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06/01/2024 Sports betting

Football is a globally loved sport. Football betting has therefore also become the most popular online game of choice. There are now many different forms of football betting. Each type of bet has its corresponding gameplay and payout percentage. In particular, corner bets have become more popular. This form does not require too much expertise from players. Corner bets also don’t require some capital or time investment like regular football bets. However, to play well with corner bets, the first thing is to choose for yourself a suitable, reputable and safe bookmaker. So in this article, Wintips experts will send you Top 8 best Corner betting sites in 2024. Stay tuned.

List of the best corner bookmakers
List of the best corner bookmakers

When do corners happen?

FIFA, the global governing body of football, has issued rules and regulations on corners that apply to all official matches. The team reserves the right to take a corner kick when the following conditions are met:

  • The ball goes beyond the defensive team’s goal line (except in the goal area).
  • Path of the ball: The ball has completely crossed the horizontal boundary on the field, located on the outside of the goal frame.
  • Ball position: The ball can be on the ground or in the air.
  • The person who touched the ball last: The player of the opposing team (including the goalkeeper).
  • The defenders of the defensive team must stand at least 9.15m from the ball.

In most cases, assistant referees will call the team to take corners by planting their flags in their team’s corner positions on the field.

FIFA standard corner kick rules

The boundary referee uses a flag planted in the corner bow on the team’s pitch to announce the location of the corner kick. However, according to the provisions of the corner penalty law, only when the referee points to the corresponding corner arc will the corner position be officially determined. After the penalty position is assigned, football players must comply with the corner kick standards:

  • The ball must be placed inside the arc, closest to the corner flagpole.
  • Absolutely no corner flagpoles are allowed.
  • The opposing team’s players (except for the team taking corners) must keep a distance of at least 9.15m from the ball.
  • The player who takes the penalty must not touch the ball again until the ball hits another player.
  • These regulations help ensure fairness and facilitate the team in possession of the ball in taking the corner.

Top 8 best corner betting sites in 2024

1. W88

For those who have never experienced W88 before, they will surely be curious about the level of credibility and professionalism of the casino, as well as not knowing what advantages the casino has that are worth joining for. In 2007, the casino was officially established and headquartered in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The casino has also been licensed for business by the local government’s PAGCOR and the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA), acknowledging its legality. The financial strength of this casino is robust thanks to the support from MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD. Therefore, the casino is well-equipped to invest in the comprehensive development of its betting system.

W88 - Top betting site with corner markets
W88 – Top betting site with corner markets

With its expertise and professionalism in the online betting field, W88 operates in multiple countries and possesses a large community of members. Statistics show that W88 has the largest member community among all casinos in Asia. What’s surprising is that the number of new player registrations continues to increase every day, even though there is already a considerable number of existing members. This indicates that the appeal of W88 is beyond dispute.

2. M88

It can be said that M88 is no longer an unfamiliar betting brand among professional bettors. This online betting platform has been operating in the Asian market for nearly 20 years and has even experienced significant growth in many European countries. It consistently ranks among the top most reputable betting sites globally. The successes achieved by M88 are attributed to the contributions of a team of skilled and experienced experts, professional technicians, and dedicated customer service staff.

Corner bets not to be missed M88
Corner bets not to be missed M88

Furthermore, the platform continues to offer players high-quality betting products, attractive promotions, and seamless payment of rewards. Over its nearly 20 years in the betting market, M88 has achieved remarkable accomplishments that many other betting platforms aspire to. This is also the reason that M88 maintains a strong presence in the demanding Asian market. Members of M88 also establish various groups on social media platforms such as Zalo, Facebook, Telegram, etc. These spaces serve as ideal environments for M88 members to interact, share experiences, and learn from each other’s betting expertise.

3. FB88

FB88 originates from the Philippines and has been granted full licenses by the local authorities to provide both sports betting and casino products. Through gradual development, this reputable and high-quality platform has expanded its presence with two branches in the United Kingdom and Malta. Despite being established and operational for less than 5 years, FB88 has managed to establish itself in the market, thanks to its technology and attractive promotional programs.

Corner bets at FB88 are varied
Corner bets at FB88 are varied

With the desire to always lead in the online betting market, FB88 is committed to continuously innovating its services and product quality to provide the best possible customer satisfaction. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, FB88 will capture your interest from the first visit. Currently, the interface of the reliable FB88 platform is designed to be simple and user-friendly, catering to both new and experienced players. It is compatible with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. FB88 also offers two mobile versions for the popular Android and IOS operating systems.

