharp, who provides sports bettors with in-depth analysis, predictions, and news about upcoming matches.

4. @RJinVegas – Best sports betting Twitter accounts

RJ in Vegas is a renowned sports betting blogger who has been posting about his gambling experiences since 2013. He has amassed a large following on Twitter, with over 28,000 followers and counting. RJ in Vegas’s posts are packed with informative, engaging, and entertaining content.

Vegas sports bettors can't help but know the @RJinVegas account
Vegas sports bettors can’t help but know the @RJinVegas account

His writing style is humorous, making it easy for readers to enjoy his tweets, also provides valuable links to other articles he has written and podcasts he has appeared on. He often shares updates on the latest trends in sports betting, such as how companies are offering live game options and betting choices for E-sports competitions. He also offers advice to improve betting strategies and seeks out the best online gambling websites.

5. @ToddFuhrman – Best sports betting Twitter accounts

@ToddFuhrman is a professional sports bettor who has been involved in the game for over 20 years. His Twitter account is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn more about sports betting, especially newcomers.

Account X specializes in sports betting accounts - @ToddFuhrman
Account X specializes in sports betting accounts – @ToddFuhrman

He shares tips and tricks for making money with sports betting, as well as updates on his own wagers and what he has learned from them. If you want to learn more about online sports betting or want some entertaining content from someone who knows what they’re talking about, be sure to follow @ToddFuhrman on Twitter.

6. @Vsaaauce

@Vsaaauce is a personal friend of mine and one of my favorite gambling Twitter accounts due to his deep knowledge of the NBA. Vsaauce also a member of the Betting News Family, and you can read more of his work on his X account. He’s one of the most skilled and detail-oriented NBA bettors I encounter on a daily basis.

10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024
@Vsaauce – The Twitter account is followed by many people

Vsaaauce’s posts detail his plays each day and always provide valuable data behind his picks. He also runs a free Discord that’s well worth checking out, but all of his plays are posted on his Twitter with the same thoroughness. If you’re into betting NBA player props, then @Vsaauce is a must-follow.

7. @Propbomb – Best sports betting Twitter accounts

If you’re keen on betting Player Props, then this account is a must-follow. @PropBomb specializes in posting player props daily, primarily focusing on the NBA and NFL, and stands out as one of the most informative prop cappers on Twitter.

Newbies to sports betting should follow the account @Propbomb
Newbies to sports betting should follow the account @Propbomb

He maintains remarkable transparency regarding his results and record, consistently providing detailed analysis for all his plays. In my own betting and research, finding a play that aligns with Prop Bomb’s picks only boosts my confidence in the wager. With multiple plays posted daily, he serves as an excellent resource for those interested in the Player Prop market.

8. @Griffybets – Best sports betting Twitter accounts

Griffybets is one of the accounts I’ve been following for a long time on Twitter, and it’s particularly valuable for NHL betting enthusiasts like myself. One of the highlights of Griffybets’ content is his collaboration with @WallaBets, where they discuss Shots on Goal props for the day.

Not only sports but @Griffybets also share interesting betting experiences
Not only sports but @Griffybets also share interesting betting experiences

This segment provides fantastic insights and analysis, especially for those interested in betting on Shots on Goal. While Griffy also covers NFL content, his expertise truly shines when it comes to NHL betting. For anyone who regularly bets on NHL games and wants to uncover valuable opportunities, Griffybets is definitely a must-follow account.

9. @Shaggy_Bets

Next on our list of must-follows is none other than Shaggy Bets. As a prominent member of our team here at Betting News, Shaggy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His analyses cover a wide range of sports, including MLB, NHL, NFL, Soccer, and NCAA College Basketball, making him a versatile resource for sports bettors.

10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024
@Shaggy_Bets account is a Twitter channel with an impressive following

What sets Shaggy apart is not just his insightful analysis, but also his engaging and humorous presence on #GamblingTwitter. He has a knack for breaking down complex betting concepts into easily digestible content, making it accessible for both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike.

In addition to his written analyses, Shaggy is also a co-host of the popular Afternoon Betspresso show on the Betting News Twitch Channel. This live show, airing every Monday to Friday at 5:30 PM EST, provides viewers with up-to-date insights and recommendations on the best bets of the day.

10. @__LordPenguin – Best sports betting Twitter accounts

Wrapping up our list of favorite #gamblingtwitter follows is none other than Capper Penguin. Now, who doesn’t love penguins? They’re adorable creatures, and Lord Penguin brings that extra charm to the table. But beyond the cute factor, Capper Penguin is a go-to source for outstanding handicapping and daily prop and side picks across the NFL, NHL, and NBA.

Lord Penguin’s Twitter page is packed with detailed analyses for every pick, ensuring that followers have access to valuable insights before placing their bets. But wait, there’s more! Capper Penguin also runs a free Discord channel, providing even more information and resources for all your sports betting needs.

10 best sports betting Twitter accounts in 2024
An all-too-well-known X sports betting account – @__LordPenguin

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting out, Capper Penguin offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you make informed betting decisions. So, if you’re looking for top-notch capping and a daily dose of winning picks, make sure to give Capper Penguin a follow.

Overview is Sports Betting Twitter Account

Why follow sports betting accounts on Twitter?

The sports betting Twitter account was started by people who love sports but also love to make money. They have access to insider information about teams and players that other bettors don’t have, which is why they can consistently offer better odds than other sportsbooks.

If you follow these accounts on Twitter, you will know when they post new articles or videos about upcoming matches along with their predictions about which team will win and how much they think it will be worth if you bet with them. That way, instead of spending hours searching for this information yourself on multiple sites or worse, finding nothing, you can check once or twice a day for updates and then bet accordingly.

Follower privileges

A sports betting Twitter account is a great way to get the latest, most accurate information about your favorite sports and teams. They can also help you find the best odds and offers to maximize your winnings. Some of the reasons online bookmakers follow sports betting accounts on Twitter are:

  • They can give you insider information about teams, players, and betting odds that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Following these accounts will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the world of sports betting so you can make informed decisions about how to bet.
  • Following sports, a betting Twitter account helps you connect with other sports bettors who can offer advice or share some of their success stories.


The above is a list of 10 best sports betting Twitter accounts for 2024, as of March this year. In fact, sports/casino betting accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Insta are numerous. However, there are also many accounts in the form of fraud and asset misappropriation. Or they simply steal information, experience and share from mainstream accounts. Players need to be alert and selective to find the most accurate answer. Good luck!

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