What is a double chance soccer bet? Is it worth it in betting?

23/02/2024 Betting News

In the world of soccer betting, double chance betting is an attractive and potential concept for players. Double chance occurs when players can bet on multiple outcomes of a match, giving them the opportunity to increase their chances of winning and minimize their risk. The versatility of double chance betting not only adds excitement to players, but also opens up a range of creative betting strategies that can lead to significant profits. Let’s win tips bet explore in detail what double chance soccer bet are and how they can change the way you enjoy and bet on the match.

Learn about double chance soccer bet
Learn about double chance soccer bet

What is double chance in soccer betting?

In soccer betting, double chance bets are called Double Chance in English. Double chance soccer bet meaning which is to help players have a double chance, is a variation developed from the traditional European betting form. Different from just betting on a single result like in single bets. , double chance bets allow the player to choose one of two outcomes out of three possibilities. Although it is possible to choose between three possibilities, the player’s chances of winning will be optimized. This is an algorithm Common language in online soccer betting.

In a match, the result can fall into one of three cases: win – draw – lose. This means that each selection in this bet will give the player 2 chances to win the bet.

Compared to other single bets with lower win rates, betting on double chance bets increases the win rate to over 66%. This is an attractive opportunity for players who want to maximize their chances of winning.

How to play double chance soccer bet?

In essence, double chance bets are built on the basis of 1×2 odds at bookmaker in betting. Therefore, if you are knowledgeable about European odds, it is very easy to access this bet. However, there are still different rules. We invite you to learn about how to read and play Double Chance odds below:

How to read double chance in soccer betting

Similar to European bets, double chance bets are also denoted as 1×2, in which:

  • 1: Home team wins
  • 2: Away team wins.
  • X: The two teams are tied.

The participant’s task when playing this bet is to choose 2 out of 3 possibilities of the match. However, if you choose an outcome then the bonus rate will definitely be reduced. The possibilities that players can choose from in double chance bets include:

  • 1 X: Means the home team wins or 2 teams draw.
  • 1 2: Means the home team wins or the away team wins.
  • 2 X: Means the away team wins or the 2 teams draw.
How to play double chance soccer bet?
How to play double chance soccer bet?

Example: A match ends Man city 1-0 Liverpool. At this point, you will win if you bet on 1X or 12, otherwise if you choose 2X you will lose.

  • 1 – Abbreviation for home team Man City winning.
  • 2 – Abbreviation for away team Liverpool winning.
  • X – Abbreviation when the match ends and Man City and Liverpool draw.

How to calculate double chance bet in soccer

Playing double chance bets with a high and safe probability of winning will certainly result in less reward than other bets. How to calculate the Double Chance bet is specifically specified as follows:

  • 1X: Winnings = 1/(1/Odds + 1/Odds).
  • 12: Winnings = 1/(1/Odd odds + 1/Odd odds 2).
  • 2X: Bet loss  = Initial bet amount.

Share the most effective ways to play in double chance betting

Although Double Chance has a high winning rate, if subjective, the player can still easily lose the bet. Therefore, to be more confident and sure of winning, players should refer to a few betting tips below.

Follow and pay close attention to the odds table

If the handicap numbers are quite complicated, the double chance odds are very simple. Participants only have 3 fixed choices that the dealer has previously given. Because of this simplicity, it has made it easier for many gamers to access Double Chance. However, that doesn’t mean you should become subjective and not pay attention to the given odds table. To be more cautious, players constantly pay attention to the house’s payout level.

Share the most effective ways to play in double chance betting
Share the most effective ways to play in double chance betting

Learn to judge

Once you decide to engage in soccer betting, you need to have an understanding of this subject. In particular, for double chance bets, you need to pay special attention to the 2 teams you are about to bet on. Please study carefully the confrontation history, performance as well as the penalty card situation of the two teams. These are the bases, the premise for players to make the most accurate judgment.

Besides collecting the necessary information, you also need to select the source of supply. In particular, you should pay attention to tabloid information streams such as match-fixing rumors, player fitness or coach tactics, etc.

Choose a safe option when playing double chance bets

In a match where the two teams have a big difference in class and strength. You should prioritize betting on the favorite team to win or draw (1X). Because betting on these matches, the odds will be lower than other bets.

Therefore, if you lose the bet, the amount of money lost will not be too much. According to the experience of experts, sometimes you have to accept low bets to bring big wins.

As for matches of equal talent, players often tend to think of a draw. However, it can be a trap and the draw rate in these situations is very low. In this case, the wisest choice is to bet on the over to win or the under to win.

The important thing here is not the element of luck, but whether you clearly understand the information of the two teams or not. Usually, two teams with similar strength and qualifications will fight to the death and each team wants to win all the points. Therefore, you should not foolishly choose the draw result.


So, we have learned all the knowledge related to double chance soccer bet. From here, it can be said that Double Chance is very suitable for rookies who are just getting used to soccer betting. Use and combine the tricks we share above to bring about resounding victories. Continue to visit our website to update other attractive bet types. Good luck!

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