Top 5 Best Boxing Betting Sites in 2024

06/01/2024 Betting News

Boxing betting is one of the enticing forms of entertainment, offering viewers numerous thrilling matches. At reputable betting sites, boxing is also a popular betting category that attracts active participation from players. If you are hesitating and unsure about which platform to choose for engaging in this captivating sport, let’s join to explore the top 5 most boxing betting sites available today.

Learn about Boxing Betting
Learn about Boxing Betting

What is online bet boxing?

In essence, boxing betting is a form of wagering that allows fans of this sport to place bets on fighters in official matches and tournaments maintained by betting companies. Various betting options are offered, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated, giving players the flexibility to choose according to their preferences and abilities.

In each match, which takes place at the scheduled time and ends as per the official regulations, the betting results are determined based on the official outcome declared by the event organizers. Subsequently, winnings are paid out to the successful bettors.

Currently, the market offers a wide range of bookmakers providing boxing betting opportunities. Players only need to find a reputable platform where they feel confident enough to open an account, deposit funds, and place their bets.

Boxing betting rules

“Prior to engaging in betting, it is essential to thoroughly understand the rules, and that’s the top priority I want to emphasize to all of you. Knowing the rules will be the foundation for ensuring your success in betting on matches. I will provide you with some basic betting rules in this sport as follows:

  • When starting to play, you must complete the bet before the match begins. Immediately after the match starts and a fighter commits a foul, all placed bets will be voided. In the case of a draw result, all wagers will not be counted, and you will receive a refund from the bookmaker. The exception is when you choose to bet on the Money Line (betting on a draw in live matches), in which case all bets will be canceled.
  • A fighter is considered a direct elimination winner if the other opponent is disqualified or knocked out (KO) technically.
  • In the event of a significant point difference of about 15 points in a game, the referee and supervisors will decide the winning team.
  • Usually, if a boxing match has been scheduled but is suddenly postponed, if it is restarted within 14 days, the bets will still be valid, and the match will be canceled otherwise.
  • If you choose to bet on the Money Line or bet that the game will end in a draw or “technical draw,” that bet will be voided since boxing does not consider a draw result; only winning or losing results are recognized.
  • Bets start at the sound of the bell, but if any fighter commits a foul right from the start, your bet will be refunded.
  • When one of the fighters falls, and the bell rings for the next round, the remaining fighter is automatically considered the winner.
  • When a round has just started and passed the halfway mark, meaning after 1 minute and 30 seconds, the result up to that point is used as a basis to determine the outcome of Over/Under bets.
  • In women’s boxing, one round means one minute in the second round.
  • The bookmaker will announce the result after the match’s conclusion, and players will receive immediate rewards.
  • In the case of a postponed match and rescheduled within two weeks, the bets you placed for the match will still be valid.

Betting sites for boxing

1. W88 – Boxing Betting Site 

W88 is also a popular boxing betting platform in Vietnam, established since 2016. Thanks to its legal certification by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), participants can fully trust in choosing W88 as their preferred boxing betting destination.

w88 online bet boxing
W88 online bet boxing
  • International security system: As W88 is a well-known betting platform in the Philippines, it has established an internationally standard security infrastructure. The latest 256-bit SSL security technology ensures the safe operation of the platform in the market, guaranteeing that no malicious individuals can exploit or steal information.
  • Secure and efficient transactions: During your participation in boxing betting, you can be completely reassured by the highly reputable and secure transaction system at W88.
  • Diverse odds ratios: W88 provides a wide range of odds for various betting options. You can choose the most suitable betting form based on your personal preferences or financial capacity.
  • Attractive bonus promotions: With its abundant financial resources, the platform offers numerous attractive bonus and reward programs for its users.

2. AE888 – A reputable boxing betting site

Speaking of the betting platform named AE888, many betting enthusiasts immediately think of it as a globally renowned online playground. AE888 operates under the supervision of the Costa Rican government and has its main headquarters located in Cambodia, one of the countries with a professional sports betting foundation.

Reputable bookmaker AE888
Reputable bookmaker AE888
  • Boxing betting interface: AE888 has designed a scientific and logical interface system, making it easy for participants to experience the services offered by the platform.
  • Diverse boxing odds ratios: AE888 offers a wide range of boxing betting odds, providing betting enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience and test their luck, and giving them a chance to earn substantial rewards.
  • Boxing betting promotions: AE888 is one of the leading betting brands, attracting significant investments from various well-known corporations.