4. 1XBET

The betting platform 1XBet was established in 2007 and was one of the pioneering entities to bring the new wave of online betting to the community. The brand is owned by the company 1x Corp and has its headquarters located in the Republic of Cyprus, a country in Russia. The platform operates actively in countries within Europe and the Mediterranean region. By 2012, the company began to make stronger inroads into the Asian market, with the ambition to become the number one name there.

1XBET is accepting bettors from all around the world
1XBET is accepting bettors from all around the world

With continuous development efforts, 1xbet is now present in over 40 different countries. When players engage with 1xbet, they will experience highly attentive customer service. The 24/7 hotline system ensures that staff members are always ready to assist players with any queries. The processing speed of transactions on 1xbet is highly praised by many bettors. Most activities, including depositing/withdrawing funds, accessing game sections, and looking up information, take just a few minutes. Additionally, the platform offers diverse odds for various types of bets. Every day, the range of games and betting options is updated to provide players with an engaging experience.


Pinnacle Sports, commonly referred to as Pinnacle, was founded in 1998 and holds licenses from the gaming authorities in Curacao and Malta. All personal and banking information shared on the website is encrypted according to PCI security standards. Pinnacle is a privately-owned company by Magnus Hedman, a Swedish entrepreneur, who acquired the shares in 2014. Hedman is a veteran in the betting industry, having previously founded Touchbet and later acquired Sporting Index. Pinnacle’s interface on the computer.

Pinnacle - Sharp corner markets betting site
Pinnacle – Sharp corner markets betting site

At the current moment, Pinnacle has been translated into 15 languages, but it primarily serves players from the United States and China. However, the company is continuing to expand its market and favor players from the Asian region. With its long-standing presence and strong financial standing, Pinnacle has no difficulty in finding quality providers that ensure player security. Notably, the company partners with game provider Ecogra, which is known for its high-quality game platform, ensuring the best gaming experience for players.

6. Bet365

In the betting site UK Bet365 is a popular online betting platform that offers a wide range of betting options, including corner betting. This platform allows users to place bets on various sports events, including football (soccer), where corner bets are commonly placed.

Bet365 bookmaker is famous for EPL corner bets
Bet365 bookmaker is famous for EPL corner bets

Corner betting involves predicting the number of corner kicks that will occur during a football match. Different variations of corner bets can include predicting the total number of corners, which team will have more corners, or even the exact number of corners in a match. Bet365 provides users with the opportunity to place corner bets on a variety of football matches from different leagues and tournaments around the world. The platform often offers competitive odds and a user-friendly interface to facilitate the betting process.

7. Unibet

Unibet is regarded as one of the most reputable sports betting platforms in the Asian market. Currently, the platform offers users a plethora of different entertainment services. If you’re looking for a standardized betting destination, don’t miss out on Unibet. Since its inception, Unibet has quickly met the conditions for operating in the betting industry. As a result, the platform has obtained licenses from leading regulatory organizations with headquarters in Malta, London, and New York.

The Unibet interface at online betting is very lively
The Unibet interface at online betting is very lively

All betting activities on the platform are closely monitored and rigorously evaluated by supervisory agencies. Therefore, Unibet commits to ensuring safety, transparency, and credibility. One of the platform’s primary strengths lies in its sports betting offerings. Unibet’s Sportsbook section boasts a wide range of over 30 different sports. The platform consistently updates all relevant information for players to follow and place bets on. Before each match, there are expert commentaries, odds analysis, and evaluations available.

8. Cloudbet

Cloudbet is a well-known online cryptocurrency betting platform that offers a variety of sports betting options, including corner betting in football (soccer) matches. Corner betting involves predicting the number of corner kicks that will occur during a match. Cloudbet is a renowned online betting platform that enjoys high esteem within the online betting community. With several years of operation, Cloudbet has become one of the leading online casinos in the market. Notably, it has gained the trust of many Vietnamese players who choose it for their betting activities.

Cloudbet – crypto betting site for corner markets
Cloudbet – crypto betting site for corner markets

One of the crucial factors when evaluating an online betting platform is its reputation for integrity. Cloudbet has built a solid reputation for ensuring transparency and fairness in all transactions. Players can rest assured that their betting activities will be conducted in a fair and secure manner. A prominent advantage of Cloudbet is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Players can easily navigate and engage in games without encountering any difficulties. Furthermore, Cloudbet offers convenient features such as live betting and remote betting, allowing players to participate in betting anytime, anywhere.

Popular Types of Corner Bets Today

Similar to other types of football bets, corner bets come in various forms and gameplay styles. Players can easily choose a betting type that suits them and participate accordingly. Below are some common types of corner bets prevalent today.

