Top 10 best football players with number 25 today

17/05/2024 Betting News

Currently, there are big names in football who wear big numbers on the back of their shirts. A deep look will show that the number 25 is very popular among defensive midfielders and defenders. However, some attacking footballers also wear the number 25 shirt for their clubs. For a closer look at the standout players of this type, here are the top 10 football players with number 25 in football in 2024. Let’s find out with Wintips!

Top 10 football players with number 25

1. Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich)

Although we often talk about defenders dominating this list, we start with an attacking player who is perhaps outstanding on the list. Thomas Müller is a German footballer who can play as an attacking midfielder and plays for Bayern Munich as well as the German national team. A World Cup winner in 2014, Müller has worn the number 25 jersey since his debut for the Bavarian club in the 2008/2009 season. With his diverse and versatile playing ability, he not only contributes to the attack but also supports defense when needed. Müller’s achievements extend beyond club level, shining on the international stage, elevating his name to new heights.

Thomas Muller - Football players with number 25
Thomas Muller – Football players with number 25

The German player, renowned as one of the premier playmakers in football today, also stands out as one of the leading athletes donning the number 25 jersey. Müller’s exceptional situational awareness, strategic movement, and impeccable technique have rendered him indispensable to Bayern Munich. More than just an attacking midfielder, Müller consistently delivers goals, assists, and pivotal moments, contributing significantly to his team’s collection of vital titles. Consequently, Müller remains a symbol of unwavering resilience and exceptional talent in the global football landscape.

2. Mohmed Elneny (Arsenal)

The 30-year-old midfielder, a key player for Arsenal and the Egyptian national team, operates in a crucial defensive midfield position. He has secured victories in both the FA Cup and Community Shield while representing the Gunners. Throughout his tenure at Arsenal, he has demonstrated unwavering stability and a tenacious spirit, notably bolstering the team’s defensive capabilities. His adeptness at controlling the midfield and thwarting opposing attacks has solidified his status as a vital component in Mikel Arteta’s squad.

Mohmed Elneny - Football players with number 25
Mohmed Elneny – Football players with number 25

Additionally, he has reached the AFCON final twice in 2017 and 2022 with the Egyptian national team. Despite Egypt not winning either final, his excellence on the field has helped the team progress far in the tournament. He wore number 35 in his early seasons at the club and temporarily wore number 4 once. However, since returning to the club after a loan spell with Besiktas in 2020, he has worn number 25. This marks a new phase in his career at Arsenal, where he continues to contribute and maintain consistent form, becoming one of the team’s key players.

3. Jadon Sancho (Manchester United)

Manchester United’s midfielder Jadon Sancho joined Old Trafford from Borussia Dortmund in 2021. Sancho is known for his speed, technique, and ability to create opportunities, making him one of the most sought-after young players in Europe. Before joining Manchester United, he had an impressive spell at Dortmund, wearing number 7 and scoring many important goals. Upon moving to Man United, he was given the number 25 shirt, a symbolic number in his new journey in the Premier League.

Jadon Sancho - Football players with number 25
Jadon Sancho – Football players with number 25

Prior to his fame at Borussia Dortmund, Sancho was part of Manchester City’s youth development system. He won the U17 World Cup in 2017 with England, affirming his talent and potential from a young age. His experiences and successes at youth levels helped Sancho quickly integrate and shine in major tournaments, from the Bundesliga to the Premier League.

4. Japhet Tanganga (Tottenham)

Tanganga is an English defender playing for Tottenham. He emerged from the club’s academy and made his first-team debut in 2019. Since his debut, he has played 23 matches for the London club. Tanganga is known for his solid defensive abilities and versatility in playing various positions in defense, from center-back to full-back.

Japhet Tanganga - Number 25 soccer players
Japhet Tanganga – Number 25 soccer players

The 23-year-old still has a long way to go to secure a regular starting spot. Despite his immense potential and impressive performances, Tanganga needs to work even harder to earn consistent playing time in a competitive lineup like Tottenham’s. Currently, he wears the number 25 shirt but also hopes to change his number to assert his position and role in the team. Changing shirt numbers could symbolize a new step in Tanganga’s career as he strives to achieve bigger goals in the future.

5. Manuel Akanji (Manchester City)

Manuel Akanji, aged 27, moved from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City in the summer, becoming one of Pep Guardiola’s significant signings in this transfer window. Known for his solid defensive abilities and good ball-playing skills, Akanji has quickly adapted to the new environment at the Etihad.

He was assigned the number 25 jersey in his first season, although this may change in the coming years depending on his importance and role within the team. With Akanji’s arrival, Manchester City’s defensive line has been significantly strengthened, and he is expected to make important contributions to the team’s campaigns in the future.

Manuel Akanji - Soccer players with number 25
Manuel Akanji – Soccer players with number 25

Currently, Akanji is participating in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar with the Swiss national team. His involvement in the planet’s biggest tournament is a testament to his talent and influence not only at the club level but also on the international stage. The experience and performances at the World Cup will undoubtedly enhance Akanji’s value and skills when he returns to play for Manchester City.

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6. Niklas Sule (Borussia Dortmund)

As Manuel Akanji moved from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City, Niklas Süle also transferred from Bayern Munich to Dortmund. Coincidentally, he was also assigned the number 25 shirt at Dortmund. Niklas Süle, a central defender for the German national team, has had five successful seasons at Bayern Munich, where he won numerous important titles and established his reputation.

