Summary of Cricket betting strategy to beat the house

Cricket, also known as bat-and-ball game, is one of the renowned sports globally, particularly in European countries. However, in Asian countries, not many are aware of its existence. Everything changed significantly with the emergence of online betting platforms. They introduced Cricket to a broader audience in Asia, where most people who engage in online Cricket betting develop a fondness and passion for the sport. Are you among those who want to experience the thrill of victory? You are, right? Then, don’t overlook the compiled Cricket betting strategy from the website

Cricket Betting Strategy Summary for Newbies
Cricket Betting Strategy Summary for Newbies

What is Cricket Betting?

Before going into the main section is to learn Cricket betting strategy, you need to know what its concept is and what the rules are. Cricket is also known by many other names as carpentry, the bridge wall belongs to the type of sport using novel bats. This subject is very popular in European countries such as the UK. Cricket takes place on a circular court with the participation of two teams, each consisting of 11 members. This game took place with the replacement of throwing and batting. Just like that until you delineate the results by scoring.

And you pay attention to grasp the scoring, you can refer to some types such as hitting the ball beyond the field, hitting the ball touching the ground… In addition, the rules of the game of cricket provide a number of provisions governing which matches are recorded and cancelled. To join such a novel betting portal, cricket betting experience is extremely necessary.

Top Cricket betting strategy for you

As mentioned, Cricket because it is a newly introduced sports bet, it will be somewhat more difficult for you to participate. However, the attraction from rewards and gameplay is too large to attract players to participate. So now the solution for you is to practice and learn effective Cricket betting experiences to apply. Next will be some Cricket betting strategy synthesized from the real combat experience of the masters.

1. Stay Updated on Cricket Tournaments

An important experience when engaging in Cricket betting is to regularly update yourself with relevant information about the matches you’re considering, such as match history, players, coaches, etc. In this age of technological advancement, you can swiftly gather this information through sources like newspapers or reputable TV channels such as ESPN, Bleacher Report, The Guardian, BBC Sports, and more.

Cricket tournaments run throughout 365 days
Cricket tournaments run throughout 365 days

2. Analyze Matches Before Placing Bets

Another crucial factor when participating in online Cricket betting is analyzing match information before placing bets. Additionally, don’t overlook external factors like the playing venue, weather conditions, wind, home or away games. These elements can significantly impact the outcome of a Cricket match.

3. Study Odds and Choose Wisely

When betting with online bookmakers, don’t skip the step of studying the odds. Usually, bookmakers provide different odds for various betting options, giving you ample choices. These odds can also fluctuate before and during the match. Therefore, it’s essential to study and analyze the odds to select the best Cricket betting options for yourself.

4. Select the Most Reliable Bookmakers

Currently, there are numerous online bookmakers in the market offering sports betting services. Hence, it’s crucial to choose reputable bookmakers when participating in betting to ensure you receive the best odds. This also safeguards you from falling victim to scams that could lead to a loss of your invested funds.

5. Memorize Cricket Betting Terms

Like other sports, Cricket will also have its own terms that require players to understand the most basic information when watching the match. Some basic terms such as Pitch: Field Bridge, Wicket: Three Pillars, Bowler: Bridgehead, Fielder: Ball: Cricket Ball, Bat: Cricket Stick… and some other terms.

This is a smart Cricket betting strategy
This is a smart Cricket betting strategy

Types of Cricket Betting Today

When it comes to Cricket betting or other sports, there are diverse and exciting betting options along with the best Cricket betting experiences. Each type of bet comes with its own rules, classifications of wins and losses, and different scoring methods. Here are some of the most common types:

Match Betting

Match betting is a popular and easily understandable form of betting where you predict the outcome of the entire match. You choose between the home team, away team, or a draw. The calculation is relatively straightforward – you win if your chosen team wins, lose if they lose, or get half your stake back in case of a draw.

Completed Match Betting

This form offers two options: betting on whether the match will end within two days or continue beyond. To place these bets, factors like weather conditions must be considered. Weather plays a significant role in predicting the outcome, making this type of bet quite intriguing.

