Top 5 Bookmakers with the Best Betting Odds in 2024

04/01/2024 Betting News

Technology is developing and people’s betting needs are changing as well. This is the time when we witness the boom of online bookmakers. Online betting brings more convenience than traditional methods of betting. One of the biggest advantages is “betting odds”. Most of the online bookmakers recommended by Wintips ensure both credibility, quality of odds and attractive promotional programs. There are still many players who are confused and curious about this issue, which is understandable. In today’s article, let’s go through “Top 5 bookmaker with best odds in 2024” with Wintips. There are some names that will definitely surprise you.

Top 5 Bookmakers with the Best Betting Odds in 2023
Top 5 Bookmakers with the Best Betting Odds in 2024

What are the odds? 

The odds, also known as the betting odds, represent the ratio of the amount that can be won to the amount staked in a bet or a game. The odds offered by reputable bookmakers can be represented by numbers such as 2.0, 500, -0.75, -1.75, etc. Based on the odds, both the players and the bookmakers online can calculate the amount of winnings or losses in a sports betting or a game.

Most bookmakers support commonly used odds formats, such as decimal odds (DEC), American odds (US), Indonesian odds (IND), and Malaysian odds (MY). The Hong Kong odds (HK) have been renamed as Chinese odds (CN). Overall, these are the names of the leading countries in the world of online betting! The bookmakers recommended by Wintips below are no exception to this.

Classification of odds

As mentioned above, odds are divided into 5 types. We will classify them below:

Decimal Odds (DEC)

Decimal odds, also known as decimal odds, are commonly used by bookmakers to allow players to choose and display their favorite odds. Decimal odds are a decimal number that represents the total amount of money the bookmaker has to pay the player when they place a $1 bet and win at that odds.

DEC odds are often considered the standard odds because they can be applied to 1×2, handicap asiatico, and Over/Under bets. Decimal odds are important because when you win a bet, you win enough. Conversely, when you lose, you lose enough; when you draw the bet, you get your money back. Especially, DEC odds already include the stake you bet. DEC odds are very different from HK or CN odds, so you should take note.

How to calculate winnings/losses with DEC odds:

Winnings (including stake) = Bet Amount X Decimal Odds.

Looking at the DEC odds, it is very easy to distinguish which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog. Simply put, the larger the number, the greater the winnings, and it is usually assigned to the underdog team. Conversely, the favorite team will be assigned a smaller number and the winnings will be lower.

Hong Kong (HK) odds – China (CN) odds

Hong Kong (HK) odds or China (CN) odds were officially renamed on January 1, 2020. There is still no clear explanation for this name change. It may be due to political pressure from China, or simply for some other complicated reason that bookmakers have to use China odds instead of Hong Kong odds. Hong Kong odds can be understood as follows: HK odds = Decimal odds -1. Why subtract 1? The number 1 here represents the capital or principal. Hong Kong odds are expressed as a positive number with a value always greater than 1.

Calculating winning and losing money with Hong Kong (HK) odds:

Winning money (excluding capital) = Bet amount X Odds.

Losing money = Bet amount.

Classification of odds
Classification of odds

Malay (MY) odds

In addition to decimal odds (DEC) commonly displayed by online betting websites by default, there is another odds option that gamblers often choose, which is Malay (MY) odds. Malay (MY) odds is a number that shows the correlation between the bet amount and the potential profit that the player will receive when betting. Malay odds only show the amount of net profit (not including the capital) and the amount of money lost when the player places a bet. Net profit is the actual profit after deducting the capital.

MY odds are expressed as both positive (greater than 0) and negative (less than 0 and with a “-” sign in front of the number) numbers. Usually, positive odds will be assigned to the stronger team (over bet) and negative odds will be for the underdog team (weaker team).

If Malay odds are positive, the winning and losing money will be calculated as follows:

Winning money (excluding capital) = Bet amount X Odds.

Losing money = Bet amount.

On the contrary, if Malay odds are negative, the winning and losing money will be calculated as follows:

  • Winning money (excluding capital) = Bet amount.
  • Losing money = Bet amount X Odds.

Indonesian Odds (IND)

Indonesian Odds, or more precisely, Indonesia odds, are the representation of the amount of money won or lost when a player places $1 on a particular match offered by bookmakers with the best odds. Indonesian odds (IND) are also expressed as both positive and negative numbers. It looks similar to Malay Odds (MY) and does not include the capital when calculating the winnings for the player.

Positive Indonesian odds indicate the underdog team, while negative Indonesian odds clearly indicate the favored team.

Formula for calculating winnings/losses with IND:

Winnings (excluding capital) = Bet Amount X Odds.

Losses = Bet Amount.


  • Winnings (excluding capital) = Bet Amount.
  • Losses = Bet Amount X Odds.

