What are the fastest player in Premier League today?

17/04/2024 Betting News

Every Premier League team needs a few speed demons in their ranks. With the pace of play in the top-flight English competition, it’s crucial now to have nimble players who can reach astonishing top speeds in every area of the pitch. Speed can be used to break through defensive lines to advance into crucial scoring positions. It can make the difference between snuffing out an opportunity or conceding a goal. Over the past three years, who are the fastest player in Premier League you might ask? Let Wintips admin clarify your doubts right away.

Top 10 fastest player in Premier League
Top 10 fastest player in Premier League

Fastest player in Premier League – Who are they?

1/ Micky van de Ven (37,38 Km/h)

The only player to surpass the 37 km/h mark on this list is surprisingly a defender. While for many Tottenham fans who have admired the new Dutch defender, Micky van de Ven’s arrival may not come as a surprise. The 22-year-old player has built a reputation for his outstanding speed during his time playing for his previous club, Wolfsburg, even ranking 9th in the top 10 fastest players in Bundesliga history.

Top 10 fastest player in Premier League
Van de Ven is a centre-back but has extreme speed

It’s quite a significant achievement and one that proved invaluable for Ange Postecoglou, who favors high-pressing defensive play. Van de Ven’s recovery speed has made him an indispensable part of Spurs’ style of play, and their defense is almost uncertain without him when he’s sidelined due to injury.

2/ Kyle Walker (37,31 Km/h) – Fastest player in Premier League

Last season, the title of “Fastest Player in the League” belonged to Kyle Walker of Man City, reaching a speed of 37.31 km/h at the age of 33! As a key factor in Pep Guardiola’s team, Kyle Walker has successfully used his speed to thwart the left wingers of opposing teams.

Top 10 fastest player in Premier League
Over the years in the EPL, Kyle Walker has always been among the fastest runners

His rapid movement was demonstrated in Man City’s Champions League final against Real Madrid, where he engaged in duels with Vinicius Junior. Although the young Brazilian star scored in the first leg, he couldn’t get past Walker in the second leg – a match that ended in a comfortable 4-0 victory for the Sky Blues.

3/ Chiedozie Ogbene (36,93 Km/h) – Fastest player in Premier League

Luton Town is proving some doubts wrong in their first season back in the Championship of English football since 1992. Rob Edwards’ team has managed to climb out of the relegation zone following an improved performance since the beginning of 2024, and the main reason for this turnaround is Ogbene.

Top 10 fastest player in Premier League
At Luton, Chiedozie Ogbene was the player with the most impressive speed

The winger has been one of their standout players throughout the 2023/24 season, using his blistering speed and remarkable technical ability to unsettle opposition defenses. The Irish player had his most impressive spell against Fulham in September and has spoken about how he admired watching Usain Bolt grow up.

4/ Pedro Neto (36,86 Km/h)

Gary O’Neil’s Wolves are fortunate to have talent on the field, but Neto is undoubtedly the jewel in their crown. As a player capable of finishing with both feet, he’s also lightning-fast, as West Brom fans discovered when the Portuguese forward opened the scoring during the Black Country derby.

Wolves striker Pedro Neto is on this list
Wolves striker Pedro Neto is on this list

According to the Premier League website, Neto reached his fastest speed of the season so far in the match against Luton Town and is currently just behind their speedster Ogbene. That quality is just one of many reasons why clubs may be reaching out in the upcoming transfer window.

5/ Dominik Szoboszlai (36,76 Km/h) – Fastest player in Premier League

Szoboszlai certainly a player that this lad has shown since joining in the summer. There are some qualities you might liken to Liverpool’s top midfielder – incredible shooting, pinpoint passing, and superb dribbling right from the start. But one thing that hasn’t been noticed is how fast Szoboszlai is.

Top 10 fastest player in Premier League
The only Liverpool player on this list is Dominik Szoboszlai

He may not hit the headlines just outside the glory spot, but not many, reaching an astonishing top speed against Wolves in September 2023. The Hungarian player is an energetic force who can operate as a winger and has proven himself to be one of the finest midfielders in the English Championship.

