How to withdrawal 22BET quickly in 5 minutes?

20/05/2023 Betting guide Blog

Players after winning bets at the prestigious bookmaker 22Bet will receive a lot of bonuses. There is always a need to withdraw money to your bank account. Learn some simple and fast 22Bet withdrawal problem instructions.

22Bet supports extremely secure withdrawals
22Bet supports extremely secure withdrawals

Withdrawal conditions at 22Bet bookmakers

When participating in betting at 22Bet bookmaker, players win and receive attractive rewards. Players who can only withdraw money from the house account must meet the following conditions:

  • The prizes are awarded by the bookmaker with game money.
  • Ensure that the personal information entered into the system is accurate.
  • Only use 1 bank card for transactions, to facilitate fast deposits and withdrawals. In particular, absolutely do not use other people’s bank accounts to make withdrawals.

You are eligible to withdraw, join us to find out how to withdraw money from 22bet through the next content.

Detailed instructions on how to withdraw money at 22bet safely and quickly

Currently, there is a convenient banking linkage application, players can withdraw money from 22Bet accounts to personal accounts. Withdrawals at 22Bet bookmakers have also become faster and safer.

Step 1: Log in to your 22Bet bookmaker account

At the 22Bet bookmaker’s homepage, click the “Login” button. Next make the requirements for successful login. Enter your registered account name and password, then click “Login”. At this point, if you fill in the above information correctly, the personal interface will be opened.

Step 2: Choose a 22Bet withdrawal methods to your personal account

Click the “Withdraw” button on the toolbar available on the interface. Currently, 22Bet bookmakers support many forms of withdrawal to personal accounts. You can choose from forms such as bank cards, e-wallets, payment systems, bank transfers, Crypto systems.

Select Withdraw
Select Withdraw

The minimum amount you can withdraw at a 22Bt dealer depends on the method you choose. For example, with the visa withdrawal method the minimum withdrawal amount is 1.5 USD. The withdrawal time will be processed by the bookmaker system within 1 to 7 days. If players want to withdraw money quickly, without paying service fees, they can use Skrill or e-wallets supported by the bookmaker.

Step 3: Enter the amount to withdraw

After the player chooses the appropriate form of 22bet withdrawal time. The next thing to do is, enter all the information required by the bookmaker on the screen. You should note: the personal bank account number must be entered correctly. After that, just click “Confirm”, the withdrawal from 22bet to the account will be completed.

22Bet has many forms of Withdrawal. For example, Choose to withdraw using Skrill
22Bet has many forms of Withdrawal. For example, Choose to withdraw using Skrill

For example, if you choose a Bitcoin account, you just need to click on its icon. Then enter the amount, e-wallet address and click the “Confirm” button.

Enter your ID number and the amount you want to withdraw
Enter your ID number and the amount you want to withdraw

When withdrawing money at a 22Bet bookmaker, you need to know the 22bet minimum withdrawal amount and time to receive funds issued by the transaction form.

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Some notes to know when 22bet withdrawal bookmakers

Instructions for withdrawing money at 22Bet are always a matter of interest to many people. If you want to withdraw money quickly and safely at the bookmaker, take note of some points below:

  • Players need to complete, correct, clearly and accurately fill in all their transaction information. In case you yourself fill in missing information, misrepresent bank accounts. If the transfer is mistakenly transferred to another address, the bookmaker will not be responsible in this case.
  • Each withdrawal method stipulates a minimum withdrawal amount, which you need to know to enter the correct amount. If the withdrawal is below the minimum amount, the withdrawal order to the account will not be successfully executed.
Betting options at 22Bet have never disappointed players
Betting options at 22Bet have never disappointed players
  • In case, within 24 hours after making a successful withdrawal order, but the money has not returned to your account, you need to immediately contact the support team. To clearly verify money transfer information and take timely handling measures.
  • You should check the “Regional payment system” section on the homepage. Let the system automatically filter out available withdrawal forms near your area.
  • Bookmaker 22Bet only allows withdrawals with available funds, unrelated to promotions. This means that you need to meet the relevant regulations when participating in the offers, before making withdrawals.
  • On the other hand, when you need to withdraw money with large amounts, you should contact the support team for advice. Which method should be withdrawn, at what time is appropriate. The bookmaker team will 22bet withdrawal guide in detail and provide you with enthusiastic support.
  • You need to pay attention to monitor the status of your payment after you have made a withdrawal. To know the time of money in the account in the “Transaction history” section.


Above are quick and easy instructions for 22bet how to withdraw. Bookmakers just need to follow the above steps and the transaction will be successful. I Hope you choose the right money transfer method, so that the money can return to your pocket faster.

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