Match Draw Betting

This simple and clear form of betting involves predicting whether the match will end in a draw. If you believe both teams are evenly matched, this could be a favorable choice. You win if the match ends in a draw, and lose if either team wins. Focus on Cricket betting strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Betting in the sport of Cricket is very diverse
Betting in the sport of Cricket is very diverse

Top Bowler Betting

For this type of bet, you need to analyze and predict which player will take the most wickets. You can choose any player from either team. If your prediction is correct, you win; otherwise, you lose your stake.

Other Betting Options

  • Apart from the mentioned forms of betting, there are others such as:
  • Predicting the player with the most goals in the match or tournament.
  • Correctly selecting the player who will score the most goals and which team they belong to.
  • Predicting which team is in an advantageous position or likely to win the overall match.
  • Predicting whether the total number of points in the match will be even or odd.

Basic Cricket Betting Rules

Similar to other sports betting disciplines, when participating in Cricket betting, you also need to adhere to the rules of the game. Specifically:

  • Each Cricket match consists of 11 players per team, and each side will have 2 specialized bowlers.
  • During play, one batsman stands opposite the bowler of the opposing team. The other batsman stands next to the bowler of the same team.
  • Behind each team are three stumps, known as the wicket, with two wooden bars on top. If these bars are dislodged, the batsman who hit the ball is out.
  • The bowler’s task is to knock down the opponent’s stumps, while the remaining players surround the field to catch the ball.
  • The batsman must protect the wicket and keep the ball in play.

If the ball is hit far, the two batsmen run and each completed run is counted. If the fielding team retrieves the ball first, they earn extra points.

Top 3 Cricket bookmakers in 2024

Choosing a reputable online bookmaker is also a basic Cricket betting strategy. That is why we send you the following 3 choices:

1/ W88

Operating since 2013, W88 has left a significant mark in the online betting industry, establishing itself as a seasoned bookmaker capable of building a player-centric betting empire. Perhaps unbeknownst to many, over 28% of Asian bettors have registered accounts with W88 (as per Comscore statistics). All have expressed positive feedback regarding the quality of its offerings. It’s not an easy feat for a bookmaker to capture such a substantial market share in the gambling industry, but W88 has accomplished this with concrete figures.

The W88 sports betting website is always packed with promotions
The W88 sports betting website is always packed with promotions

Daily updates on tournaments keep you informed, and competitive odds help W88 stand out. Despite its understated color scheme, W88 provides an enjoyable betting experience for football enthusiasts.

2/ BK8

BK8 is one of the online betting platforms that has garnered substantial attention from bettors. Currently headquartered in Malta and regulated by the reputable Curacao gaming authority, BK8 surged in popularity starting in 2019 through vigorous marketing campaigns. It was accompanied by multimillion-dollar sponsorship deals with top-tier clubs around the world.

BK8 offers an exceptional online betting environment
BK8 offers an exceptional online betting environment

With three homepage interface changes, BK8 impresses players with its distinctive blue and gold color scheme, featuring high-profile sponsorship images. BK8’s rapid brand development, both online and offline, is highly commendable. Although the Asian market is competitive, BK8 managed to permeate every corner of the internet within just three years.

3/ M88

Lastly, we’d like to mention M88, a website specializing in sports and esports betting. With over 20 years of operation (since its establishment on 08/08/2002), M88 has risen to prominence through quality products and services, earning a solid reputation among online bettors. Originating from Taiwan, M88 is regarded as a monumental figure in the gambling industry, pioneering the early days of sports betting. The casino earned the title of the most reputable Asian bookmaker in 2018-2019.

M88 – A legendary online casino
M88 – A legendary online casino

We rank the M88 website as the top choice for cricket betting among trustworthy sportsbooks. There’s little room for debate about the brand’s prestige. M88 consistently updates its game selection, website interface, and applications. Notably, customer service has undergone significant improvement. An impressive choice for online bettors.


Undoubtedly, the Cricket betting strategy will greatly assist you in your initiation into this new realm of sports betting. For those enthusiastic about conquering this fresh avenue, it’s essential to quickly refer to these strategies. Invest time in practice to master the process for long-term betting success. W88, M88, and FB88 are reliable platforms to explore Cricket betting in 2024. Let’s together pursue the dream of Cricket betting with appealing features and odds. Wishing you every success in your endeavors.

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