6/ Dara O’Shea (36,73 Km/h) – Fastest player in Premier League

The sole remaining defender on this list, Dara O’Shea, outpaced the likes of Walker and Mudryk when it comes to maximum speed achieved this season, making him a surprise inclusion. But even in a footrace, Burnley’s defender might have to contend with any other player in the league, hitting a top speed of 36.73 km/h in the Clarets’ match against Crystal Palace.

The person who can match Kyle Walker is Dara O'Shea
The person who can match Kyle Walker is Dara O’Shea

The Irish player has had plenty on his plate up to this point in the season, as Burnley firmly entrenched in the relegation battle and facing a massive challenge to stay up this season. O’Shea has had the thankless task of catching numerous attackers bypassing the defensive line in matches, and coach Vincent Kompany may need him to be the fastest and sharpest if Burnley is to survive relegation.

7/ Antonio Rudiger (36,72 Km/h)

Before his move to Real Madrid, Rudiger had already established himself as one of Europe’s top defenders at Chelsea. His speed, height, and aggressive defensive style always instill fear in strikers. Players with good speed are often wingers like wing midfielders, full-backs, or wide forwards.

Top 10 fastest player in Premier League
While playing at Chelsea, Antonio Rudiger was a player whose pace did not fit

That’s why a center-back like Rudiger topping the list of the fastest players in the world is sure to surprise many. However, the truth is Rudiger is currently the fastest player in the world, reaching speeds of up to 36.72 km/h (recorded by specialized speed measuring devices).

8/ Brennan Johnson (36,70 Km/h) – Fastest player in Premier League

Johnson’s top speed this season is 36.7 km/h. In 27 Premier League matches during the 2022-2023 season, the 21-year-old Welsh forward scored seven goals. Before joining Nottingham Forest, he played two seasons in the Championship, one season in League One, and scored 31 goals.

Top 10 fastest player in Premier League
Johnson is a professional Welsh footballer

The Nottingham Forest star has made an impression this season with 8 goals and 3 assists in 38 appearances in the top-flight English league. Johnson’s speed and goal-scoring ability have contributed to the newly promoted Nottingham Forest’s survival in the Premier League in the final rounds.

9/ Anthony Gordon (36,68 Km/h) – Fastest player in Premier League

Some might be surprised to see Newcastle’s winger’s speedster Gordon on this list. After all, Gordon is renowned for turning on the afterburners and leaving opponents in his wake, something Eddie Howe maximized in the 2023/24 season.

Newcastle United's number 10 - Anthony Gordon
Newcastle United’s number 10 – Anthony Gordon

While the former Everton player may have struggled a bit to reach high speeds, his full-blooded efforts helped him achieve a speed of 36.68 km/h against Burnley, where he faced O’Shea as mentioned earlier, a player we know is no slouch himself. Gordon has also improved his dribbling and finishing abilities this season, evident through his seven goals in the league so far.

10/ Amadou Onana (36,65 Km/h)

Onana may not be famous for being lightning-fast, but instead for his excellent control in midfield, the Belgian player reached insane speeds in the Merseyside Derby against Liverpool. However, his speed is just the icing on the cake.

Few players at Everton can match the Amadou Onana
Few players at Everton can match the Amadou Onana

Amadou Onana is one of Everton’s most impressive performers, despite their chaotic state under various managers. Good at ball retention, excellent ball control, someone who can easily maneuver players out of the ball – he’s an extremely versatile player, adept at both defense and attack.


In conclusion, identifying the fastest player in the Premier League is a topic that stirs up continuous debate among fans, pundits, and analysts alike. While speed is undoubtedly a valuable asset on the football pitch, it is just one of many attributes that contribute to a player’s overall performance and impact on the game. Factors such as agility, acceleration, and tactical awareness all play crucial roles in a player’s effectiveness. In addition to sports news, the bookmaker football website also provides many other news about attractive betting promotions and offers. Visit every day so you don’t miss it.

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