Betway Withdrawal Guide for Beginners

24/05/2023 Blog Betting guide

After participating in betting and winning certain loot, surely the first thing that you do right away is withdraw money. So is Betway withdrawal time is fast and complicated, what types of withdrawals are available and what are the conditions. Please refer to the article below to understand how to withdraw money from Betway!

Withdraw Betway money with easy steps
Withdraw Betway money with easy steps

The fastest withdrawal guide at Betway bookmaker

After hours of relaxing entertainment and a series of exciting betting products available at Betway, the most anticipated moment of all of you is probably the time when bets are withdrawn to your personal account. You need to follow the steps in the following sequence for the betway withdrawal problems process to take place perfectly and completely:

Step 1: Access your Betway betting account

To prevent unwanted risks of losing bets or account information, you need to access the bookmaker via Betway’s official link. You can also log in to your account via the following login link

Log in to your withdrawal account. Then, under Bank information, select Withdraw.

Betway bookmaker is the most reputable in the market
Betway bookmaker is the most reputable in the market

Step 2: Proceed to add a withdrawal account

For members who are making their first betway sports withdrawal, the system will require you to add a withdrawal account before you can start withdrawing funds from the online asian bookie handicap The steps to add an account are as follows: select the Banking Information, then the betway withdrawal methods section. Then, enter the following account information as required by the system:

  • Name: This is the name provided during the initial member registration.
  • Bank name.
  • Bank account number.
  • Province/ City.
  • District/ Town.
  • Branch.

You can use the same account for both deposit and withdrawal transactions, or you can provide a new account for withdrawals. However, Betway encourages you to use only one account for both deposit and withdrawal transactions to facilitate the execution and control of transactions here.

Step 3: Initiate a withdrawal order

For new members, when implementing. First withdrawal order, you need to conduct account verification through email and phone number to ensure the safety of the account.

With a withdrawal order, the information about the receiving account will be automatically filled in based on the withdrawal account you registered, you just need to fill in the amount you want to withdraw and click Deposit to confirm the withdrawal. The bookmaker receives and processes valid withdrawal orders as soon as possible.

Transfer funds before withdrawing funds
Transfer funds before withdrawing funds

Instructions for transferring funds between accounts

You need to note that the funds will be withdrawn from the main account by default, if you want to withdraw funds from other betting accounts, proceed to transfer funds to the main account before making a withdrawal.

Transfer 1 part of funds to the main account

If there is only a need to withdraw 1 part of the betting accounts, you only need to transfer 1 part of the money from the corresponding betting fund to the main account of the wallet. In the Transfer of funds section, execute the transfer order with information such as:

  • From the account: Select the betting account that wants to transfer funds such as sports account, live casino account, 3D casino account, fishing account.
  • Target account: Select switch back to the main account.
  • Amount: You can transfer 1 part of the fund or the entire fund at the betting account to the main account.
  • Promotion: Depending on the conditions met by the account to choose the appropriate promotion, which only applies when transferring funds to the betting account.

Click Send to complete the fund transfer operation.

Betway betting gives you more chances to win
Betway betting gives you more chances to win

Notes when conducting fund transfers in Betway:

  • The transfer amount must be an integer.
  • With promotions, players must meet the conditions of the previously registered promotion to be able to choose another promotion. Promotions will not be applied duplicately and simultaneously with each other.
  • In the case of transfers from the main fund to the betting fund, you must ensure that the transfer amount for each transfer is equal to or greater than the minimum bet value of the game you want to bet.
  • You can check the fund transfer and withdrawal orders in the transaction history section to check the status of the completed transaction or not.

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Transfer all betting funds to the main account

In case you want to transfer all funds from the betting funds to the main account to proceed with the betway withdraw money, you can choose a quick transfer.

At the Fund Transfer interface, in the selection panel on the left side of the screen, next to the Account Balance section, you click to select One-click transfer, at this time all funds will be transferred to the main account, you can start the withdrawal operation.

Betway withdrawal in just 2 minutes
Betway withdrawal in just 2 minutes

Withdrawal Notes

  • The name of the withdrawal account must match the name registered in the personal information section. Betway will refuse to pay if the information does not match.
  • Each member is only allowed to register and use one withdrawal account on the Betway system. If you need to change your withdrawal account, please contact customer service for detailed instructions.
  • Betway minimum withdrawal of 10 USD and a maximum of 4235 USD per transaction.
  • For bonus or promotional funds, you must meet the conditions for valid wagers and betting amounts on the system before you can start the withdrawal process.
  • The time for successful withdrawal transactions is from 2-5 minutes, depending on the bank’s processing speed and network conditions. If you want to receive money quickly, you should avoid withdrawing during peak hours, weekends, holidays or festivals.
  • If the transaction processing time is too long and you have not received the money, please contact customer service immediately for timely checking and support to avoid any unwanted financial risks.


Above is a detailed guide to the steps for how to withdraw money on betway to your account. We wish you a fun and lucky time at Betway.

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