Top 30 funny football quotes from players ever

21/02/2024 Betting News

Football is not only a sport, but it also carries with it the power to change people’s lives. From creating new eras for remarkable cities, to uniting and forging lasting loves, football is an inspiration to explore and push boundaries. Wintips has shared with you many beautiful quotes about football from players, coaches or legends in previous articles. Today’s content will therefore be more about fun. Let’s take a look at the Top 30 funny football quotes from players ever collected right here.

The funny football quotes from players ever
The funny football quotes from players ever

Funny football quotes helps you relieve stress

“Football is a game, but don’t forget to bring a helmet.”

“Football – where you can ‘kick’ with pleasure without having to ‘kick’ on someone.”

“Kick the ball into the net, kick the worries out of your head.”

“Football is not just a game, it’s an uncharacteristic physics theory.”

“Run as fast as Messi, almost got into a hole.”

“Football is like life – you just have to stay away from the offenders.”

“There are days when football makes you want to throw the TV out the window, but then you remember the TV is too expensive to do so.”

“Football is a rhythm of hearts and feet, but sometimes it’s also hard jumps.”

“Take football as a joke – you only win when you keep smiling in every situation.”

“Life can be a match, but football is how we overcome and achieve victory.”

Football and the most interesting statuses to upload Instagram

“A good football player is someone who trains to exhaustion even when no one is watching.”

“Life is like football, we need goals.”

The funny football quotes from players ever
The joy in football is hard to describe

“Great thoughts think alike, but great footballers never play the same game.”

“To play football, you need skills, but to have skills, you need to play football.”

“Football is 5% talent and 95% practice.”

“The greatest feeling in the world is when you’re on that football field and you know your team is going to succeed. Because you look around and see your 10 best friends playing alongside you.”

“The only losers in football are those who give up.”

“What does football mean? – Never give up!”

“In football, sometimes you have to raise your hand, admit that your opponent is better than you.”

“The most important thing before every match is to remind the players of the common goal, to believe in themselves, and to trust their teammates.”

The funny quotes about football and love

“Love football, laugh to ‘tears’ – from the goal.”

“Football and love – it takes patience and courage.”

“Love football crazy – crazy like VAR!”

“The love of football is like a flashlight – bright but only lasts for 90 minutes.”

The funny football quotes from players ever
The love of football is not inferior to the love of couples

“Not playing football, scared… ‘Heartbreak’!”

“In my heart, football is not just a game, but an endless source of inspiration.”

“Dramatic moments on the pitch melt my heart.”

“On the pitch, there are no boundaries, only love and dedication.”

“The feeling of a goal is like a great gift that football has to our hearts.”

“When the ball rolls on the pitch, it feels like the world is revolving around it.”


Football doesn’t know age or disparity. Young people, old people, men or women, anyone can participate and contribute to this game. It leads us to believe that all limits are surmountable and that every dream is possible. Hope the above funny football quotes will help you have more fun and love football more. Don’t forget to visit Wintips to receive “bookmaker in betting” promotions every day.

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