Common types of cycling betting

24/05/2023 Sports betting

If you’re excited about names like the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, you’re definitely a big fan of cycling. If you want to try your hand at cycling betting games with friends but don’t know the types of cycling bets yet, read article to find out what types of cycling betting.

Summary of betting types in cycling
Summary of betting types in cycling

The most common types of cycling betting

In the sport of cycling, there are the following most common types of cycling betting betting:

Winner of the race

If you have a hunch as to which rider will win the race, you can bet the overall win belongs to that person. If you choose the right steering wheel, your bet will win.

Drivers in the top 3

You may not be sure which rider will finish in first place. However, if you notice a good rider who has a chance to finish in the top three, you can participate in this type of bet. As long as the racer you choose finishes in third place or higher, you will win.

Drivers who finished in the top 10

Similar to the above finishes, finishing in the top 10 makes it easier for you to choose your bets and also means that the odds for this type of bet will decrease. Here, you will win if the racer you choose finishes in the top 10 or higher.

Each bookmaker will give a different cycling odds
Each bookmaker will give a different cycling odds

Individual stage betting

In addition to betting on an overall winner of a cycling race, you can also participate in betting on the winner of individual stages, each of which will only take place on the race day.

Future betting

Like many other sports, cycling also provides betting options for a long-term betting period. With this type of bet, you can bet on the order of winners in the race before it happens. Since you can place bets for months, although this type of betting is high-risk, it can bring in very high profits.

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King of the Mountains

In many cycling races, including the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, there are mountain stages. For these cycling races, the King of the Mountain prize will be awarded to the best overall mountain climber of the race.

Best young rider of the race

You will bet on young riders under the age of 25 who will score the most points in the race.

There are still popular and familiar cycling rafters
There are still popular and familiar cycling rafters

The most basic rules of cycling races 2

Cycling races in the world today are divided into two types:

  • Track racing: In these races, cyclists will compete against each other, usually in a stadium or on a dirt track. Depending on the organization of the sporting event, it is important to comply with regulations that ensure the absolute safety of the cyclists.
  • Road racing: Typically, large-scale races are organized on roads and have a national scope. These races are usually held during major sports events. Cyclists will be protected by the police and mobile security when participating in these races.

These types of bicycle race bets, including Asian handicapping, all have common basic regulations from the start of the race to the end of the event. Some bicycle race regulations that you should pay attention to are as follows:

  • In the mass-start event, the racers will start simultaneously. The team captain, who is the leader of each team, will be supported by other members to finish the race early.
  • In the individual time trial event, each racer will start one by one, with a 90-second gap between each racer.
  • At the checkpoints on the racecourse, emergency vehicles and medical personnel will be on standby to support any emergencies at any time.
  • The race will officially begin after the referee fires the starting gun at the starting point.


Just now is information about the types of cycling betting bets, some basic rules in cycling. You know the above information can definitely make money by betting on cycling, join the bet today to satisfy your passion. We wish you a big win!

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