MLB Futures Bets - Betting odds and top predictions

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the professional sports organization of baseball and also the oldest of the 4 major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. Major League Baseball has a total of 30 teams from various states of the US and Canada. There are now many online bookmakers that allow players to bet on MLB. Rather, MLB betting brings these units huge revenue. In previous articles on the website, you’ve heard the phrase future bets with the NBA and NFL. So, we will learn about “MLB Futures Bets” below.

MLB futures betting is of interest to many
MLB futures betting is of interest to many

What is MLB Futures Bets?

An MLB futures bets encapsulates a wager linked to an event whose resolution is slated for a later phase within the MLB season, transcending the immediate day-to-day or weekly realm. Prominent MLB futures bets revolve around outcomes such as forecasting a team’s journey to clinching a playoff berth, securing victory within their respective division and/or league, or triumphing in the World Series.

Likewise, prevalent MLB futures bets encompass accurately designating individual players who will garner accolades like the AL or NL Most Valuable Player awards and the Cy Young awards. Triumph materializes for bettors when the chosen team or player attains victory in the event specified for the wager.

Why MLB futures betting?

For substantial returns in MLB betting at new betting site, consider futures bets. While a standard game bet may double your investment, skillful navigation of the futures market can significantly amplify your bankroll. Exploring other contenders can yield even greater rewards. Contemplating the Cleveland Indians as a dark horse in the American League? Backing them now might result in substantial gains if they emerge as such. MLB futures appeal to both novice and seasoned bettors, captivating attention season after season.

Whether you’re backing Jacob deGrom or Tyler Glasnow for the Cy Young Award, or perceiving Mookie Betts as a National League MVP contender, seize the opportunity to place these bets on preferred online sports betting platforms and monitor their progress throughout the year. Win totals offer another enticing route to exploit MLB future odds, projecting Over/Under thresholds for team victories. This empowers you to bet on teams exceeding oddsmaker expectations, like the Toronto Blue Jays in a challenging division but with the potential for numerous wins.

The most popular forms of MLB futures betting

1. MLB World Series Futures

A Transformation in October heralds the climax after an arduous 162-game schedule, rendering the baseball postseason among the most electrifying and open-to-interpretation playoffs in the realm of sports. Notably, since 2011, three wild cards have emerged victorious, underscoring the ample array of options when selecting a potential champion. Whether you’re wholeheartedly endorsing a favorite, anticipating a team’s assertiveness at the trade deadline by wagering on their odds early.

MLB tournaments attract large numbers of followers
MLB tournaments attract large numbers of followers

Below, you’ll find a glimpse of this year’s favored contenders as the season approaches its final months:

  • Braves (+330).
  • Dodgers (+500).
  • Astros (+550).
  • Rays (+850).
  • Rangers (+850).
  • Orioles (+1200).

2. MLB Playoff Future

Post-trade deadline on August 1st, the picture has clarified. The Braves are asserting themselves as MLB frontrunners. An intriguing NL Central battle involves the resilient Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers. The Dodgers are back atop the NL West. The Orioles match the Rays’ prowess in the AL East. In the Central, Minnesota leads but falls short of dominance. The West is a fierce Texas vs. Houston showdown. San Diego and New York (Yankees and Mets) face underwhelming seasons. Wild-card potential includes the Marlins, Giants, and Diamondbacks. Some teams must prove their 162-game prowess.

Here’s a glimpse of the odds for specific teams to clinch their respective divisions:

  • Phillies (+4000).
  • Astros (+110).
  • Giants (+650).
  • Blue Jays (+1100).
  • Guardians (+250).
  • Yankees (+5000).

3. Pennant Winners Futures

The Orioles have caused a stir by ascending to the top of the AL East, displacing the Rays despite their surprising early-season performance. The Rangers and Astros bolstered their pitching with Max Scherzer (Texas) and Justin Verlander (Astros) at the trade deadline, setting the stage for a season-long rivalry. Houston’s deep pitching and history of timely hitting make them strong postseason contenders as defending champions.

In the National League, the Braves and Dodgers maintain their status as frontrunners, and the Reds’ rookies, including Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, and Spencer Steer, have energized the team. The Brewers boast solid pitching for October but face batting challenges. The defending NL champs, the Phillies, have rallied and are vying for a wild-card spot after struggling earlier in the NL East season.

4. Division Winners Futures

In the AL, the Twins narrowly lead the AL Central, the Astros rebounded to closely follow the rising Texas Rangers in the AL West, and the Rays’ historic start fell short against the Orioles leading the AL East. Over in the NL, the Braves lead the NL East ahead of the Phillies and the unexpected Marlins.

MLB futures betting is trending
MLB futures betting is trending

The Reds and Brewers exchange the NL Central’s top spot, providing an exciting division race. Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks, once a surprise, trail the Dodgers and Giants in the West, yet they remain part of the wild-card hunt along with other NL teams.

5. MLB MVP Odds

While Shohei Ohtani has revolutionized this accolade with his unique abilities, the norm remains that the finest hitters in baseball tend to dominate this category annually. While there aren’t many anomalies, you can expect to encounter home runs, RBIs, and offensive contributions from successful teams. In the previous year, the victors included Aaron Judge (62 home runs) and Paul Goldschmidt (115 RBIs), both from division-winning teams.

6. MLB Cy Young Award Futures

While Rookie of the Year and even MVP honors may surprise, the Cy Young award has consistently been claimed by the MLB’s premier starters in recent years (a reliever hasn’t triumphed since Eric Gagne in 2003). The National League witnessed consecutive winners thrice since 2013 (Kershaw in 2013 and 2014, Max Scherzer in 2016 and 2017, Jacob deGrom in 2018 and 2019), while the American League has celebrated victors like Justin Verlander (2022, 2019), Blake Snell (2018), and Shane Bieber (2020) during that period.

