Learn about the top 5 prestigious betting sites Chile today

23/05/2024 Betting News

In the current digital age, the online betting market in Chile is experiencing a strong boom, attracting the attention of a large number of players. These Chilean betting sites are distinguished not only by their abundance in betting types but also by their strict compliance with the regulations of the Government of Chile, providing peace of mind and reliability to players. So which Chilean betting sites are reputable? Let’s win tips bet discover the top 5 betting sites Chile now through the article below!

Learn about betting sites Chile
Learn about betting sites Chile

History of betting sites Chile

Before the legalization of other gambling activities in the 1990s and 2000s, gambling in Chile had long been subject to significant restrictions. Various forms of betting, including sports betting, were legalized. Chile is situated on the southwest coast of South America, between the Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean.

Despite gaining independence in the early 19th century, Chile underwent a period of military dictatorship under General Pinochet from 1973 to 1990. Following the end of this regime, Chile transitioned to a democratic government and subsequently developed a thriving tourism industry and a stable economy.

Before 1990, horse racing betting was the only form of gambling permitted in Chile, primarily through pari-mutuel betting at horse and dog racing tracks. Although still popular within the Chilean gambling community and favored to this day, other forms of betting such as sports betting remained illegal.

Through collaboration with the gambling technology provider GTech, Polla Chilena has deployed over 2000 betting devices across Chile, providing betting odds for numerous sporting events. Currently, Polla Chilena remains the sole operator of sports betting within Chilean territory.

Top 5 betting sites Chile

1. 1xBet

1xBet a sportsbook established in 2007, is one of the premier providers of sports betting services worldwide. With over a decade of operation, 1xBet has built significant credibility and reputation in the online betting industry. The platform stands out not only for its diversity in sports but also for its live betting feature and extensive supplementary services, catering to a large number of players from various countries, including Chile.

1xBet - Betting sites Chile
1xBet – Betting sites Chile

1xBet offers a user-friendly and modern interface, making it easy for players to navigate and engage in betting activities. The website supports multiple languages and payment methods, providing convenient conditions for users everywhere. Moreover, 1xBet is renowned for its attractive promotions and competitive odds, attracting not only seasoned players but also newcomers venturing into the world of online sports betting.

2. Bet365

Bet365 an online sportsbook founded in 2000, swiftly emerged as one of the leading providers of online sports betting services globally. With over two decades of development, Bet365 has attracted and served countless sports enthusiasts worldwide, including players from Chile. Known for its high credibility and reliability, Bet365 operates legally under the supervision of the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring full compliance with international regulations and standards.

Bet365 - Betting sites Chile
Bet365 – Betting sites Chile

Bet365 excels with its modern and user-friendly betting platform, offering thousands of sports events annually for players to choose from. The website supports multiple languages and payment methods, facilitating easy access for users worldwide. Additionally, Bet365 is famous for its attractive promotions, competitive odds, and dedicated customer support, enhancing the online betting experience for users, especially those residing in Chile.

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3. Betway

Betway, an online sports betting service provider established in 2006, quickly established itself as one of the top sports betting brands globally. With over a decade of operation, Betway has built a solid reputation in the online betting industry. Betway offers Chile users an excellent online sports betting experience, allowing them to bet on various sports events, from premier football tournaments to other popular sports like tennis, basketball, and horse racing.

Betway - Chile betting sites
Betway – Chile betting sites

Betway stands out not only for its diverse betting options but also for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. Betway’s website supports multiple languages and payment methods, making it easy for players to access and engage in betting from anywhere. Moreover, Betway is renowned for its attractive promotions and competitive odds, providing players with opportunities to maximize profits. Betway’s professional customer service and 24/7 support further enhance user trust and satisfaction, particularly among those passionate about betting in Chile.

4. 22bet

22Bet an online betting website aiming to provide comprehensive online betting experiences for users in Chile, quickly became a reputable destination in this field. Known for its diversity in betting options, from sports to online casinos, 22Bet offers a rich and modern platform that caters to every player’s needs. The user-friendly interface of 22Bet allows users to easily access and bet on thousands of global sports events daily.

22bet - Sport betting sites Chile
22bet – Sport betting sites Chile

In addition to offering diverse betting options, 22Bet stands out with attractive promotions and competitive odds. The website supports various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, enabling Chilean players to conduct transactions quickly and securely. 22Bet dedicated customer service and 24/7 support ensure that players always receive timely and efficient assistance, enhancing their online betting experience.

5. Betsson

Betsson a major name in the online betting industry, has been present in the market since 1963 and has continuously evolved to become one of the leading brands in this field. Particularly in Chile, bookmaker Betsson provides a premium online sports betting experience, allowing players to bet on a wide range of international sports events as well as local tournaments. With advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, Betsson makes it easy for players to access and enjoy their sports betting passion anytime, anywhere.

Betsson - Betting site Chile
Betsson – Betting site Chile

In addition to the diversity in betting options, Betsson stands out with professional customer service and attractive promotions. The website supports multiple languages and flexible payment methods, including various cryptocurrencies, creating convenient conditions for players in Chile. Betsson is committed to providing a safe, transparent, and reliable betting environment, ensuring that users’ experiences are of the highest quality.

FAQs about betting sites Chile

Are winnings taxed in Chile?

Not at the moment, but a bill has been proposed to levy a 20% tax on every withdrawal from a personal account.

Is online betting legal in Chile?

Online betting in Chile is legal.

Is it safe to bet with online sports betting sites in Chile?

Thanks to the regulations of the Government of Chile, online betting is guaranteed to be safe.

How should I deposit funds into my account?

You can deposit funds into your account using any payment method available on the online sports betting platform, such as Visa/MasterCard, AstroPay, Neteller, Skrill, PerfectMoney, ecoPayz, SafePay, and many others.


The leading betting sites Chile such as 1xBet, Bet365, Betway, 22Bet and Betsson have been building solid trust in the hearts of players thanks to high quality service and absolute safety. The combination of a variety of betting types, attractive promotions and dedicated customer service has made these platforms the preferred choice of Chilean players. With continuous development, these betting sites not only offer exciting experiences but also ensure every transaction is transparent and legal, giving players peace of mind to participate and enjoy their passion for betting.

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