Esports Betting App in 2024: Top 10 choices

24/01/2024 Sports betting

Electronic sports, also known as e-sports, are video games built using modern software. These games simulate real-life sports such as soccer, basketball, and more. Additionally, e-sports encompass popular titles that attract a global player base, including games like DOTA, League of Legends, and PUBG. Currently, electronic sports betting has become prevalent across reputable betting platforms. It caters to players’ betting needs with maximum completeness.

Best esports betting apps 2024
Best esports betting apps 2024

However, some individuals prefer placing bets on their phones to save time and space. This has led to the emergence of Esports Betting App. In this year 2024, which e-sports betting apps are available and trustworthy? Where can you find a reliable and optimized betting app for your phone? Check out these 10 recommendations below, compiled by Wintips experts who have meticulously gathered details from various betting forums. We have also conducted real-world experiences and evaluated each aspect. You can confidently place your trust and assets here.

What is Esports betting?

Esport betting or online esports bet can simply be understood as players will participate in placing money and predicting the outcome of ball matches suggested by playing points. If before, Esport was considered an unfair betting game, now the casino betting version has been developed into a professional and recognized sport. The value of the prize in the lobby can be up to several hundred million VND with a variety of betting methods.

What is an Esports betting app?

An esports betting app is a mobile application that allows users to place bets on various esports events and tournaments. Esports, short for electronic sports, refers to competitive video gaming where professional players and teams compete against each other in multiplayer games. These events often have significant viewership and prize pools, making them attractive for betting.

Esports betting apps provide a platform for users to wager real money on the outcomes of esports matches and tournaments. Users can bet on various aspects of the games, such as match winners, specific in-game events, player performance, and more. The app typically offers odds for different outcomes, and users can choose how much they want to bet. Key features of esports betting apps may include:

  • Game Coverage.
  • Betting Options.
  • Live Betting.
  • User Interface.
  • Odds and Statistics.
  • Payment Methods.
  • Promotions and Bonuses.
  • Security.

It’s important to note that while esports betting apps offer a convenient way to engage in esports betting, it’s crucial to gamble responsibly and be aware of the potential risks and regulations related to betting in your jurisdiction.

Let’s explore the top 10 vip betting tips app with Wintips to help you win easily

Top 10 Top Esports Betting Apps in the world

1. W88 Betting App

W88 is a legal bookmaker with strong economic potential. The betting products and services of this bookmaker are always highly appreciated by the betting community for their professionalism and green ripeness. One of the halls with a large number of participants here can be mentioned Esport. Download the W88 esport app you can participate in betting anytime, anywhere with just your “love cricket”. This game point also fully converges the criteria to evaluate 1 prestigious bookmaker of international stature.

W88 – The Superior Online Betting Software
W88 – The Superior Online Betting Software


  • The interface of the W88 is well arranged, prioritizing important information up front.
  • Entering the Esport lobby, players are faced with many attractive options, betting versions are leading the market today: Fantasy Sports, A Sports, E Sports, C Sports, V Sports, X Sports.
  • Attractive new player welcome promotion in the form of redeeming bonuses or giving accumulated points.


W88 should create more space for players to exchange, make friends and exchange experiences together.

2. M88 Betting App

The M88 app attracts thousands of downloads each year. One of the game lobbies that contributes to helping the brand attract a large number of members is currently e-sports. M88 offers bets of attractive, green tournaments with many special promotions. This is really one of the Esport betting apps worth trying.

M88 – Attractive first-time bonus real money bookmaker
M88 – Attractive first-time bonus real money bookmaker


  • The betting version here is updated with the most modern technological features. Help optimize operations when conducting betting.
  • Esport Sports Hall has many different versions for bettors to choose from: M Sports, Pinnacle, Saba, TF Gaming.
  • Many esports games participate.
  • Fast game loading speed, fast betting and payout time.
  • M88 applies an unlimited bet cashback policy at the lobby.


There are quite a few tutorials, sharing Esport betting experiences effectively.

3. BK8 Betting App

The Esport betting app BK8 provides a professional playground for the betting community. Consistently delivering high-quality products has enabled the betting platform to achieve remarkable success in the Asian market.