7. MLB Rookie of the Year Futures

In contrast to the NFL and NBA, Rookie of the Year honorees in baseball can emerge from various draft positions and have spent just a few years in the minors. In 2022, the winners were Michael Harris II (drafted in the third round of the 2019 draft) and Julio Rodriguez (signed as a 16-year-old international free agent in 2017). It’s a challenge to predict, and the preseason odds mirror this uncertainty: Rodriguez had respectable +600 odds to claim the award at the start of the year, while Harris didn’t even make the list of 25 candidates, with odds stretching as long as +10000.

8. MLB Stat Leader Futures

Among the favored stat leader futures wagered on yearly, the home run leader stands as a favorite. With Aaron Judge setting the AL home run record and strong performances from players like Shohei Ohtani, Pete Alonso, and Yordan Alvarez, this bet provides excitement.

MLB futures odds are quite diverse
MLB futures odds are quite diverse

Other examples offered during the year encompass strikeout leader and batting average champion. Let’s delve into the present 2024 MLB future odds for home run leaders.

9. MLB Regular-Season Win Totals

MLB preseason wagers for total wins are highly favored. As each team starts afresh at 0 – 0, bettors consider injuries, potential trades, and breakout stars, making it an engaging bet that grants involvement in every game (without necessitating 162 separate wagers). While ongoing-season future odds are also offered for some teams, the victory totals for all 30 teams are accessible prior to each season’s commencement.

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How to Read MLB Futures Bets Odds for newbies?

Odds convey a consistent narrative regardless of the format in which they are presented. They encapsulate both the cost of selecting a specific outcome and the potential payout linked to that wager. Let’s explore the three diverse ways in which odds are displayed across various operators utilized by bettors.

  • American Odds: When engaging with U.S. operators, bettors often encounter American odds. Examples include +300, signifying that a $100 bet would yield a $300 profit, or -175, indicating that a bettor must wager $175 to secure a $100 profit.
  • Decimal Odds: Typically found in non-U.S. countries and their corresponding sportsbooks, decimal odds become straightforward once you grasp their interpretation. These odds indicate the returns on a $1 wager. For instance, odds of 2.6 imply that bettors receive $2.60 in total from a $1 wager ($1 wager + $1.60 profit = $2.60). For favorites, 1.4 translates to bettors receiving $1.40 in total from a $1 wager ($1 wager + $0.40 profit = $1.40).
  • Fraction Odds: While fraction odds are commonly associated with events like horse racing, you might encounter them within MLB futures betting odds. They function as follows: Fraction odds of 9 to 5 imply that bettors would need to stake $5 to secure a $9 win. Similarly, shorter odds of 1 to 3 suggest that a $3 wager yields a mere $1 profit, given its high likelihood of occurrence.

Simple MLB Futures Bets Guide

If you’re ready to venture into MLB future odds betting for 2024, the process is straightforward and hassle-free. Operators prioritize a seamless experience, allowing you to dive into betting on MLB futures without any complexities.

Step 1: Download the operator’s app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It’s a complimentary process.

Step 2: Initiate your new account registration within the app or website. Remember to input the operator’s associated promo code during registration; this code cannot be added at a later stage.

Choose reputable bookmakers to bet on MLB futures
Choose reputable bookmakers to bet on MLB futures

Step 3: Establish your account and profile by providing the operator with your personal details to facilitate identity verification. Keep in mind that all bettors must prove they are at least 21 years old and physically located in a state where the sportsbook is operational.

Step 4: With your account now established, proceed to make an initial deposit to fund your new account. Note that some bonuses might require a specific deposit amount to unlock the bonus, so be sure to read the terms carefully. Once your account is funded, you can start exploring the diverse array of 2024 MLB futures odds available.

FAQ so MLB Futures Bets

Navigating MLB Futures Betting Options

A plethora of prominent operators extends top-tier MLB futures bets to players. It’s crucial for players to explore various online sportsbooks to secure optimal value for their MLB futures bets. Legitimate and licensed online sportsbooks universally offer MLB 2024 futures.

Who Holds Favor for the 2024 World Series Victory?

This year’s baseball season boasts an unprecedented level of openness, closely aligning current MLB futures odds.

MLB betting needs a lot of knowledge from Wintips
MLB betting needs a lot of knowledge from Wintips

The Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, and Houston Astros stand among the favorites to secure the ultimate triumph.

Is Hedging a Viable Approach for MLB Futures Bets?

In the realm of MLB future bets, hedging can prove strategic. Suppose you’ve already wagered on an outcome with +600 odds and the race you bet on narrows down to two possibilities. In that case, it might be prudent to allocate a portion of your funds on the second outcome at +300, ensuring victory in either scenario.  Always compute how your new MLB futures selections would manifest if the hedge transpires, ensuring you maximize potential returns.

Can MLB Futures Bets Be Cashed Out?

Certainly, MLB future bets can be cashed out at online sportsbooks throughout the season, yielding a portion of the potential winnings. The percentage is contingent on the probability of the bet’s success. While not consistently available, bettors should frequently monitor their bet slips during the season or playoffs to gauge the viability of cashing out.


Incorporating an array of distinctive individual accolades and a postseason characterized by its inherent unpredictability, MLB Futures Bets stand out as captivating options for bettors engaging with online sportsbooks. The dynamic nature of a 162-game season introduces ample room for transformation. Futures that commence modestly in April and May might flourish by the time July and August arrive. Similarly, team-based futures heavily hinge on a team’s strategic moves during an active trade deadline. Ensuring you secure the most favorable odds for your chosen MLB betting futures prior to placing your bets adds an extra layer of strategic engagement before immersing yourself in the summer’s exhilarating action.

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