Ranking the 10 Inter Milan best players of all time

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Inter Milan is considered one of the best professional football clubs in the world. The only club that has participated in every Serie A season and has never had to play in Serie B. Founded in 1908 with over 100 years of history, headquartered in Milan, Italy. Inter has added 39 major domestic and foreign titles to its collection. It is the third richest club in Italy after Juventus and AC Milan. To achieve today’s impressive achievements, it is impossible not to mention the excellent players who contributed to the historic achievement. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Inter Milan best players of all time with Wintips experts through the article below.

Ranking the 10 Inter Milan best players of all time
Ranking the 10 Inter Milan best players of all time

Top best inter milan players of all time

1. Giuseppe Meazza

There is simply no player in Inter Milan’s history greater than Giuseppe Meazza. When the stadium is named after him, it’s hard to argue with that fact. Initially rejected by AC Milan, Meazza quickly became one of the most prolific strikers in Inter’s history, with many of his scoring records still standing today. He is the player who scored the most goals in the club’s history with 288 goals and also holds the record for scoring the most goals in a debut season with 31 goals.

Giuseppe Meazza is the striker who scores the most goals 
Giuseppe Meazza is the striker who scores the most goals

Most of Meazza’s success has come on the international stage – where he has won several World Cups – but he has still led Inter Milan to much domestic success. He was a member of the Inter team that won the Mitropa Cup, Coppa Italia and three Serie A titles throughout the late 1920s and 1930s.

Meazza is a FIFA Hall of Champions Inductee and is undoubtedly the greatest Inter Milan player in history.

2. Defender Giacinto Facchetti

Currently in the top two and there is no denying the presence of Giacinto Facchetti on this list. Facchetti was one of the greatest defenders to ever play football and revolutionized the way defenders attack – scoring 75 goals in 629 appearances for the club as a left-back.

Great defender Giacinto Facchetti
Great defender Giacinto Facchetti

Facchetti has won 4 Scudetti, 2 European titles, 1 Coppa Italia and 2 continental titles. He was only sent off once in his illustrious career (for sarcastically clapping an official) and is also a legend for the Italian national team, culminating in their victory at the European Championships 1968.

Until his death in 2006, Facchetti remained closely associated with Internazionale and will certainly remain one of the club’s greatest servants.

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3. Javier Zanetti

Leading the club through three different decades, current Inter Milan player Javier Zanetti is one of the best inter Milan players of all time. Having played over 800 games for Inter, Zanetti holds the record for most appearances for the club and continues to lead the way every week. He is not a flamboyant or outgoing defender, he simply gets the job done (in whatever capacity possible) and lets his football do the talking, an example that many players Today’s football would be wise to pay attention.

Javier Zanetti - Inter Milan best players of all time
Javier Zanetti – Inter Milan best players of all time

According to expert research, under Zanetti’s guidance, Inter has won an incredible 16 titles, including 5 consecutive Scudetti, 4 Coppa Italia titles, 4 Supercoppa Italiana, UEFA Champions League, Club World Cup and UEFA Cup 1998, where he scored in the final.

There is no doubt that Zanetti is one of the club’s greatest players.

4. Ronaldo

Even though he only spent 6 years at Inter Milan due to a number of injuries, Ronaldo still considers himself one of the greatest players in the history of the Italian powerhouse. Although playing only 99 games may seem like nothing compared to others, he was truly one of the club’s best players.

Ronaldo achieved many personal achievements
Ronaldo achieved many personal achievements

In his first season at San Siro, Ronaldo scored 25 goals, more than any other player did in his first Serie A season. He only won a championship title with Inter (UEFA Cup in 1998) but achieved many personal achievements after that excellent season, such as:

  • UEFA Most Valuable Player (1998).
  • Serie A best player (1998).
  • UEFA Best Striker (1998).
  • UEFA Club Player of the Year (1997-98).
  • Third place in Ballon d’Or (1998).
  • Second place FIFA World Player of the Year (1998).

Ronaldo was also named Serie A Player of the Decade during his time with Inter Milan, won the Ballon d’Or three times and is listed as one of football’s greatest players of all time. world .

5. Sandro Mazzola

Sandro Mazzola was not only one of the best attacking midfielders of the 1960s and 1970s, but also a symbol of efficiency and success in football. As a talented captain, he has made an important contribution to Inter Milan’s impressive achievements, winning four Serie A titles, two European Cup titles and two European Cup Winners’ Cup titles. Europe throughout his playing career.

Sandro Mazzola - Symbol of success in football
Sandro Mazzola – Symbol of success in football

Mazzola not only shines in the club shirt, but is also an important part of the Italian national team. His international career peaked when he and the Italian team finished second at the 1970 World Cup, a great success that many players only dream of. It is not surprising that he was honored by being voted the second best player in Europe in 1971, a testament to his great influence and contribution in the world of football.

Sandro Mazzola’s reach and influence are not only limited to the field but also extend to real life, creating a solid legacy in the hearts of fans and an eternal source of inspiration for future generations. Flexible in movement, sophisticated in playing football and dedicated to passion, Sandro Mazzola is truly one of the living legends of world football.