BK8 – Asia's leading Esports betting address
BK8 – Asia’s leading Esports betting address


  • In the Esport betting lobby, there are two main playing modes: TF and IM.
  • A comprehensive range of electronic sports bets is available, including match outcome betting, goal betting, match duration betting, and more.
  • Promotions occur within specific time frames and hold significant value.
  • You can place bets on League of Legends (LMHT) and CS:GO.


Accessing BK8 during peak hours might experience slight delays lasting a few minutes.

4. FUN88 Betting App

Fun88 is a renowned betting platform that offers a wide range of categories such as Sports, Esports, Live Casino, Lottery, and more. Moreover, they are the main sponsor of the world champion Dota 2 team. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why Fun88 Esport betting app is well-known and attracts a large number of participants.

Fun88 – The best reputable esports betting site
Fun88 – The best reputable esports betting site


  • The Esports game collection is diverse, regularly updated with game versions from renowned developers. Game copyrights mostly attract a significant amount of attention from gamers: Saba, Inplay Matrix, CMD, Bti.
  • A commitment to fair rewards, aiming for a platform of wholesome, sophisticated, and equitable betting experiences.
  • Any inquiries about promotions and special account benefits are diligently addressed by customer support representatives.
  • You can place bets on CS:GO, Hearthstone, PUBG, League of Legends…


Additionally, a friend-connect feature is integrated into each account, enabling bettors to chat and learn strategies from one another.

5. FB88 Betting App

FB88 is a bookmaker from the West and is well known by Asian gamers for its extreme advertising campaigns. This esports betting application belongs to the large corporation YRB, has huge financial potential and is gradually dominating the real-money entertainment market. The FB88 is always among the top reputable esports betting sites, so you can be assured of the green and fairness here.

FB88 – 100% Registration Bonus Online Esports Betting
FB88 – 100% Registration Bonus Online Esports Betting


  • Currently, FB88 offers two main licensed electronic sports betting lobbies: F88 Esport and Esport 7.
  • Compared to the general market rates, the Esport prize amounts provided by FB88 are highly enticing.
  • There are numerous attractive promotions and benefits: Top-up card promotions, unlimited cashback, daily check-in rewards…
  • Various esports games can be found, such as Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch…


FB88 occasionally displays advertisements within the betting lobby. However, these ads quickly conclude within a few seconds, thus not affecting the bettor’s experience.

6. 1XBET Betting App

When it comes to reputable esports betting sites, 1xBet cannot be ignored. 1xBet bookmaker reviews are always good at the top reputable and safe bookmakers. Up to this time, they have a large operating network in Asia with competitive odds, diverse and attractive products. 1xBet has been operating since 2007 and now has more than 400,000 members. This is enough to say how reliable the Esport betting app is.

1xBet - The betting app that deserves to be at the top of the list
1xBet – The betting app that deserves to be at the top of the list


  • Rich betting options.
  • Payouts can be slower than other betting apps.
  • The esport app offers more than 40 different language options.
  • Variety of payment methods.
  • Bet operations on the app have been optimized.


Payouts may be slower than other betting apps.

7. 12BET Betting App

12Bet is a name with a long-standing presence in the global real-money betting market. The platform has been granted a business operation license by the international gambling authority, Resort First Cagayan. Here, you can participate in two main sports betting lobbies: 12Bet Esports and IM Eports. Each lobby will offer you a different experiential feel, but fundamentally, the betting process is straightforward, with high betting odds. 12Bet promises to be an ideal Esport betting entertainment destination for you.

12Bet – A highly recognizable esports betting lounge
12Bet – A highly recognizable esports betting lounge


  • Esport players on 12bet place bets in two main lobbies: 12Esports and IM. Each lobby has different preset betting methods.
  • Numerous top-tier matches are regularly updated: StarCraft II, Arena of Valor, Call of Duty…
  • 12bet’s Esport lobby implements a unique cashback policy. According to player reviews, the figures provided by the platform are indeed very enticing.
  • Gamers are assured a platform that safeguards their rights and ensures absolute privacy of personal information: Name, phone number, transaction history…


It’s advisable to introduce betting options with lower minimum stakes. This helps bettors with smaller capital still have the opportunity to experience Esport betting.

