Top 5 Football Betting Tips Telegram Channel You Should Join

19/01/2024 Betting News

Sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and Telegram has quickly become a platform for sports bettors. However, Telegram is not just a messaging service; it has developed into a community for live chatting where everyone shares their thoughts, experiences, and advice on betting. If you are looking for a group chat to receive real-time notifications about sports betting tips and selections, Top 5 Telegram betting tips in the following article by wintips will help you with that. Let’s follow along!

Top 5 Football Betting Telegram Group Tips You Should Join
Top 5 Football Betting Telegram Group Tips You Should Join

What are Telegram betting tips?

Telegram is a messaging app that provides users with security and speed. It is a useful app for sports bettors in providing football tips for upcoming matches. Telegram clarifies the sometimes-confusing world of football and its related odds, allowing bettors to understand what they are betting on.

With football tips telegram, you can also participate in sports betting more easily. And if you want to learn more about football betting tips Telegram channel and how to use them, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will provide all the necessary details and highlight our most recommended Telegram channels to provide the best football betting tips.

Before using Telegram for your sports betting activities, you need to ensure that you choose the right channel. Indeed, you may just need to select one of our recommended channels to make everything easier. But the important thing is that you also need to do your research.

So, what should you look for when choosing a suitable Telegram channel for football tips? Well, there are some factors that you should pay attention to in these channels before clicking on the subscribe button. Check out the different features that we have listed on our recommended Telegram channels and apply them to your needs.

Why Join A Telegram Tips Channel?

There are various reasons why you might decide to join a telegram soccer tips channel. This primarily centres on the interest to get the best free betting tips and odds. Are you still not sure whether or not to join one of the best telegram groups or channels? Here are some of the main reasons why you need to join a telegram tips channel.

  • Excellent Betting Tips: If you want to win money from betting, then you should join the best telegram channel or group. Many channels are created by betting professionals and analysers who provide excellent predictions. You should join the vip betting tips telegram channel section to enjoy competitive odds.
  • Instant Telegram Notifications: With instant telegram notifications, you’ll never miss out on top betting tips. As soon as the channel admin sends a betting tip, you will receive an alert on your phone immediately. To make sure that you don’t confuse the notifications with something else like a text message or email, you can set up a custom sound.

How to choose the best tips Telegram Channel for you

Since you already know some of the benefits that the best football betting tips telegram channel offer, it is now a perfect time to choose the best provider. There are many providers active in this sector.

How to choose the best tips Telegram Channel for you
How to choose the best tips Telegram Channel for you

If you are not able to choose the best provider from the thousands available in the space, no need to worry since the list above has got you covered. Also, there are various things that you can consider when choosing the best betting tips channel providers, which include:

  • Customer support.
  • Training and educational resources available.
  • Monthly reports.
  • The accuracy of the betting tips and odds.
  • Monthly fees.
  • Free trials.
  • Reputation and reviews.

Before you can choose and join any telegram channel, you should be sure that these features blend smoothly with your needs and requirements. When you consider all of them, you will be 100% sure to join the best telegram tipsters channel on earth.

Top Best Telegram Tipsters Groups To Join In More Detail

If you’re tired of losing and want to recover some of your losses, or you are entirely new to online betting, and you want to earn some cash from gambling, then joining the best betting tips telegram channels is a perfect option for you. Here are the best channels for you to join:

1. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel
SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

Telegram betting tips and services were really shaken up by the arrival of SafeBettingSites into the marketplace in 2021. After all, we are talking about the UK’s number one information website here. SBS, as it is known for short, provides three daily betting tips in its Telegram channel for free. They only use industry experts with a proven track record of finding winners and value bets on all the major sporting events going on at the time.

Besides their claim as the best tipster Telegram has to offer and those free betting tips every day, you can get even more from the premium subscription service. If you become a VIP in the SBS Telegram Channel, then you have access to as many as five soccer tips vip each and every day. As this particular platform grows in size and stature, it should be well worth your while getting involved and joining in.

2. TipMan Tips – Soccer tips telegram prestige

TipMan Tips - Soccer tips telegram prestige
TipMan Tips – Soccer tips telegram prestige

TipMan Tips boast a very impressive 7 year profitable history. They are the UK’s largest subscription based tipping service and betting community, with over 2000 members. TipMan provide daily tips on Racing and Football and every tip is posted with an advised stake. Every tip given is tracked live on their site with transparent profit/loss statistics. Members also get access to their InPlay Bot and Football Statistics software included in their subscription.

3. Betwizards Maxbet

Betwizards Maxbet
Betwizards Maxbet

Boasting close to 90,000 subscribers today, Betwizards Maxbet is one of the best free vip betting tips telegram right now. It focuses on the beautiful game only, and the significance of that is it’s simply the most popular betting sport in Britain. When it comes just to football, this may be the best tipster Telegram has at the moment. It’s not too difficult to see why that is the case either.

The promise of satisfaction, particularly for those who subscribe as VIPs, isn’t just a marketing slogan or empty boast either. Betwizards Maxbet sources great betting opportunities on football from across the globe. For that reason alone, it is one of the top betting tips Telegram groups in the region. All those subscribers can’t be wrong and, with almost half a million people taking advantage of their proffered punts, Betwizards Maxbet comes through for you.

4. 22Bet Telegram Group

22Bet Telegram Group
22Bet Telegram Group

They say small wins building up over time when you’re betting is smart strategy, and that is precisely the attitude that the tipsters behind the 22Bet Telegram group take. Here, the focus is on making as many winning Telegram prediction tips as possible even if the wagers came off at short prices. 22Bet draws theirs from different sporting events all over Planet Earth. Their gradual approach could pay off in the long-term, making it ideal for members who bet on a tight budget.

Unlike other betting tips in telegram groups that may be pushing the prices on one specific or related bookmaker, 22Bet offers its members a choice of where to put their money down. You can sign up to or wager with 22Bet itself, or place the punt on another of the many sports betting sites in that you may use. They may even push deals and offers from other bookies.

5. Betway Sports Telegram Group

Betway Sports Telegram Group
Betway Sports Telegram Group

The first thing that strikes you about the Betway Sports Telegram group is their sport and horse racing tipsters use the full range of betting odds available through the Betway sportsbook. By this, we mean that they offer you betting tips on everything from mainstream sports to political specials, reality TV and celebrity markets and even awards season when Films and programmes are up for gongs. Such a mix of established betting sports and more niche wagers is a breath of fresh air.

It sets Betway Sports apart from other betting tips betting tips group on telegram as their approach is different. Making use of the full spectrum of odds available makes sense, and that could be to your benefit even more if you subscribe as a VIP. That channel has the best value wagers included in it with full comms and chat available with the admins. The Betway Sports Telegram group might just surprise you with its unusual winners.


So through this article, we have helped you learn about the top 5 best telegram betting tips in 2024. We hope that with this information, you will have a more convenient time participating in betting every day and bringing more victories for yourself. In addition, at our website Wintips, there is a lot of useful information about online betting that you should refer to in order to become a pro. We wish everyone good luck!

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