Top 5 betting sites Canada: Compare 2024 sports betting Sites

06/01/2024 Sports betting

With the internet becoming more and more prevalent in everyday life, more and more people are choosing their betting experience over a virtual environment. Whether you are a serious enthusiast or just a casual bettor, there is no doubt that some betting sites are better than others. Since researching different betting sites is the best way to ensure you put your money in the right place, this article expert Wintips will review it and provide details for you top betting sites Canada, stay tuned.

Top 5 betting sites canada: Compare 2024 sports betting Sites
Top 5 betting sites canada: Compare 2024 sports betting Sites

History of sports betting in Canada

If you’re wondering if it is legal to run a sports betting activity in Canada or perform as a punter here, our answer is yes! If we dive into the history of gambling in Canada, we must say that there was an official ban on single-event betting but it was officially canceled when the Bill C-218 law was introduced in August 2021. C

The current Canadian gambling legislation laws allow punters – both locals and tourists that stay in Canada – to engage in online sports betting, whether we’re talking about local bookmaker companies or foreign betting websites. Although you have to keep in mind that you have to check the laws of a specific province because, for example, in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, only retail forms of sports betting are legalised.

But if we’re talking about areas such as Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba, or Newfoundland, then we must mention that both retail and online forms of sports betting are legally allowed to be pursued.

Interesting facts:

  • Canadian punters have to be at least 18 to enter an online sports betting site.
  • So far, ten regions in Canada have online sports betting officially legalised.
  • Ontario is considered the largest sports betting market in Canada.
  • The Bill C-218 allows each region in Canada to regulate sports wagering activities individually.

Even though sports betting itself is a profitable entity, a completely new level of profit was reached after the full legalisation of sports betting with online sportsbook operators. Sports betting in Canada is, therefore, considered to be at one of the highest levels of competitiveness when compared to the betting markets of other countries.

How we test & review Canada betting sites

When testing and reviewing online betting sites in Canada, we focus on their main features. With our reviews, therefore, we’re going to show you the criteria we pay attention to the most when checking sportsbooks.

How we test & review Canada betting sites
How we test & review Canada betting sites


Odds are an implied probability given by sportsbooks and we always focus on this feature since we want you to gamble with the most competitive odds. Truth be told, it is definitely a good signal if a bookie offers customers the chance to play with beneficial odds.

Mobile compatibility

Modern Canadian punters are always on the move, so it makes sense why mobile optimisation has become so important and popular. This is exactly why we do a little research and check if bookmakers offer mobile apps or at least mobile versions of their betting sites. Who can say no to a little mobile-friendly test?

Available payment options

Another thing we can’t help but pay attention to is the variety of payment options available on sportsbook platforms. We check the range itself as well as every payment system’s main features, such as licensing, payout time, fees, and more.

Bonuses and promotions

The next step we always come to is checking the top bonuses & promotions section. We focus on how beneficial welcome offers are, whether there are any daily/weekly/monthly promotions, how VIP programs work, or what tournaments are available for Canadian punters.

Bet types

A range of bet types is also very important when it comes to selecting decent bookmaker platforms. The most popular types of bets among Canadian bettors are straight bets, systems bets, parlay bets, and in-play bets. Indeed, one of our main approaches is to come up with bookies that feature a wide library of bet types.

Support work quality

It is obvious that no gambling experience is perfect because no one is immune to struggling for answers to bothering questions. This is why every decent sportsbook comes with a high-quality support service formed by a group of gambling experts that can help you in times of need.


Overall trustworthiness is always a must-check thing when it comes to reviewing Canadian bookmaker websites and mobile apps. We focus on licenses, regulations, gambling law adherence, and the security measures taken to protect Canadian punters and prevent their personal data from getting into the wrong hands.

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Top 5 betting sites for Canadian players

With the constantly increasing popularity of online sports betting among punters in Canada, we can’t help but review and recommend some of the best online bookmaker forum available for Canadian bettors. The list comes with 5 different options that guarantee high-quality performance and that you can personally trust.

1. Betway – Canada betting site is the leading reputation in the market

Founded and operating under a Curacao license, online bookmaker Betway has become one of the betting sites of choice among Canadian punters. With Betway, you will have the opportunity to bet on more than 30 different types of sports. More interestingly, the total payout for all these sports is 94+, which is high enough.

Betway - Canada betting site is the leading reputation in the market
Betway – Canada betting site is the leading reputation in the market

2. 22Bet – Betting site Canada player friendly

22Bet is an online betting website established in 2017 under the Curacao license. The bookmaker offers betting on over 50,000 games of 50 different sports each month. It also comes with high winning limits, competitive odds on top leagues, over 500 football markets, and an overall payout for sports of over 95%.

22Bet - Betting site canada player friendly
22Bet – Betting site canada player friendly

3. Megapari – Canadian betting site have a large number of members

Megapari is another reputable sportsbook we want to mention today. This bookie was established in 2019 under the Curacao license. It offers Canadian punters a place to make wagers on more than 60,000 pre-match games each month, which is a number that rises when we add the live events there. The overall payout for sports is 95+ here but can go higher up to 97+ if you bet on major leagues.

Megapari - Canadian betting site have a large number of members
Megapari – Canadian betting site have a large number of members

4. Stake – Best sports betting sites Canada

Stake is one of the bookmakers in the Canadian market operating under a licensed license. With this sports betting sites Canada, you can do a lot of betting options, as you bet on over 1,000 pre-match events daily – that’s over 30,000 events monthly. A live streaming tool is also included, so you can bet on your favorite events while they’re still happening.

Stake - Best sports betting sites canada
Stake – Best sports betting sites Canada

5. M88 – Best betting sites Canada

M88 is a reputable sports betting site leading the Canadian market. You’re sure to enjoy a large list of payment systems available, a huge library of betting markets, easy and quick navigation, and a variety of events to bet on, including live matches, pre-match options, and esports.

M88 - Best betting sites canada
M88 – Best betting sites Canada

Frequently asked questions about betting sites in Canada

Here are some frequently asked questions about online betting sites Canada that this article will try to provide answers to:

Is sports betting legal in Canada?

In August 2021, Canadian lawmakers amended the nation’s Criminal Code to allow for single-game sports betting via C-218. This means that sports betting is now legal in Canada.

What are the most trusted online gambling sites?

The most trusted online gambling sites are the ones that are licensed and regulated by a well-known gambling authority. Some of the most commonly cited gambling authorities are Curacao eGaming and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Which are the best sports betting apps in Canada?

Some of the best sports betting apps available in Canada include Royalistplay, Legendplay, Mystake and Betonic.

How to verify if a betting site is legitimate?

To verify if a betting site is legitimate, you ought to check out their licensing and registration information, which should be displayed on the front page of the website. Check for the aforementioned licences and read some reviews from other users.

Is playing for real money at betting sites in Canada safe?

Playing and betting for real money at betting sites in Canada should be safe as long as you use a reputable betting platform. Most of them use the latest cybersecurity measures to protect user data and information. You should still use basic internet safety practices online and gamble responsibly.


Thus, above we have helped you know the top 5 betting sites Canada, hope that with this information will help you choose the right bookmaker for you. Canada is a vibrant betting market, so there will definitely be many fraudulent bookmakers, but with the betting sites in Canada have provided, you can ignore this worry and join the entertainment, make money with the sites we have introduced. Good luck!

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