8. BETWAY Betting App

Betway app, also known as Betway app – Betway mobile app. The Betway app is installed 1 way directly on the player’s phone. When you use Betway’s betting app, you will have the best experience. Downloading the Betway app is a way for you to bet at home much more stable and convenient. So if your phone has not downloaded the Betway app, download the app today. The Betway App will bring the best betting experience to you.

BETWAY – Play Esports Betting
BETWAY – Play Esports Betting


  • The game selection in the Esport lobby of BETWAY is diverse, featuring game versions from Saba, CMD, IM, BTI.
  • A doubled value promotion for the initial deposit is applicable to all new players in the Esport betting section of BETWAY.
  • Quick updates on Dota 2, PUBG, StarCraft II tournaments…
  • In addition to valuable promotional opportunities, gamers have access to and can familiarize themselves with various secure and fast deposit methods: Momo, Airpay, Zalopay…
  • Prize exchange is supported at a 1:1 ratio.


The access link to the BETWAY betting platform is occasionally blocked by network providers. Therefore, it’s advisable to provide multiple alternative links for players to access when necessary.

9. MEGAPARI Betting App

MEGAPARI can be considered the flagship in the Esports industry in Asia. Coming to the Esport betting app here, you will be free to enjoy attractive bets such as CS: GO, Dota 2 or LOL and many other products. In addition, you can also update match information, match schedules, live matches or major Esport tournaments here, Not only excelling in betting products, betting technology here is also highly appreciated by experts.

MEGAPARI – Competitive odds esports betting web
MEGAPARI – Competitive odds esports betting web


  • Placing bets, depositing/withdrawing at the app is extremely simple.
  • Offers many famous games in the world.
  • Diverse sponsorship activities, demonstrating tremendous economic potential.
  • New members receive 10 USD immediately.
  • Constantly update the odds.


Unprofessional customer care staff.

10. NEXTBET Betting App

Nextbet bookmaker betting games always give users an impressive and perfect experience. This is the reason why the number of accounts here increases rapidly in a short time. However, it is not always the time when brothers can sit in front of the computer screen to fight the game. Besides, when accessing directly from the browser is quite time-consuming.

Nextbet - Betting App for Newbies
Nextbet – Betting App for Newbies


  • The NEXTBET interface is neatly arranged, with a logical layout that makes it very easy to find information.
  • The Esports gaming lobby, including OW, Sbobet, IM, BTi, all come with detailed and specific instructions.
  • Promotion eligibility conditions are suitable for all K8 betting members.
  • Gaming tables are swiftly updated with matches from global tournaments like LOL, DOTA 2, Overwatch, Hearthstone…


It took a long time for K8 bookmaker to successfully verify 1 redemption transaction because of the large number of players.

Esports Betting App evaluation criteria

Easy to manipulate and use

Ease of use is the first factor to make a choice for first-time betting app users. The developers have focused on developing interfaces and features in accordance with the tastes of players. Most of the best esport app betting brings a pleasant feeling to users. The loading process is fast and doesn’t even require an app tutorial because it’s really easy to understand.

Variety of esports betting games

A reputable esports betting app that offers only one or two betting options wouldn’t receive high praise. To truly capture the attention of bettors, it’s essential to establish a diverse betting arena encompassing a variety of tournaments, ranging from popular games like League of Legends (LOL), CS:GO, and Dota 2 to lesser-known titles like Overwatch, Call of Duty, or Rocket League.

Of course, trustworthy betting platforms should also provide betting opportunities for smaller tournaments. This is because the betting demand from bettors doesn’t diminish after the conclusion of major and prominent tournaments. A quality Esports betting app must also offer a wide range of betting odds to provide players with suitable choices. We need to pay attention to the types of bets and betting limits. The more options available, the better.

Stable configuration – Fast transactions

Quality points will find the fastest ways to deposit/withdraw money for players and still ensure safety. They will shake hands with major local banks: ACB, Agribank, Vietcombank … and reputable electronic payment channels: Momo, Airpay, Zalo pay… The bookmaker’s configuration needs to be suitable for Esport betting through many devices: Computer, ipad, phone … Stable operation to minimize maintenance time and not affect gamers’ bets.

