Top 10 oldest football players so far in the world

08/04/2024 Betting News

For athletes or football players, health and age play an extremely important role. At the peak of their careers, they are top football stars constantly achieving remarkable performances. However, as they enter their 30s or older, everything changes. Many football players over the age of 30 no longer perform at their best, their physical condition deteriorates, and they retire early. Nevertheless, there are also many who want to challenge their own limits. They continue playing football until the age of 39 or 40. This is truly extraordinary and admirable. In today’s article, let’s take a look at Top 10 oldest football players so far in the world together with admin Wintips.

Oldest football players so far in the world
Oldest football players so far in the world

The most oldest football players today – Top 10

1/ Kazuyoshi Miura (57 year old)

First up, we have a player who has become a legendary figure, known for his determination to continue playing the game we love. Kazuyoshi Miura, currently 57 years old, is playing for the second-tier Portuguese club Oliveirense. Although this season hasn’t been particularly smooth for the striker as he’s yet to score in five appearances, who can defeat him at this age?

K. Miura is 57 years old and still playing professional football
K. Miura is 57 years old and still playing professional football

The crazy thing is he’s been playing football since the early 1980s, with stints in Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Australia. During this time, he has made 709 appearances and scored 193 goals. But perhaps the most impressive statistic is his goal-scoring record internationally for Japan, where he netted an astounding 55 goals in 89 matches.

2/ Georgi Petkov (47 year old) – Oldest football players

Georgi Petkov is a highly accomplished goalkeeper whose career began in the late 1990s. He has amassed an impressive 400 appearances, including performances in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. He made his debut for the Bulgarian national team in 1998 and has earned 19 caps for his country.

Oldest football players so far in the world
Petkov became captain of PFC Levski in the 2008/2009 season

Born in Pazardzhik, Petkov began his career at the local club Hebar. In June 1996, he was signed by A PFG club Slavia Sofia. Petkov started the 1996–97 season as the third-choice goalkeeper and only appeared on the field twice during his debut campaign at Slavia. Today, at the age of 47, this player is still active in football, currently playing for Slavia Sofia, a top-tier team in Bulgaria.

3/ Dragan Jolovic (47 year old) – Oldest football players

Dragan Jolovic continues to demonstrate his enduring prowess on the football pitch, competing fiercely in the second division of Bosnia and Herzegovina with FK Alfa Modrica. Despite the passage of time, Jolovic remains a formidable force, contributing significantly to his team’s performances.

Jolovic's longevity is remarkable, with over 300 top-flight matches
Jolovic’s longevity is remarkable, with over 300 top-flight matches

Having made 18 appearances in midfield, Jolovic has proven himself to be a versatile and reliable player, capable of both defensive duties and contributing to attacking plays. His dedication and commitment are evident not only in his consistent presence on the field but also in his ability to make impactful contributions, including scoring a goal for his team.

4/ Ahmad Korhani (45 year old)

Presently, ascending to a more prominent position on the roster is Ahmad Korhani, who is 45 years old. Korhani, the seasoned goalkeeper, currently plies his trade for the Lebanese outfit AC Tripoli. Throughout the ongoing season, he has made 7 appearances for his club.

Oldest football players so far in the world
Korhani’s experience and expertise undoubtedly provide invaluable guidance to his teammates

Impressively, during this period, he has managed to maintain clean sheets in 3 matches, showcasing his defensive prowess and ability to thwart opposition attacks effectively. Moreover, despite facing formidable adversaries, Korhani has conceded a mere 5 goals, highlighting his resilience and determination between the posts.

5/ Nasir Chowdhury (44 year old) – Oldest football players

Nasiruddin Chowdhury (born October 9, 1979) is a Bangladeshi footballer who plays as a defender for the Bangladesh Premier League club Chittagong Abahani. He represented the Bangladesh national team from 2010 to 2019. He is the oldest player in the history of the Bangladesh Premier League.

