Find out if football betting counts injury time?

Betting on football with phone cards not only stops at entertainment but also helps players earn huge profits. So in football betting counts injury time? This is one of the questions that most people interested in football want to know. Each type of betting will have its own rules, so to answer that question, please refer to the article below with win betting tips.

Find out if football betting counts injury time?
Find out if football betting counts injury time?

Does football betting count injury time?

The current form of bookmaker betting is widely popular and is of interest to many people, especially those who have an undying passion for football. This is not only a way for people to entertain, but also the ability to retake huge profits. So, does football betting count injury time?

All bookmakers stipulate that betting time is counted 2 official rounds. That includes compensatory time. However extra time will not be counted.

These are the most basic rules that players will need to understand when participating in football betting. However, for each different type of football betting, there will be different rules on how to calculate injury time. Accordingly, experts said that the house odds list up to 2 cases of injury time as follows:

1. In the case of football betting with injury time/extra time

This is considered a special case. For matches that include both injury time and extra time, reputable bookmakers will usually open an additional betting session. This means that the result will be counted in extra time.

Football betting that takes into account the results of injury time will be applied in the following cases:

  • How to bet on the process of determining the outcome of the match: The player will bet on the team he thinks will win the match. Currently, bookmaker site usually offer 2 types of extra time results: away team/extra time and home/extra time.
  • Extra time bet or number of goals: Bet on extra time with a goal or not, how many goals are scored in extra time. However, players will need to be aware that the bet result will not be counted in case of cancellation before the end of the match in extra time. However, this is very rare.
  • Betting with or without extra time: With this type of bet, the player will predict whether the match has or does not have extra time to find the winning team.
In the case of football betting with injury time/extra time
In the case of football betting with injury time/extra time

2. In case football betting does not count injury time minutes

If there are no sudden changes, football betting only counts for the 90-minute playing time of 2 teams, extra time does not count. Some cases do not count extra time such as:

  • Bet the player scores the goal. This is an extremely difficult game, but if you analyze the play of the teams on the field, it can be predicted. Of course the stakes and winnings in this case have a huge difference. This means you’ll win a lot more money than you spent before your bet if you win.
  • Bet the team scores first. This is the type of bet where you have a 50% chance of winning. Although not attractive in terms of winnings, it can also help you get a large amount of money for yourself.

There are also some ways to calculate football betting with injury time for many players as follows:

  • Bet tip 1*2 is in the match
  • Bet the player who scored the first goal
  • Parity match odds betting
  • 1st half bets or even or odd full game
  • Bet total minutes of goals
  • Betting on the scorer
  • Betting on the player who scored the most goals in the match
  • Bet the highest-scoring team of the tournament has a same-day schedule.

Football betting rules that the bookmaker gives you need to know

– Live football betting rules allow players to bet for the entire duration of the match, up to the 90 minutes of the match and possibly even during injury time. However, each football betting site has different rules in this calculation, so you need to research carefully before placing an order.

– All scores of the war are constantly updated and displayed on online betting sites and are considered the score at the time of betting, that time. The updated red card situations on the page are only for reference, the analysis gives you a choice of bet.

– 90 minutes of play and plus injury time is the time the bookmakers calculate the results of football betting matches. The results of the match in extra time will not be recognized by the bookmaker for inclusion in the football match except in a few special cases.

Football betting rules that the bookmaker gives you need to know
Football betting rules that the bookmaker gives you need to know

– The bookmaker will give information and comments about the game such as the playing situation of the two teams in the near term, the place and time of the match.

– The special thing that football bettors need to pay attention to when placing live bets that are in a waiting state. Bets are only accepted when all ball routes in the battle are in a safe zone and will be canceled and rejected when a goal is scored.

For example, if a football match is postponed, or cancelled or suspended and not played again within 12 hours starting from the start time of the match above the allotted time, the match will be void. The payment to the majority of bettors in the war is postponed or canceled at the discretion of the bookmaker.


Above is the information that we want to share to help you answer whether football betting is compensated. In addition, to participate in betting effectively, avoiding the case of money loss, players should carefully learn the rules of the game. At the same time, stop forgetting to refer to a lot of football betting tips to easily make judgments about the football rate of the match and win many victories from the bookmaker. Wish you have the best relaxing moments and bring back huge profits along with football betting.

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