Cross-platform customer support

Customer support service can either create a strong impression or shatter the carefully built image of a betting platform. Whether a seasoned bettor or a newcomer, everyone desires swift assistance in resolving any issues they encounter while playing.

Players contact support right on the phone
Players contact support right on the phone

Therefore, a reputable betting platform must offer round-the-clock customer support. The expertise and responsiveness of the customer support team are highly regarded. Furthermore, the utilization of multiple customer support channels also affects the level of player satisfaction.

The offer is no different from the website

Offering substantial rewards not only brings profits to the members but also demonstrates the financial strength of a casino. Of course, we need to combine this with factors such as the fairness of the platform, the simplicity of withdrawal conditions, and the transparency of promotions. Previously, not many betting platforms focused on dedicated rewards for Esports. However, to compete in today’s fierce market, they have incorporated these rewards to attract and entice players. Simultaneously, this approach serves as a means for these platforms to assert their financial capabilities.

Most behaved games at Esports Betting App

On the various betting boards, there are numerous captivating tournaments. If you’re new to exploring this, you should take note of the following esports games to experience:

  • League of Legends: This MOBA game will immerse you in epic battles, where you assume the role of mighty champions to vanquish your enemies.
  • Fortnite: This visually stunning game turns you into a zombie hunter, defending the remaining survivors in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive): Engage in the mode of life-and-death combat, as this game will push you to strive for victory.
  • Dota 2: A team-based game that requires seamless coordination and synergy to achieve ultimate triumph.
  • PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds): If you’re a fan of action-packed survival games, this is the most fitting choice.
  • StarCraft II: This game series is tailor-made for adventurous souls who enjoy outer space combat and daring ventures.
  • Call of Duty: This shooter genre game also boasts millions of devoted fans.

A few betting experiences on best Esports betting apps

In addition to basic skills like understanding the rules of the game, winning bets is also not an easy task. To increase your winning frequency, here are some pieces of advice you should consider applying:

  • Understand Real-Life Gameplay: To truly comprehend strategies and make accurate predictions, it’s essential to engage in real-life gameplay.
  • Avoid Multiple Simultaneous Bets: Betting on multiple matches simultaneously can lead to excessive spending and higher risk percentages.
  • Place Handicap Bets for Higher Potential Gains: Opt for handicap bets with the potential for substantial returns, allowing you to monitor the match and make informed decisions.
  • Have a Precise Financial Plan: Maintain an accurate financial plan for your betting activities.
  • Focus on a Single Tournament: Concentrate your efforts on a single tournament to allocate more time for research and analysis.
  • All Information Matters: Factors such as team details, members, form, strengths, achievements, leadership, and more significantly impact the outcome.
Check out ESport betting experiences from masters
Check out ESport betting experiences from masters

Remember, responsible gambling and informed decision-making are crucial when engaging in esports betting.

Q&A about Esport Betting App

Is it safe to bet on Esport betting apps?

The software is only as safe as your choice of well-known betting addresses, such as the list suggested above. You can rest assured that your personal data (name, email, bank account information, etc.) is always absolutely secure and out of reach of hackers. Conversely, if you choose the wrong platform to play, your personal information will be at risk!

Is esports betting illegal?

Esports betting at betting platforms is conducted online, minimizing the risk of law enforcement intervention. Player account information is also securely protected by the platforms, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Are the odds higher than other online games?

Winning odds are determined based on the initial agreement between players and the betting platform. Comparing profits between esports betting and other gaming rooms is challenging. However, experienced players often find the prize amounts to be quite appealing.

Are there any fraudulent practices in electronic sports betting?

The betting systems at reputable and established venues are closely regulated. Furthermore, any detected fraudulent behavior results in immediate account suspension. Therefore, for higher chances of winning, players can learn from experienced players rather than attempting fraudulent activities.

Where are the winnings kept?

As soon as a betting round concludes, the winnings are directly credited to the player’s account at the online casino. These funds can be withdrawn when the player meets the necessary requirements.


The list of 10 Esport betting apps mentioned will definitely help you choose a safe place to send your passion. All of these apps offer bets on popular esports and tournaments large and small. Wherever you decide to get involved, don’t forget that online gambling is first and foremost fun – just like video games. Therefore, we recommend that you always gamble responsibly.

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