Oldest football players so far in the world
Coach Zoran Dorđević was the first to include Nasir in the Bangladesh national team

Nasir Chowdhury is still going strong in the Bangladesh Premier League for Chittagong Abahani, where he has made 5 appearances and scored 1 goal so far in this season. He has only played domestically and has amassed 132 appearances over the years, along with scoring 14 goals as a center-back.

6/ Ferreira Pinto (44 year old) – Oldest football players

This year, winger Ferreira Pinto is 44 years old and has still made 23 appearances in this season’s Serie D, the fourth tier of Italian football. He has truly had an impressive career, spanning 686 matches, including his time with Atalanta and Lecce.

Oldest football players so far in the world
F. Pinto was once a famous player in Italy

Ferreira Pinto was born in Quinta do Sol, Paranà. He grew up in a very poor family and lost his father at the age of 15. By the age of 18, he was working as a bricklayer and a day laborer. Pinto began his career at União São João in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C. In his first season, he scored 28 goals.

7/ Rhys Griffiths (44 year old)

Rhys Griffiths is a center forward currently playing for the Welsh Cymru Premier team Penybont FC. Despite being an active player, he has yet to make an appearance for the Welsh club this season, having been on the bench for 11 matches. The 44-year-old player’s career has spanned 313 matches, during which he has scored 199 goals.

R. Griffiths has dominated the Welsh Premier League's goalscoring charts for a decade
R. Griffiths has dominated the Welsh Premier League’s goalscoring charts for a decade

He has appeared for the English club Plymouth Argyle 17 times and has also had a spell at Newport County. He has been the league’s top scorer for seven consecutive seasons, and has been named in the league’s Team of the Season six times. The only player to have won the league’s Player of the Season award three times, Griffiths has been capped by Wales semi-professionally six times.

8/ César Medina (43 year old) – Oldest football players

Cesar Medina is a dedicated forward who proudly represents his hometown club, Alianza FC, in Panama. Throughout the current season, he has taken to the field only four times, finding the back of the net on one occasion. Despite the limited appearances in this campaign, Medina stands out as the epitome of loyalty on this roster.

With each match, César Medina epitomizes the values of dedication, perseverance and loyalty
With each match, César Medina epitomizes the values of dedication, perseverance and loyalty

He has remained committed to Alianza FC throughout his entire career, showcasing unwavering dedication and allegiance to his club. Over the years, he has donned the Alianza jersey 147 times, embodying the true spirit of loyalty and perseverance in football.

9/ Ilion Lika (43 year old) – Oldest football players

If you still don’t feel old, you’ll definitely feel it now, as Ilion Lika has been playing for the Albanian national team since 2002 and is still playing for Albania’s KF Tirana to this day. He has appeared seven times in this season, including in the Europa Conference League qualifiers, but has yet to keep a clean sheet.

Oldest football players so far in the world
Despite being active since the early 2000s, Lika has only made 342 appearances in his career

Throughout his 19-year career, Lika has played over 500 matches at the club level. He began his professional career in 1999 with Dinamo Tirana, making over 200 appearances across all competitions before departing for Elbasani in 2007. Lika first moved here in January 2008 when he joined Terek Grozny in the Russian Premier League.

10/ Joel Pinto (43 year old)

Joel Ademir Pinto Herrera (born June 5, 1980, in Independencia) is a Peruvian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Sport Huancayo in the Peruvian Liga 1. Pinto began his career with Alianza Lima, joining the club at the age of 17. He made his league debut in the Torneo Descentralizado in the final round of the 2000 season.

Oldest football players so far in the world
Joel Pinto is still searching for himself at the age of 43 in the Peruvian Liga 1

He has started in the last three matches for his current club, Sport Huancayo, including one match in the Copa Sudamericana against Cesar Vallejo. This goalkeeper has now increased his total career appearances to a whopping 412 matches, with 130 clean sheets during this time.


The oldest football players mentioned here still have no intention of retiring. For them, life is intertwined with football, and they feel happy every time they step onto the field. Of course, no one can defeat time, but perhaps that is not important. Therefore, the admin of the bookmaker com reviews website also hopes that you will learn determination from these “veterans”. Strive, make efforts, and pursue passion to achieve greater success in life.

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