3. OXbet – The Most Sought-After Boxing Betting Site

OXbet is the number one reputable sports betting platform in Vietnam. In the international betting market, OXbet is a leading brand in Dubai, licensed by ELECTRAWORKS LIMITED. Additionally, OXbet is a safe and transparent platform with the protection of the renowned GIBRALTAR GAMBLING COMMISSION.

Online boxing betting at OXbet
Online boxing betting at OXbet
  • OXbet’s boxing betting interface is beautifully designed, highlighted by a bright brown color scheme. The layout displays live broadcasts of boxing matches, as well as the odds for in-game and pre-match betting.
  • The high payout ratio in boxing betting impresses bettors, as OXbet offers higher returns compared to the general market. OXbet gathers numerous professional boxing tournaments, providing players with a full range of classic matches from the world’s major boxing organizations such as WBC, WBO, IBO, and more.
  • The platform ensures secure and convenient transactions, thanks to its professional financial department.
  • OXbet offers massive promotions for boxing betting, as the platform has made significant initial investments, enabling players to enjoy various special gifts and advantages.

4. FA88 – Boxing betting site with great deals

FA88 is one of the leading reputable betting platforms in the Philippines, officially established in 2016. PAGCOR, the top Betting and Gaming Organization in the Philippines, granted a legal business license to this platform. So why does this betting platform receive such positive responses from bettors.

Online boxing betting at FA88
Online boxing betting at FA88
  • Convenient transaction support: The platform offers a wide range of convenient payment methods, ensuring fast and efficient money transfers.
  • Beautifully designed interface: The layout of the FA88 boxing betting page is visually appealing and user-friendly. Even first-time players trying out boxing betting on FA88 can quickly navigate through the platform.
  • Convenient mobile version: FA88 has released a mobile application compatible with all phone operating systems. Players can easily engage in boxing betting through the mobile app, with the assurance of secure betting quality.
  • Exclusive promotions in FA88 boxing betting: With a substantial capital base, FA88 is not hesitant to offer exclusive promotions dedicated solely to boxing betting enthusiasts.

5. Kubet – Multinational Boxing Betting Site

In the world of boxing betting, Kubet is no longer an unfamiliar name. Kubet has been operating in the Vietnamese betting market for 10 years, managed and operated by a renowned global gambling group. PAGCOR is the organization that provides a legal gambling business license, ensuring bettors need not worry about the credibility and safety when participating in boxing betting.

Join online boxing betting at Kubet
Join online boxing betting at Kubet
  • Professional boxing betting service: With years of experience in the Asian betting market, Kubet provides players with high-quality boxing betting services.
  • Comprehensive support for boxing tournaments: As a world-renowned betting brand, Kubet easily collaborates with both major and minor boxing tournaments.
  • Extremely attractive boxing betting odds: The odds applied in boxing are always higher than 20% compared to some traditional sports like football, basketball, and volleyball.
  • Experienced team of experts: The platform possesses a team of experienced experts who carefully analyze to provide players with the most reasonable odds.
  • Secure information security: The platform implements modern technology, especially a 5-layer encryption security system, to prevent any attacks from professional hackers.
  • Boxing betting promotions: As a government-affiliated betting company in the Philippines, Kubet receives financial sponsorship from various large corporations.

Frequently Asked Questions When Betting on Boxing Online

Where do I find the best boxing betting sites?

We’re glad you asked because you’ve come to the right spot. Check out the top of this article for the best betting site for boxing to make your bets for boxing.

Can you bet on different outcomes of a fight?

Yes, and there is great value there. For instance, you can bet on a fighter to knockout their opponent, or for a larger risk, you can even bet the round in which the fight will end.

What does an OVER/UNDER look like in boxing?

One of the most popular OVER/UNDERS is to bet on how many rounds the fight will go. If there is an OVER/UNDER bet that is set at 11.5 rounds, the fight must go 12 rounds to hit the OVER.

Can I get free bets on a boxing bookmaker?

For most sites, absolutely! After browsing our best boxing betting sites, it’s easy to see who offers a free bet option.

How is boxing scored?

Boxing is scored on a 10-point scale. A fighter loses points every time that they get knocked down. Points are also subtracted from a boxer’s score for intentional and unintentional fouls. The best score in a round that you can receive is a 10.


Boxing betting is generally not much different from betting on other sports such as football, basketball, badminton or CS:GO. It all depends on the duration of the tournaments, the number of matches held and the outcome of the matches. To understand how to bet in boxing, you first need to grasp the rules of the game, from which you can easily read the betting odds and make your own decisions. Players should choose boxing betting sites and participate in betting on thrilling and exciting boxing matches!

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