Don't Fall Victim: Top Bookmaker Scams to Avoid When Betting Online

24/05/2023 Betting News

Currently, along with reputable online bookmaker are fraudulent bookmakers mushrooming. Through many different forms and tricks, subjects take advantage of the player’s gullible lightness to seize property. Partly because determining which is a reputable address is not easy. So, if you are a new player and do not have much betting experience in the market, this article is for you. Let’s find out with experts at the list of bookmaker scams that players need to stay away from right in the following article.

Scam bookmakers have a lot of player "traps"
Scam bookmakers have a lot of player “traps”

What is a scam bookmaker?

Bookmaker scams often impersonate the names of mainstream bookmakers. They have a lot of tricks to attract customers such as huge promotions, huge bonuses … All just to trick unsuspecting players into depositing money into the scammer’s system.

There are 2 common ways of fraudulent bookmakers. The first is a scam that uses invalid software to adjust betting outcomes in the direction of the bookmaker’s desire. The other way is to make it difficult to withdraw your money. Those of you who are playing scam bookmakers who want to withdraw money will have thousands of reasons to delay your withdrawal. Many places even require additional deposits to withdraw funds, then use this and that excuse to block your account. Causing many brothers to be cheated out of money without being able to do anything.

Some signs of a scam bookmaker

Scam bookmakers are increasingly appearing next to reputable bookmakers. If you follow these signs, you will surely know right away which is the scam bookmaker!

Lack of information, ambiguous information

A reputable bookmaker will publish full details of operating license documents on the main website. Usually, the current online betting site comes from many countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Kingdom … All activities of the bookmaker will have to be accepted and supervised by the government of the host country to ensure the safety of customers. In contrast, bookmaker scams often cover up, cover up and only generalize, vaguely about the basis for licensing business operations. This has helped them bypass many people and make ill-gotten profits in the long run.

The information provided by the scam bookmaker is 100% incorrect
The information provided by the scam bookmaker is 100% incorrect

One of the things worth noting is that strong, quality bookmakers will have good economic potential to prove to local regulators that they do business transparently, not fraudulently. And “fake” bookmakers, followers, pretending to be reputable bookmakers often have a tight economy and when asked by the authorities, they shut down the web to evade the law.

Take advantage of greed with unbelievable promotions

Scam bookmakers often have simple and sketchy website platforms, so to create trust and reputation of customers, they constantly launch huge promotions. There are great incentives such as giving up to 125%, 150%, 200% worth of bets, 100% cash back or double rewards for players when participating in winning bets. In fact, they are just scams to lure gullible people. Because most bookmaker scams do not have enough capital and funds to invest like that for millions of players. Reputable bookmakers will carefully consider the profits of promotions and the promotion level only fluctuates at about 30 – 100%. 

No specific representative office address

Within Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a country that is allowed by the host government to register a legal online betting business, which means that bookmakers based in the country will have the same tax obligations as other businesses in terms of structure. To avoid bookmaker scams, look for the geographical location of bookmakers. If the address shown on the map corresponds to the one published on the site, you can rest assured that it is a reputable bookmaker.

On the contrary, if the address you search for is not found online, cannot be found or booked, it is also the name of another organization or business, you should ignore this bookmaker immediately. Because even the address of the representative office is not specific or accurate, there is no guarantee that your personal information as well as your capital will be 100% protected.

Scam bookmakers usually don't have a specific work address
Scam bookmakers usually don’t have a specific work address

Answer, delayed customer care

Usually these bookmaker scams have a very poor quality of customer care. In the first stage, when new players register for membership and carry out procedures for recharging gaming, they will be consulted and guided meticulously and quickly. Even available 24/24 to support you to deposit to participate in the game at any time. However, after you join for a period of a few months, if you have problems with deposit and withdrawal transactions, contact the consultant they will respond for a long time. They are even silent and do not respond to customers, if the player asks a lot, they are also cursed by the staff with vulgar, uncultured words. 

Use mobile phone numbers to assist players

Surely everyone knows that there are two main types of phone numbers: landline numbers and personal phone numbers. Currently, with the development of the telecommunications industry as well as the benefits and convenience of a handheld personal mobile phone, the landline phone is only used by a few families. Primarily, only legitimate, professional organizations and businesses can register or keep landline phone numbers.

