Lixi88 Registration Guide for Newbies

18/05/2023 Betting guide Blog

Opening an account at Lixi88 is extremely easy with only 3 steps. However, there have been many players who still have many difficulties in registering an account here. Check out the Lixi88 registration guide below from win tips bet, which is extremely simple and easy to follow.

How to register a Lixi88 account
How to register a Lixi88 account

Lixi88 Registration Guide

To proceed with the Lixi88 registration, participants need to follow the 3 steps below. Pay attention and follow the instructions to avoid mistakes.

Step 1. Visit the Lixi88 account registration page

First, please use the link to Lixi88, to be able to access the account registration page at Lixi88 bookmaker. After successfully accessing the account registration page at Lixi88, please enter all information as instructed below.

Go to the homepage to find the Account registration section
Go to the homepage to find the Account registration section

Note: If you cannot access it, please refer to the link to Lixi88 to find out the reason.

Step 2. Fill in the information according to the form

After clicking on the Lixi88 link above, a new web interface will also appear as shown below. Participants should enter full information as our guide below. Please note that you must fill in your personal information correctly for convenience in the process of depositing and withdrawing Lixi88 money later.

Fill in the registration form from Lixi88
Fill in the registration form from Lixi88

Notes when registering an account at Lixi88 bookmaker:

  • You need to use the link to Lixi88 provided by us to register a Lixi88 account.
  • Username: This is the username (nick) to log in to the Lixi88 bookmaker. The username does not need to match the real name.
  • Login password: English reads as password, used to log in to Lixi88 bookmaker.
  • Payment password: As the password used to withdraw funds, this password must not be matched with the login password.
  • Nicknames: Please fill in your home name or whatever name you want.
  • Phone number: You can use the phone number to directly contact security information about the account, look up the account. Therefore, you need to fill it out correctly.
  • Email: Similar to phone numbers, participants need to enter correctly to be supported later and receive promotional information.

Step 3. Click the Sign Up box to complete

First deposit and attractive promotions from the bookmaker
First deposit and attractive promotions from the bookmaker

After entering all the information and exactly as instructed, click on the REGISTER box to create a Lixi88 account.

Promotion when registering Lixi88

Promotions at Lixi88 bookmaker have attracted a lot of attention from a large number of participants in recent years. In order to serve players better and better. Make sure to bring participants the highest benefits in terms of products and services offered by Lixi88 bookmaker.

All the latest offers of Lixi88 bookmaker will be constantly updated to help participants play as quickly as possible. Lixi88 launches super promotions such as:

  • Bonus up to 770 USD when participating in sports betting.
  • Bonus 38 USD when participating in sports betting for the first time.
  • Great bonus with the opportunity to participate in Mega lottery and fast up to 16570 USD.
  • Complete sports bets and VIP lotteries with an unlimited number of days when registering from this link.
  • 40% affiliate commission on condition of registration at this page with the affiliate code 3073250.

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Some frequently asked questions about Lixi88 bookmakers

1. Is there a fee to register an account at Lixi88 bookmaker and what is needed ?

Registering an account at Lixi88 bookmaker not only costs no fees, but also receives an 88k promotion for new accounts. You just need a phone number and email to verify and you’re done.

2. Is Lixi88 withdrawal fast ?

Withdrawing money from Lixi88 bookmaker takes an average of about 10 minutes when you will receive money in your account.

3. If I forget my password, how can I get it back ?

If you unfortunately forget your login password or payment password, you can contact 24/7 support in the right corner of the screen and provide information about your phone number, email, username, nickname to get your password back.

4. Is depositing at Lixi88 fast and safe ?

The average Lixi88 bookmaker deposit processing time is about 2-5 minutes and the money will automatically be credited to the account. Because each deposit is a different transfer content to be able to distinguish accounts from each other, there will be no confusion or no points, as long as you transfer the right account and money transfer content.

Lixi88 lottery has not disappointed anyone
Lixi88 lottery has not disappointed anyone

5. Does Lixi88 keep customer information confidential ?

Lixi88 bookmaker always takes credit as the top and has leading experts in information technology, so the security of customer information is absolute.

6. Can a bank card without internet banking be played at Lixi88 bookmaker ?

If your bank card does not have internet banking, you can still deposit and withdraw money at Lixi88 bookmaker, but depositing money you will have to deposit via bank transaction point or ATM is very inconvenient and takes time, so the time to play is longer than the card with internet banking.

7. If I win 42612 USD Lixi88 will I pay ?

There is no most reputable bookmaker that builds a brand and reputation like Lixi88, so it will not be a trade-off for money. So even if the amount is several times larger, you can still receive it normally.

8. Can you not play Lixi88 in Vietnam ?

If you are not in Vietnam, as long as you have a Vietnamese bank account, you can still play and withdraw money normally at this bookmaker.


In the above article, we have guided the fastest and easiest lixi88 registration. After successfully creating an account, participants only need to deposit Lixi88 to start participating in online lot betting. I wish you all success!

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