Match Handicap Corner Bet

Another popular corner betting type that garners significant attention is the match handicap corner bet. Bookmakers offer varying handicap odds for each match, allowing players to choose between the team that receives the handicap or the team with the handicap. The outcome is determined based on the number of corner kicks executed throughout the entire match and the given handicap odds, which determine the winning and losing teams.

1×2 Corner Bet

The 1×2 corner bet is straightforward and quite similar to the 1×2 Asian handicap bet in online football betting. In the 1×2 corner bet, players have three options: Win, Draw, and Lose. The payout odds offered by different bookmakers vary depending on the chosen outcome.

Full Match Over/Under Corner Bet

The full match over/under corner bet, also known as the over/under bet, is a wager that predicts the total corners awarded throughout the match. Like other over/under bets in football, players select either the Over or Under outcome, which depends on the betting odds set by the bookmaker for each match.

Corner odds come in different forms
Corner odds come in different forms

When placing this corner bet, the Under option signifies that the number of corner kicks executed during the match will be fewer than the bookmaker’s odds, while the Over option predicts that the total number of corner kicks in the match will exceed the bookmaker’s odds. Additionally, bookmakers provide players with the option to place over/under corner bets for each half of the game (first half or second half). However, this type of bet is less common.

Even/Odd Corner Bet

The even/odd corner bet is the simplest form of corner betting. When selecting this type of bet, players predict whether the total number of corner kicks executed in the match will be an even or odd number and place their wager accordingly.

First Corner Bet

The first corner bet, also known as the First Corner bet, requires players to predict which team will execute the first corner kick in the match.

Last Corner Bet

Similar to the first corner bet, the last corner bet, also known as the Last Corner bet, involves predicting which team will execute the final corner kick in the match.

Next Corner Bet

Another type of corner bet offered by bookmakers is the next corner bet, also known as the Next Corner bet. With this bet, players predict which team will be awarded the next corner kick by the referee and place their wager on that team.

No Corner Bet

In addition to the aforementioned bets, bookmakers introduce odds for matches where no corner kicks will occur. This unique type of corner bet offers high payout odds to attract players. However, matches without any corner kicks for either team are quite rare, so players should exercise caution when placing this type of bet.

Experience in accurate corner handicaps

To increase your chances of winning money while playing odds, you must grasp more good tips or gain more experience. According to betting experts, this corner play is not too difficult. Here the No. 1 reputable bookmaker will share easy-to-win tips for everyone’s reference.

Live Match Observation

Corner bets, especially the next corner bet, are often offered while a match is ongoing. It’s crucial not to miss the opportunity to watch the match live.

Don't forget to check out the high-stakes experience from an expert
Don’t forget to check out the high-stakes experience from an expert

As there might be high-winning probability bets presented by the bookmakers that you could regret missing out on. In a football match, there can be unexpected developments that differ from your predictions. Watching the match live helps you make accurate predictions, and if there are any changes, you can adjust your bets accordingly. Corner kicks often occur due to mistakes made by players. As a match progresses, players’ stamina decreases, leading to weaker defense. Consequently, corner kicks can happen unpredictably at any time during the game.

Review the results of previous football matches

One of the tips for betting on football in this corner is that you should review the results of 2 teams that have met before. You can visualize the gameplay and the possibility of which team kicks corners. Then have more confidence and knowledge to place bets.

Gather Information about the Participating Teams

To make more accurate assessments, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of corner bets, the rules, and the two teams competing in the match. You should have insights into the teams’ capabilities, playing style, home-field advantage, lineup strategies, individual player contributions, and more. These factors significantly impact the number of corner kicks and the team’s approach to taking corner kicks in the match.

This is especially important in matches where two evenly matched teams are competing. When teams are evenly matched, players strive to minimize errors, making it difficult to predict the number of corner kicks. Betting in such matches can be extremely intriguing, accompanied by intense competition.

Based on the weather situation

You need to monitor the weather at the match venue, is there rain and wind? When it rains, there are more corners when it’s dry and sunny due to the trajectory of the ball. Also players slide more and the ball hits them. The goalkeeper sometimes drops the ball due to slippery and the defender has to kick it out for a corner.


Above are the 8 best corner betting sites on the market today. It can be seen that these are all familiar names to long-time bettors. Not only is betting but these websites also bring many other interesting things. Especially with this ball, these 8 bookmakers provide you with super football tips and extremely quality. So you can rest assured and commit to these choices for a long time. Wish you success and win many corner bets for yourself.

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