How to calculate money in football betting quickly?

Do you know how to calculate money in football betting so that you can know how you profit and lose? If not, our experts will guide you all. Below, bet win tips will be the formula for calculate money in football betting in both winning and losing cases.

How to calculate money in football betting quickly?
How to calculate money in football betting quickly?

Why should you know how to charge football betting?

You should know to be able to check the reliability of the bookmaker to avoid scammers. Sometimes try to compare the winnings with the odds and the bets to see if they match.

Learning how to calculate money helps you know the risks for each bet and know how you should choose to be safer. In addition, the addition of these formulas will help you be more confident in betting, become professional and lucky.

Instructions on how to calculate money in football betting when winning

To know how much money you win when you win a bet without waiting for the reward system, you should “campaign on your own”.

Although the way to calculate winnings is quite easy, you may not know that they are also divided into many different cases:

Win enough

Winning enough means that you win completely and can get enough money under the original agreement with the bookmaker.

However, the calculation also depends on the type of bet you have chosen to play to apply different formulas.

European Wagering (1×2)

For European bets, you have 3 options: win, lose and draw, so you only win the bet when the prediction is correct.

If you guess, you’ll get:

Winnings 1×2 = Odd Europe x accepted bets

European Wagering
European Wagering

Example: In a match between Zibo Cuju FC (N) against Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard, you make a bet of $5 on the winning home team. The result of the match is that Zibo Cuju FC wins by any score: 5 x 1.64 = $8.2 in interest.

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Calculating football resources

This type of bet is also 1 of the popular bets in sports, especially football betting.

The calculation formula will be as follows:

Winnings O/U = Odd money x money wagered

For example: In the match between Juventus and Lazio, the bookmaker gives a total goal of 1. If you make a $5 bet on Over it means that the total number of goals at the end of the match is greater than 1.

If the final result of the match has 2 goals, you will receive a bonus amount of: 5 x 1.81 = $ 9.05 in interest.

Asian Wagering Calculator

For this type of bet, the calculation of winnings is as follows:

Winnings = Odd Asia x Money Wagered

For example, in a match between FC Bulleen Lions handicap Werribee City SC 1 left and you make a $5 bet on the upper door team.

If FC Bulleen Lions wins by 2 goals or more, you will receive a bonus of 5 x 2.14 = $10.07 in interest.

Calculate football win 1 half

According to the rules of football betting winning 1 half of the money means that you have predicted close to the result and only 1 little short, you “eat it all”. It only happens in Asian handicap and Over Under handicap only.

Regardless of the form, the payment method will be as follows:

Won half = (odds x Bet)/2

For example, you choose to play in the match between Hiroshima Sanfrecce vs Urawa Red Diamonds and the number that the world’s prestigious bookmaker has given is 2 1/4.

If the result of the final goal total is 2, you will eat half the money. Let’s say if you make a $5 bet, eat 5 x 2.06 = $10.3 in profit.

Calculate football win 1 half
Calculate football win 1 half

Instructions on how to calculate football betting money when losing

There are many players who think that losing every time you lose all your money but it does not always count as such. Namely:

Lose enough

If you lose enough, the calculation is very simple as follows:

Losses = Money wagered

The entire amount that you bet will be “a go no return”.

This calculation is often applied in 1×2, 1 some types of Asian handicap, Over Under.

Lost half

Losing half means that you have guessed 1 part of the result correctly but still not enough to receive the reward. This means that the loss = 1/2 of the bet and the dealer will recover 1/2 of this amount.

Example: The player makes a $5 Under order in Gamba Osaka vs Tokushima Vortis and the house figure given is 2.25. If the result has 2 goals, you will lose half of the money of $ 2.5 and the dealer will return the original $ 2.5.


Applying the calculate money in football betting, you completely calculate your own winnings and losses and check if the bookmaker is reputable or not. Please verify with the bets you have made to know the results. Good luck!

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