American Odds (US)

American odds, also known as US odds, are the numbers used to calculate the winnings and losses when a player places a bet on a particular match. Simply put, American odds are Indonesian odds multiplied by 100. Americans might not like decimal numbers divided by dots or commas, but they prefer even numbers with large values. For example, 300, 200, or -150 for easy reading and remembering.

To calculate winnings and losses when placing a bet with American odds, you can refer to the above formula for Indonesian odds. After calculating, remember to divide by 100 since US odds are 100 times greater than Indonesian odds.

Top 5 bookmaker with best odds highest scored?

1/ Bookmaker 22Bet

Bookmaker betting 22Bet
Bookmaker betting 22Bet

When it comes to bookmaker with best odds in 2024, the name 22Bet cannot be ignored. This bookmaker fully meets the desires and demands of even the most discerning players. The betting odds at 22Bet are highly regarded for their suitability, diversity, accuracy, and fairness. Moreover, 22Bet’s impressive reputation is also reflected in its registered members. To date, the bookmaker has nearly 10 million members participating in betting, and this number is still growing rapidly. Certainly, in the near future, the number of 22Bet members will continue to increase.

22Bet officially joined the betting industry in 2017. Until now, the bookmaker betting has had six years of experience in operation. However, compared to other bookmakers, 22Bet has become a large international betting platform. Its extensive network covers 51 countries. When you visit 22Bet, you can enjoy many attractive bonus programs. Whether you are an experienced bettor or a new player, you can receive great incentives.

2/ Bookmaker 1XBET

Bookmaker online 1Xbet
Bookmaker online 1Xbet

1XBET is a relatively new player in the world of online betting in many countries around the world. However, in reality, the company has established a solid reputation and position in the online betting market. With its origins in Russia in 2007, the company has over 10 years of experience in the betting industry. As a result, the company offers very high odds and supports a wide range of betting options. Additionally, 1XBET’s betting odds are highly rated for their fairness, transparency, and accuracy.

Another strength is that 1XBET provides over 1000 sports betting events every day. In addition, there are hundreds of betting opportunities with different odds for bettors to experience. Therefore, when betting with 1XBET, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of betting opportunities to join and win rewards.

3/ Bookmaker with best odds BET365

Internet bookmaker Bet365
Internet bookmaker Bet365

BET365 is a legitimate online betting site. Since its launch, the site has been licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, and as such, BET365 has been committed to maintaining absolute integrity throughout its more than 20 years of operation. There have been no cases of BET365 being involved in fraud. Instead, you can expect a fair and transparent betting experience. BET365 is a top-notch football betting site that typically offers the most competitive odds on the market. Additionally, BET365’s football odds are diverse and attractive. Before each match, the site updates its odds board quickly, allowing you to place effective bets.

BET365 is the king of promotions. With strong financial resources, the site regularly runs promotions. Specifically, BET365 promotions offer high bonus values. The promotional program is open to all members, but you must follow the site’s rules to claim any rewards.

4/ Bookmaker MEGAPARI

Top Bookmaker MEGAPARI
Top Bookmaker MEGAPARI

This online gambling website offers an attractive welcome bonus that you can receive up to €100. The amount you receive depends on the scale of your first deposit. It is a generous and straightforward offer. MEGAPARI has high competitive betting odds and many markets to try to win the winner. If there is a major sporting event taking place, then you can rest assured that Megapari will report on that event. They have a highly professional service, and you can access this website knowing that they provide both security and privacy.

You must place bets 5 times the amount of the bonus received, and this must be done by placing accumulator bets. These accumulators must have at least three selections, and each selection must have minimum betting odds of 1.4 (2/5). Once the betting requirements have been met, you can withdraw money from your account. This helps MEGAPARI become increasingly strong and gain the favor of many online betting players.

5/ Bookmaker with best odds 188BET

Bookmaker online 188BET
Bookmaker online 188BET

188Bet is a long-standing betting site established in 2006. With over 15 years of operation in the market, the reputation of 188Bet is widely recognized and acknowledged. To achieve success, right from the first steps of developing in the field of online betting, 188Bet passed the evaluation from licensed units for reputable operating bookmakers. Thus, 188Bet was officially licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission – an international gambling organization to issue a license for bookmakers.

Operating as a reputable licensed bookmaker, 188Bet completely creates trust for players around the world. Not stopping there, the bookmaker also demonstrates its financial capacity when it has sponsored many European football teams and F1 racing in Asia. The betting odds at 188BET are highly rated, up to 9.4/10. The real-time betting feature will make the betting results more effective. At the same time, when winning the bet, the bookmaker also provides a mechanism for immediate payment after the match ends. Besides, with high payout rates, it will help players earn a large revenue for themselves.


The above is all the information related to the odds as well as the Top 5 “bookmaker with best odds” 2024 that you can refer to. Hopefully, this article will provide you with sufficient information and knowledge to make the most feasible choices. Don’t forget to visit the Wintips website every day to update more interesting news.

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