How to register 188Bet with easy steps?

22/05/2023 Betting guide

188Bet is a bookmaker betting with high betting odds in the world today. With a 100% bonus promotion up to 60 USD for new members when registering 188Bet. In this article, we will guide the fastest and most detailed 188Bet registration.

188Bet bookmaker interface
188Bet bookmaker interface

Should I register a 188Bet account?

Bookmaker 188Bet is a reputable betting site not only in the Vietnamese market but around the world. This is a bookmaker that is always present in the top 5 bookmakers in Asia.

Bookmaker 188Bet is also one of the main sponsors of many football clubs. Despite receiving a large source of income from players, it also invests heavily in world football. Typically, the sponsors of two major clubs in the world are Liverpool and Manchester City. Therefore, it is increasingly receiving the attention and support of more players around the world.

This bookmaker is always transparent in financial transactions and absolutely secures player information. So 188Bet bookmakers should join and play exciting betting games with peace of mind.

What are the conditions for registering a 188Bet account?

  • All players who are 18 years of age or older can participate in 188Bet bets.
  • Have a genuine bank account to connect to. This makes it easy to make deposits/withdrawals.
  • An Email you usually use to receive notifications from the dealer when needed.
  • A computer or phone or tablet connected to the network to get started right away.

The most detailed 188bet registration guide

Step 1: Visit the 188Bet homepage

188Bet will at times be blocked, unable to access successfully. Therefore, you need to access the link to 188Bet provided by to make the bookmaker betting experience the most complete.

Step 2: Register a 188Bet bookmaker account

Select the “SIGN UP” button located at the very top of the homepage.

Click Sign up for account creation
Click Sign up for account creation

Step 3: Fill in the information to register a 188Bet bookmaker account

As long as you answer a few simple questions, you can access the bookmaker 188Bet.

  • Username: This is the account name that you will use to access the 188Bet page, ranging from 5 to 15 characters.
  • Password: Distinguishes both uppercase and lowercase letters. Passwords range from 6 to 15 characters.
  • Email address: Register correctly for 188Bet to contact you with new transaction information or promotions.
  • Currency: select the currency you need to trade at 188Bet.
Fill in the account creation information required from 188Bet
Fill in the account creation information required from 188Bet

Note: It is necessary to register the correct information. To ensure the security and safety of your transactions at 188Bet. Bookmaker 188Bet only accepts deposits, withdrawals of 188bet to bank accounts. Transactions from 3rd parties are not accepted.

Update more player personal information
Update more player personal information

Step 4: Confirm the registration of a 188Bet bookmaker account

After completing the above information, guys. Click on the 188Bet Account Registration button to complete the 188Bet account registration. After successful registration, a message will be displayed as follows.

Confirm successful registration188Bet
Confirm successful registration188Bet

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Login 188bet guide

Step 1: Visit link 188bet login and click Login now

Visit website to log in188Bet
Visit website to log in188Bet

Step 2: When a new window opens, participants need to complete all the necessary information according to the form that the bookmaker has set up and then click Login button to log into 188bet.

Fill in previously registered188Bet
Fill in previously registered188Bet

Note a little that your full name should be easy to remember and the password also needs to be kept very discreet so that after forgetting your username or password, it takes time to find it again.

Step 3: After the registration system is successful, you can return to the homepage and click on login and enter the information you just finished registering to complete. It’s simple, isn’t it.

Promotions for newbies

Currently, bookmaker 188Bet is offering its first 100% deposit promotion for new members. After successfully registering an account at the bookmaker 188bet. You only need to make your first deposit to participate in the 100% first deposit bonus up to 60

For example, along with a 60 USD deposit, you’ll get a 100% x 60 = 60 USD bonus. And the total amount in your account will be 120 USD.

What notes to remember when creating a 188Bet account?

  • Each member owns only 1 and only one account at 188Bet. If you intentionally register multiple bookmaker accounts will consider and lock the account.
  • When registering an account, participants need to fill in the correct real information to help confirm when necessary.

It is the responsibility of each individual to protect his or her 188bBet account. Avoid exposing account information to others.

Also during the process of creating an account at the 188Bet bookmaker if you encounter any difficulties. Players can contact 188Bet support for immediate answers.


Follow the 188Bet registration instructions above to open a betting account at 188Bet. Then log in to 188Bet and be able to play right away. If you have any questions, please contact us through the Website to receive advice. Have fun at 188Bet.

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