How to register a HappyLuke account?

22/05/2023 Betting guide Blog

If you are planning to join HappyLuke bookmaker, but you still do not know how to register an account at HappyLuke? In this article, we will guide you to register HappyLuke, with just a few simple steps below, you already have 1 HappyLuke account to participate in betting.

HappyLuke - Asia's leading bookmaker
HappyLuke – Asia’s leading bookmaker

The most detailed HappyLuke signup guide

Step 1: Sign up for a HappyLuke account

You access the reputable bookmaker website HappyLuke, in the right corner of the screen there is a yellow REGISTRATION box, click on it.

Click Sign up for account
Click Sign up for account

Step 2: Provide HappyLuke registration information

Next, an information panel will appear, you fill in the information completely and accurately. When participating in online betting at the prestigious HappyLuke casino, the information you fill out on the registration form requires absolute accuracy to make the withdrawal faster.

HappyLuke bookmaker has a very high security system, so please feel free to provide account registration information.

You fill in the information as shown:

  • Email: Please enter your email address if you have forgotten your login password, you can use email to recover your password.
  • Password: Include both alphanumeric letters to keep your account secure.
  • Mobile phone number: Your mobile number to be able to receive HappyLuke promotional information.
Declare personal email address and phone number
Declare personal email address and phone number

After you fill in the above information, click on the box “I agree to the terms and conditions”. And click on Open my account.

Then you fill in the next information.

  • Middle name and first name: Type Vietnamese without accents
  • Address: Enter your address.
  • Currency: Select USD.
  • Date of birth: Your date of birth.
  • Last name: Unmarked Vietnamese.
  • Area code: Your address area code.
Complete registration information
Complete registration information

Done click on the Confirm box.

Step 3: Successful registration of HappyLuke account

Thus, your HappyLuke account registration operation has been successful. You can participate in playing Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sicbo… at the prestigious bookmaker HappyLuke okay.

Update your personal information
Update your personal information

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Simple HappyLuke login guide

Before going to the HappyLuke login tutorial, I will remind you that there are currently some carriers blocking links because betting is not yet legal in Vietnam. So it is very likely that when you access the bookmaker, it will be interrupted.

Currently, there are a number of links impersonating HappyLuke that give links to the dealer to deceive players in such a form, you should be very careful. If you want to access HappyLuke safely, you should go with our link

Please quickly register if you still do not have an account at HappyLuke, very fast and simple with the tutorial to register HappyLuke as we instructed in the previous article. Now start logging in to place any bets.

Step 1: Visit web host

Please visit the link above to go to the official homepage of the bookmaker HappyLuke. In the upper right corner there is a Login box.

Click Log in
Click Log in

Step 2: Fill in the information

Please fill in two blank boxes with the information that you have registered as a member:

  • Account name.
  • Password.
Fill in the registered account information
Fill in the registered account information

Check back and tap the login box to finish. The interface will be transferred to the member’s management form after 30 seconds of login. If you want to start betting, make a deposit to your account.

Notes when signing up for HappyLuke

You need to pay attention to 1 number of requirements after registering a HappyLuke account!

  • The full name you provide must match the name on your ID card. This has the aim of being able to easily solve problems that may arise later.
  • Phone number: Must be the phone number you’re using. The bookmaker will send messages about attractive offers and promotions to you. If you do not receive the message, you may miss a lot of attractive promotions at the bookmaker.
  • The default amount will be USD. But when making withdrawals or deposits, you must use VND.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before participating in the promotion at the bookmaker.
HappyLuke is famous for its casino games
HappyLuke is famous for its casino games

HappyLuke Promotions

  • Bookmaker HappyLuke is a bookmaker who knows how to “spoil” players when constantly offering attractive promotions for newbies as well as long-time players here:
  • Get 5 USD of free bets for new players when successfully registering an account.
  • 200% bonus up to 195 USD for the first successful deposit to the bookmaker account.
  • Have the opportunity to open 9 MYSTERIOUS GIFT BOXES with a total value of up to 30000 USD, exclusive only at the prestigious bookmaker HappyLuke.
  • Participating players will definitely receive bonuses from HappyLuke bookmakers in a reputable and transparent way. HappyLuke is always ready to give its members bonuses from deposit trading, free spins, free play money.
  • In addition, members also get attractive and valuable bonus packages. Please update regularly the promotion information from the bookmaker so as not to miss any 1 program.


The instructions to register HappyLuke are also very simple and fast, only about 5 minutes, you have an account here to participate in betting. A lot of interesting games are waiting for you to experience. Have fun playing at HappyLuke.

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