How much prize money does the World Cup winning team receive?

24/05/2023 Sports news

“While most teams only aspire to lift the World Cup trophy, success on the global stage also comes with a handsome financial reward. As a global event like some other events, the World Cup generates huge revenue for FIFA and this has been increasingly passed on to the parties involved in recent years. So how much is the prize money for the World Cup champion? To answer this question how much prize money does the World Cup winning team receive, please refer to the following article.

How much is the prize money for the World Cup champion?

According to the announcement by the International Football Federation (FIFA), the prize money for the top-ranked teams in the World Cup is $440 million. Therefore, teams in the top 4 will definitely receive a huge amount of money. Specifically, this amount is divided among teams based on their performance. In which, the champion will “pocket” $42 million. The runner-up will receive $30 million, 3rd place: $27 million, and 4th place: $25 million. Thus, the amount that FIFA pays as a reward for the top 4 teams in the first tournament is $124 million.

How much prize money does the World Cup winning team get?
How much prize money does the World Cup winning team get?

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Next, teams that are eliminated in the quarterfinals will also receive $17 million. The team eliminated in the round of 16 will receive $13 million. In particular, teams that only participate in the group stage will receive $9 million each. In addition, all 32 teams will receive $1.5 million from FIFA before the tournament starts to support their preparation for the World Cup 2022. If compared to the 2018 World Cup, the higher prize money is not surprising as this has been a trend for a long time. At the 2018 World Cup, the champion received less than this year at $4 million.

However, calculating the total prize money, FIFA has to pay more than 40 million euros at the 2022 World Cup compared to 4 years ago. Specifically, the total prize money for the 2018 World Cup was $400 million. If compared to 2014, then the total amount in the 2022 World Cup is even higher at $82 million. The special thing is that with $9 million received, the teams playing in the group stage of this World Cup are rewarded even higher than the… 2002 World Cup champion team. The champion team at that time, the Brazilian national team, only received $8 million.

Since the 2006 World Cup, prize money has started to skyrocket. As mentioned, Brazil received $8 million in 2002. Four years later, the Italian team received more money, up to $12 million, or $20 million in total. The increase in World Cup prize money during this period came from pressure from the teams, forcing FIFA to make adjustments.

So the 2022 World Cup has set a new record for the highest prize money, and it is expected that this figure will continue to increase in the future, along with the increasing importance of this global event.”

Argentina is the winner of the 2022 World Cup
Argentina is the winner of the 2022 World Cup

As usual, the best and most experienced referees from football associations will officiate the matches at the World Cup in Qatar. This is a great honor, but also a heavy responsibility placed on the shoulders of each “king of black clothes.”

Since the 2018 World Cup, FIFA has determined that each head referee will receive a salary of $70,000 to officiate matches. The assistant referees receive $25,000. This amount is three times higher than referees working in the UEFA Champions League. In addition, for each match, referees will receive the following amounts:

How much do referees get paid?
How much do referees get paid?

Head Referee

The head referee will be paid $3,000 per group stage match. For knockout or final matches, the amount they receive will increase to $10,000. In most cases, one referee officiates an average of two matches, and FIFA will add the match fee to the contract salary.

Assistant Referees

Two assistant referees will receive $2,500 for each group stage match and $5,000 for each knockout or final match.

Fourth Official

The fourth official has the same fee as the assistant referees, $2,500/$5,000 per match, and the total amount they can expect to receive after the tournament (up to the last match) is $150,000.

In addition, VAR referees also receive $3,000 per group stage match and $5,000 per knockout or final match.


So, through the article above, we have helped you know how much prize money does the World Cup winning team receive. It can be seen that the prize money that the World Cup champion team receives is extremely large, but it is well-deserved for their success and efforts. To learn more interesting information about sports, you can refer to this website. Wish you have moments of ecstasy with football!

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