Therefore, websites that post mobile numbers to assist players should also be wary. Reputable bookmakers will have landline phone numbers mainly located abroad. In addition, some reputable bookmakers will also put landline numbers in the home country. This is a more reliable factor than a personal mobile number because it is possible that the mobile number is not registered by the owner, just a junk sim and you cannot find the exact owner of the phone. Who is that phone number once any incident or dispute occurs.

It is almost impossible for players to contact the fraudulent bookmaker's customer care system
It is almost impossible for players to contact the fraudulent bookmaker’s customer care system

Top 5 Scam Bookmakers You Need to Stay Away From

Be smart in choosing a reputable bookmaker to participate because currently bookmaker scams is a problem that makes many bettors today wobble. As a result, many players have wrongfully lost money and even been involved in litigation. Here are the addresses that you absolutely must stay away from:

388Bet – Top Bookmaker scams

338Bet bookmaker has always been the fear of online gamblers
338Bet bookmaker has always been the fear of online gamblers

Number one on this list of scam online casino bookmakers is 388bet. This bookmaker once misappropriated up to 373 million VND from a customer. Accordingly, the player is a young man who is passionate about sports betting. He has been recharging the dealer quite a bit for a long time. Initially, he only deposited a few times to play the test first, but then the frequency gradually increased and the amount of deposits also increased. On average, if this person wins or loses about 20 million, he will be paid very transparently and fully.

Due to his subjective mentality and seeing that the payment is also stable, he quickly topped up more money to play bigger. After a few weeks of trying, the player and won an amount of up to 100 million. However, he could not withdraw as before. The customer service agent said that the dealer system was in maintenance but did not specify when the reward would be paid, and the person humbly embraced the bitter end for the wingless money.

79Bull – The bookmaker who cheats money that everyone is terrified of

79Bull – The bookmaker that scams money that everyone is afraid of
79Bull – The bookmaker that scams money that everyone is afraid of

Coming up with the next name is 79Bull. This is an emerging bookmaker and is also scandalized by the problem of losing money of customers. Accordingly, this player participated in the x6 jar event and was lucky to win big up to 500 USD. However, when redeeming the reward, many problems arise. Bookmaker scams 79Bull requires this person to go through some complicated procedures such as taking an ID for the system to confirm.

Although the player has complied with the request, the house side has not yet settled. When contacting customer service, the answer is that the system is in maintenance. Wait a few more days, the result remains the same. At this point, the player realizes that he has been fooled in a very painful way. – Bookmaker scam locks account for no reason – The scam bookmaker locks the account for no reason – The scam bookmaker locks the account for no reason

After the player makes a deposit and participates in the bet, this bookmaker also does not pay out the winnings. Therefore, players cannot make withdrawals and even have their playing accounts blocked by the bookmaker. If members request to unlock, they will receive a notification that they must pay a fee of up to 10% of the amount currently in the account to verify the account. This is an extremely irrational condition.

Bookmaker scams 179Bet – Unable to withdraw winnings

Bookmaker scam 179Bet – Unable to withdraw winnings
Bookmaker scam 179Bet – Unable to withdraw winnings

When it comes to bookmaker scams today, many people will surely know about 179Bet. This playground used to be constantly “sealed” when operating without transparency. More specifically, when players register a new account and participate in betting according to the rules. However, when winning big, the bookmaker began to use the trick of “reporting system errors”. A few days later, the player’s account officially flew out, even if you contact the system, you will only receive reassurances by “waiting” in vain. The reasons often given here are “due to cheating detection” or “the system is in maintenance”. However, concrete evidence was never available, instead there were empty promises to pay the reward at the earliest.

Lucky2u – Bookmaker scams money

Lucky2u – Money Scam Bookmaker
Lucky2u – Money Scam Bookmaker

Last on this list is Lucky2u, an address called by long-time gamblers as a money bookmaker. Those who have participated in playing here have revealed that this address has an extremely high loss rate. Meanwhile, if you are lucky to win, the dealer also asks for the same interest, so the real money you receive will not be worth much. In addition, Lucky2u has also been accused of being bookmaker scams due to player promotions. Withdrawals are also not rated well because the system frequently reports errors. The customer service department is not enthusiastic, sometimes needs to answer questions, players have to contact the machine fire to respond.


Above is a list of 5 fraudulent bookmakers players need to avoid when participating in online betting, hopefully it will help you not get entangled in fraudulent bookmakers and have the most comfortable, safe and enjoyable entertainment moments. Besides, if you do not know where to find information about reputable bookmakers, please refer to the This is a website specializing in sharing top quality online bookmakers and football tips daily. I wish you good luck and big wins with betting games!

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