How to register a Dubai Casino bookmaker account?

19/05/2023 Blog Betting guide

Dubai Casino is the most reputable online casino in Vietnam and worldwide. This casino specializes in providing customers with a variety of attractive betting services, from soccer betting to online casinos, with a user-friendly betting interface, absolutely secure system, and attractive promotions for members. Although it is newly established in the Vietnamese betting market, the casino has already gained trust and attracted many players to register. If you are interested in finding out and registering to become a member of this casino, please follow Dubai Casino Registration Guide by win betting tips.

Dubai Casino bookmaker with a completely new interface
Dubai Casino bookmaker with a completely new interface

How to register Dubai Casino

Step 1: Tap Subscriptions

First, please visit the bookmaker’s homepage with the links to Dubai Casino provided. On the homepage, looking in the right corner of the Dubai Casino website homepage, click on Dubai Casino Registration.

Click Subscriptions as shown
Click Subscriptions as shown

At this time, there will be 1 Subscription Conditions notification panel, select the Agree item to continue through step 2.

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Step 2: Fill in the Dubai Casino registration information

In this step, you need to fill in exactly the information that the bookmaker requires such as Name, phone, date of birth,… involves depositing funds into accounts and withdrawing funds at Dubai Casino.

After filling in the information as shown above. In the Withdrawal password section, select any 4 numbers and you must remember to withdraw later, enter this code.

Fill out the information according to the form
Fill out the information according to the form
  • Email: Please fill in your frequently used email address in case you forget your password or your password is stolen by someone.
  • Phone number: Fill in your phone number so that Dubai Casino can contact you.
  • Currency: Choose VND.
  • Full name: Must match the name on your bank account, this is a required information, so you should fill it in accurately to make the money transactions at Dubai Casino more convenient later on.
  • Date of birth: Your birth date and year.
  • Username: The name used to log in to Dubai Casino later, you can use any name.
  • Password: It is the password to log into your Dubai Casino account in the future, note that the password should include capital letters and numbers.

Step 3: Confirm Dubai Casino account registration

Dubai Casino account registration successful
Dubai Casino account registration successful

After you have filled in the information in step 2, select Deposit/Submit as the registration at Dubai Casino bookmaker has been successful. The bookmaker website will display a message about the successful registration.

Notes when registering a Dubai Casino account

  • You are only allowed to register 1 account at Dubai Casino
  • Provide personal information when registering a Dubai Casino account accurately to make withdrawals and deposits more convenient.
  • Your information will be kept strictly confidential by Dubai Casino in accordance with the regulations of the International Gambling Organization First Cagayan so you can rest assured.

Promotions when registering a Dubai account

When registering an account at a Dubai bookmaker, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive promotions such as:

Promotion When joining Fanpage

Conditions to receive the promotion:

  • You must be an official member of Dubai.
  • Click “Like” Fanpage.
  • Share the Dubai Casino bookmaker’s promotion and leave it in “Public” mode.

Get 100% off the first deposit

Promotion content: The maximum bonus amount is worth 13 USD, multiple bets are 15 times.

Online betting at Dubai Casino is fun
Online betting at Dubai Casino is fun


  • The program applies to the first deposit in Dubai, the Member uses one of three forms of transfer and the deposit amount is 9 USD or more.
  • After successfully depositing funds, you must use your registered email to send the registration letter to Dubai Casino bookmaker’s mailbox.

Unlimited weekly reimbursement program

  • Conditions to participate in this extremely attractive promotion:
  • The settlement time for each week is from 11:00 on Monday – 10:59 on the second of the following week.
  • The program applies to all members of Dubai bookmakers.


By following the step-by-step instructions for registering for Dubai Casino, you will have a gambling account to play online card games, online football betting, dice, chicken fighting and more exciting games at Dubai Casino. If you have any questions during the registration process, just contact the online customer service located at the left corner of the screen, and the staff of the casino are very friendly, so you can be assured. Wishing you all a successful registration for Dubai Casino!

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