6. Football legend Mario Corso

Mario Corso, with more than 500 appearances on the San Siro field, is not only an outstanding player but also a symbol of perseverance and his exceptional contribution in the club’s history. With his amazing winger abilities, he conquered the hearts of fans and built his reputation as one of the best wingers ever.

Football legend Mario Corso
Football legend Mario Corso

Corso’s impressive number of appearances at San Siro is not only a demonstration of his professionalism but also a testament to his strong commitment to the club. His ability to cross the ball is not just a technique, but also a constant source of inspiration and expectation from fans. Becoming an important part of Inter Milan, Corso has largely contributed to winning four Serie A championships, two European Cup Winners’ Cup titles and two European Cup Winners’ Cup titles.

As a teammate of Sandro Mazzola, Corso was an indispensable part of Inter Milan’s group of heroes in the 1960s and 1970s. His name and talent not only maintained Inter Milan’s position but were also an important part of the team. important part of Italian and European football history. Mario Corso, with his exceptional contributions and fierce passion, has etched his name into the club’s legend and is a living symbol of Italian football.

7. Lothar Matthaus

Lothar Matthaus, with his incredible appearances at five different World Cups, is not only one of the best Inter Milan players but also a symbol of versatility and class. His career, especially his time with Inter Milan in the early 1990s, was a journey full of success and glory.

Multi-talented player Lothar Matthaus
Multi-talented player Lothar Matthaus

Matthaus has proven his talent not only in the German national team but also at the club level. During his time leading Inter Milan, he brought the team to the top by winning the Scudetto, the Italian Super Cup and the UEFA Cup title. These victories are not only a testament to Matthaus’ excellent leadership abilities but also greatly contribute to strengthening Inter Milan’s position in the football world.

In addition, Matthaus was honored by FIFA with many important awards, including the World Player of the Year award in 1989 and 1991, proving his great influence in international football. Lothar Matthaus’s diversity of skills, professionalism and unwavering passion are an inspiration not only to his fans but also to future generations of players.

8. Giuseppe Bergomi

Giuseppe Bergomi is a legend that cannot be ignored in the list of Inter Milan’s best players of all time. He is not simply a player, but also a living symbol of loyalty and great contribution to the football career. With 758 appearances on the field, Bergomi has built an impressive journey, surpassing most of his teammates (except Javier Zanetti), while affirming his position as one of the important pillars. best of the team.

Giuseppe Bergomi left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans
Giuseppe Bergomi left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans

Bergomi’s continuity at San Siro proves not only his love and passion for the Inter Milan shirt but also his deep affection for this football field. He not only won a domestic championship but also enhanced the team’s title with three UEFA Cups, creating an undeniable feat in the club’s history.

In addition to his impressive career at club level, Bergomi also left his creative mark at the international level, participating in four different World Cups. This not only proves his class but also demonstrates Bergomi’s commitment and important contribution to the success of the Italian national team.

9. Europe’s best player Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is not a famous striker for Liverpool but an excellent player for Inter Milan. He made a great mark and is certainly one of the top players of all time for this team.

Suarez’s move from Barcelona to Inter Milan was not only an expensive transfer but also an unparalleled appreciation for his talent and ability to work. Known as Europe’s Best Player, Suarez not only scored points as a striker but also showed class and talent as a deep-lying midfielder in the 1960s.

Luis Suarez is famous for his scoring skills and creativity
Luis Suarez is famous for his scoring skills and creativity

Suarez has become one of Spain’s best players, achieving unparalleled success at Inter Milan. Three Serie A (Scudetto) championships, consecutive European Cup titles and two Continental Cups were his great contributions to the prosperity and reputation of the team. Suarez’s success is not only in scoring goals but also in his creativity, ball control and excellent teamwork.

With a top career and resounding titles, Luis Suarez is not only an excellent player at Inter Milan but also a symbol of efficiency and class in international football.

10. Top striker in the world Diego Milito

Diego Alberto Milito was born on June 12, 1979, is an Argentine football player of Italian origin, who left a special and unforgettable mark in the history of Inter Milan in the period from 2009 to 2014. He is a football player. important factor, greatly contributing to Inter Milan’s third-place victory in the 2009-2010 season.

Top striker in the world Diego Milito
Top striker in the world Diego Milito

During his years at Inter Milan, Diego Milito was not only an outstanding player but also a symbol of determination and high performance. The peak of his career at Inter Milan was in the 2010 Champions League final, when he scored two important goals, helping Inter win and be crowned champions. His excellence in this match not only affirmed Milito’s position in football but also made him one of the top strikers in the world.

Diego Milito is known not only for his great scoring ability but also for his versatility in play and ability to create important opportunities for his teammates. His contribution made an important contribution to the success of Inter Milan during the golden years of this team. Diego Milito, with great talent and contributions, is not only an excellent player but also a legend of Inter Milan.


Above is a list of inter Milan best players, selected and evaluated by leading experts. The creation of this list is not only a discussion of individual talent but also the identification of players who have contributed greatly to the success and glory of the team. Hopefully this article will give football fans new, profound and complete insights into the legends of Inter Milan. The stories, achievements and memories of these outstanding players are not only the pride of Inter fans but also an indispensable part of world football history. Please continue to follow and enjoy Inter Milan’s journey, where legends are still honored and remembered forever!

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