Niklas Sule - Soccer players with number 25
Niklas Sule – Soccer players with number 25

Süle has played in the German Bundesliga for over a decade and has solidified his position as one of the league’s outstanding defenders. His wealth of experience and assured defensive abilities have made Süle a valuable addition to Dortmund’s defense. At Dortmund, he continues to display impressive form, providing stability and reliability to the team’s defensive line.

With this transfer, both Dortmund and Manchester City are counting on outstanding performances from their new players in their journey to achieve major goals in the current and future seasons.

7. Nuno Mendes (PSG)

Nuno Alexandre Tavares Mendes is another number 25, but this time in France for PSG. Mendes, a 20-year-old Portuguese left-back, joined PSG on loan from Sporting CP last season, and after several impressive outings, the Parisian club decided to sign him permanently. The long-term contract with Nuno Mendes demonstrates PSG’s trust in his talent and potential for development in the future.

Nuno Mendes is a diligent, versatile left-back with excellent attacking capabilities. He stands out for his quick pace, exquisite technique, and good game reading ability. The combination of speed, skill, and assured defensive capabilities has quickly established Mendes in PSG’s lineup. Not only strong in defensive situations, Mendes actively participates in attacks, creating numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Nuno Mendes - Famous soccer players with number 25
Nuno Mendes – Famous soccer players with number 25

He is highly regarded not only at the club but also in the Portuguese national team. Mendes has shown promise and remarkable development from a young age, considered one of the best young full-backs in football today. With continuous potential and development, he promises to become a major star in the near future, continuing to contribute and achieve success for both PSG and the national team.

8. Jesús Vallejo (Real Madrid)

Jesus Vallejo, a 25-year-old Spanish defender, joined Real Madrid in 2015, but during this time, he has undergone several loan spells at various clubs inside and outside Spain. Vallejo’s career has seen its share of ups and downs as he sought regular playing opportunities and accumulated experience in different competitions.

Last season, he was loaned to Granada, where he had more playing time and continued to develop his defensive skills. Before that, Vallejo had a stint on loan at Wolves in the Premier League, facing the tough challenges of England’s top-flight competition. Additionally, he played in the Bundesliga with Frankfurt, an experience that helped him adapt to different styles of play. Before returning to Real Madrid, he was also loaned to Real Zaragoza, the club where he began his professional career.

Jesús Vallejo - Famous soccer players with number 25
Jesús Vallejo – Famous soccer players with number 25

This season at Real Madrid, Vallejo has only played one match in the UEFA Champions League. This reflects the fierce competition within Los Blancos’ star-studded squad, limiting his playing opportunities. Despite not playing regularly, Vallejo continues to show professionalism and readiness to contribute whenever given the chance. He remains diligent in training, hoping to earn the coaching staff’s trust and secure more playing time in the future.

9. Alessandro Florenzi (AC Milan)

Alessandro Florenzi, though not physically imposing, has made an indelible impact on the history of the Italian national team through his triumph at Euro 2020. Despite his stature, Florenzi’s versatility, dynamism, and technical prowess have rendered him a vital component of Italy’s championship campaign.

This full-back is currently playing for AC Milan and joined the club this season from AS Roma. Before coming to Milan, Florenzi had an impressive career at Roma, where he played over 200 matches and was considered an icon of the club. In the past, Florenzi also had notable loan spells, including playing for PSG. These experiences have enriched Florenzi’s experience and shaped his playing style.

Alessandro Florenzi - Football players with jersey number 25
Alessandro Florenzi – Football players with jersey number 25

With his versatility and strong attacking ability, Florenzi is a formidable full-back. He can contribute to attacks and create dangerous opportunities for teammates while ensuring his defensive role. The combination of talent and experience has helped Florenzi become one of Italy and Europe’s top full-backs. With Milan, he continues to demonstrate stability and make important contributions to the team’s success.

10. Emmanuel Dennis (Nottingham Forest)

Emmanuel Dennis is a Nigerian forward playing for Watford in the Premier League after joining the club from Club Brugge in the summer. Watford regained promotion to the Premier League from the Championship, marking a significant milestone in Dennis’s career. Before moving to Watford, Dennis had an impressive season at Club Brugge, scoring numerous goals and being highly regarded for his talent and potential. However, upon returning to the Premier League with Watford, Dennis’s form has not been as expected, and he has not replicated his impressive performances from his time at Club Brugge.

Emmanuel Dennis - Football players with jersey number 25
Emmanuel Dennis – Football players with jersey number 25

Like many players, adapting to the challenges and competition in the Premier League can be a test for Dennis. However, with talent and determination, Dennis can strive to improve his form and contribute to Watford in the upcoming season. A player’s adaptation and development depend not only on skills but also on personal determination and focus. With support from teammates and the coaching staff, Dennis can overcome challenges and return to his best form in the near future.


Football players with number 25 in football often bring diversity and specialty on the pitch. From promising young talents to those with remarkable experience and achievements in their careers, this shirt number becomes a symbol of the uniqueness and individualization of each player. Each wearer of the number 25 jersey has their own way of contributing to the team’s success and leaving their own mark in football history. Thank you for your interest in our article!

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