Fun88 withdrawal guide for new members

22/05/2023 Betting guide Blog

After relaxing moments of betting entertainment at Fun88, what players are most interested in is the process of withdrawing money to the bank account. Below will guide the latest Fun88 withdrawal and outline the withdrawal conditions to help players withdraw money from the Fun88 account to their bank in the fastest way.

The latest detailed Fun88 withdrawal guide today
The latest detailed Fun88 withdrawal guide today

Detailed instructions on how to withdraw money at Fun88 bookmaker

How to withdraw Fun88 by bank transfer

Currently, Fun88 withdrawal methods only supports players to withdraw money to bank accounts. Please follow the steps below to proceed with the withdrawal.

Step 1: Log in to your Fun88 account with the latest link

Step 2: Make a transfer of Fun88 funds

Upon winning, this amount will be transferred to the game account wallet in which you participate. At this time, it is necessary to transfer money from the game account wallet to the main account wallet to withdraw money. The way to do it is also very simple:

On the Fun88 bookmaker interface, select Transfer as shown below.

Transfer funds to the main account
Transfer funds to the main account

Here please fill in the information to start transferring money to the main account at FUN88 bookmaker.

  • From your account: Select the account of the game you just won.
  • Go to your account: Select Primary account to transfer funds here.
  • Transfer amount: Enter the amount you want to transfer.

Finally press “Transfer” for the transaction process to be processed.

Step 3: Create a Fun88 withdrawal order

After successfully transferring funds to Fun88 main account. You continue to perform the operation as shown below.

Proceed to the Withdrawal section
Proceed to the Withdrawal section
Choose a Withdrawal Form
Choose a Withdrawal Form
Fill in the required information
Fill in the required information

Fun88 interface will appear a withdrawal form and ask players to enter the following information.

  • Withdrawal: Fill in the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Bank name: Select the bank you want to withdraw.
  • Bank account holder’s name: Ask for the bank account holder’s name to match the account registration name at Fun88.
  • Bank account number: Enter your correct bank account information.
  • Province/City/Branch: Fill in the exact address where your bank account was opened.
Information needs to be 100% accurate
Information needs to be 100% accurate

After entering, please click Transfer to complete the withdrawal request from Fun88 bookmaker to the bank. Withdrawal orders will be received and processed by Fun88 bookmaker in 2 hours.

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Notes when withdrawing money at Fun88 bookmakers

  • At Fun88 bookmaker, there are rules when withdrawing bonuses from promotions you participate in, specifically, you can only successfully withdraw bonuses when completing the required round revenue of Fun88 bookmakers.
  • Members have the right to make withdrawals of up to 10 orders per day for Regular Class. VIP members will be able to withdraw money 20 times a day.
  • If the withdrawal order at FUN88 is not completed, please contact the Live Chat department for the earliest support.
  • The process of processing withdrawal orders at Fun88 bookmakers will be carried out from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Players who create a money Withdrawal from Fun88 order but have not received the money within 24 hours must quickly contact Fun88’s customer care department to submit a support request.
  • All members need to comply with the withdrawal terms and conditions given by Fun88 bookmaker. Thus, your withdrawal process will take place in the fastest way.

Frequently asked questions when withdrawing Fun88 money

1. How long does it take to successfully withdraw Fun88 money to the bank?

The processing time of the player’s withdrawal request will be carried out by Fun88 in the fastest time possible. The withdrawal amount will be transferred in about 2 hours for banks supported by Fun88 bookmaker. Unsupported banks will take a lot of time, possibly up to 24 hours.

Fun88 bookmaker has fast transaction processing speed
Fun88 bookmaker has fast transaction processing speed

2. Can I withdraw Fun88 money to someone else’s bank account?

Absolutely not! To ensure the safety of withdrawals, Fun88 bookmakers do not allow any 3rd player to make withdrawals of player accounts.

3. How many times a day can Fun88 be withdrawn?

Fun88 bookmaker will limit the number of withdrawals per day. Members can usually withdraw up to 10 times, VIP up to 20 times. The withdrawal approval system is carried out automatically, all player withdrawals will be processed by Fun88 bookmaker as quickly as possible.

4. When should Fun88 be withdrawn?

Players can create withdrawals at any time. However, we advise you to withdraw money during office hours to make the process faster.


Above is the most detailed Fun88 withdrawal guide that players need to know when participating in betting at Fun88 bookmakers. Hopefully, players can understand how to transact at Fun88 to make withdrawals to the bank easier. Good luck!

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