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18/05/2023 Betting News

Bookmaker 1xbet is one of the very new sports betting websites but has been trusted by many fans today. 1xbet brings suspense in each match, creating conditions for members to exchange experiences with each other. Besides, this bookmaker not only organizes members to bet on thousands of large and small matches every day but also attracts them by extremely unique promotions. In today’s article win betting tips will help you better understand the most outstanding 1Xbet bookmaker promotions.

About the promotion at the bookmaker 1xbet

1xbet is exactly an online betting company with a relatively young age, but in terms of development speed, this bookmaker is not inferior to other senior casinos such as M88, Fun88. Currently, 1xbet already has over 400,000 online players, and we estimate this number will continue to grow rapidly as 1xbet is launching many super promotions.

All information about the 1xbet house promotion
All information about the 1xbet house promotion

These promotions at 1xbet bookmakers are always held regularly, all year round. At the same time, 1xbet also creates new, continuous programs, even “huge” promotions to welcome and thank customers who have trusted 1xbet’s game services during the past time. In particular, we must mention attractive promotional offers for new members for the first time and refund promotions for long-term members with a very high rate that any bettor can hardly refuse.

Featured promotions at 1xbet

Promotions for players at 1xbet are always the types of offers with great appeal. The bookmaker always wants its members to have the best experience when participating here. Specifically, there will be some outstanding promotions as follows:

1xbet Promotion: Get 100% Bonus on First Deposit

After successfully registering an account at 1xBet, players will have the opportunity to receive a bonus amount of up to $ 105 after making their first deposit.

To receive the bonus, members need to provide all the information required by the 1xbet bookmaker. The bonus will be automatically added to the account by the system as soon as the bookmaker successfully verifies.

Conditions for participating in the promotion:

  • To participate in this promotion, a member must deposit at least $1, allowing the use of the “Join bonus offers” function for the member’s account, and the account must be verified with identification.
  • Bonuses from the promotion must be used within 30 days of receipt. Members are not allowed to withdraw funds from the account when the conditions of the promotion have not been met.
  • This promotion is only applied once to each member account, per IP address. This bonus cannot be used in conjunction with other 1xbet promotions.

Refund promotion at 1xbet

Every week, the 1xBet bookmaker will calculate the total amount that the member spent on the bet then refund it at a certain rate. Accordingly, the weekly rebate amount will be equal to 0.18% of the total amount wagered that week. The low refund amount is 2 USD and the maximum is 1,000 USD.

For example, if you place a total bet of $ 100,000 during the week, the amount refunded by bookmaker betting is $ 180. This refund amount is added to the account every Tuesday before 12 pm.

1xbet Promotion: Lucky Day – Get up to 500 bonus points per day

Members have the opportunity to participate in this promotion of 1xbet daily if they fully meet the following conditions:

  • Get preferential tickets from the deals page and participate in betting on 1 of the sports bets. Only when a member successfully bets will their account number be added to the list of participating in the promotion. The selection of recipients of the promotion is random. Therefore, if you are lucky, then you will be able to get up to 500 bonus points.
  • In order to participate in this promotion, in addition to satisfying the above conditions, the member’s account must be verified based on the general conditions of the 1xbet bookmaker.
Lucky Day – Get up to 500 bonus points per day
Lucky Day – Get up to 500 bonus points per day

1xbet Promotion: Lucky 6th

To participate in the lucky 6th promotion, members need to fund their account on the 6th day of the week. Each member only has 1 chance that day to register for the bonus. The bonus is worth the same as the amount deposited by the member into the account. But the maximum should not exceed $105.

After the bonus amount is credited to the account by the bookmaker, members need to bet an amount of 3 times the bonus amount at the accumulated bet within 24 hours from the time of receiving the promotion. Especially at least 3 games in the cumulative bet must have odds of 1.40 or more.

Members are not allowed to withdraw money before satisfying the requirements of the 1xbet bookmaker regarding bonuses, including free football tips. Not all members are eligible for this offer. If you do not regularly participate in betting every day, the lucky 6th promotion will not be available to that member.

1xbet Casino Promotion: 4th Promotion x2

The condition for members to participate in receiving the 4th day offer is to participate in the previous 6th day 1xbet promotion, receive the bonus and use the bonus in accordance with the rules of the program.

Accordingly, the member will bet 5 of the sports games for 2 days with the amount of bets per day equal to the bonus received by the lucky 6th day. Each account is only allowed to receive the bonus once and the minimum bonus amount is 1 USD and the maximum does not exceed 105 USD. The bonus will not be withdrawn if the member uses that amount in accordance with the conditions set by the 1xbet bookmaker.

1xbet promotion for losing bets

In addition to attractive prizes for members’ winnings, 1xbet bookmakers also assist when they get stuck by offering bonuses on a series of losing bets.

Accordingly, if a bettor loses a series about 20 times, they will receive the following 1Xbet bookmaker promotions:

  • Stake promotions from $2 – $100.
  • Stake promotions from $5 – $250.
  • Stake promotions from $10 – $500.

Conditions for participating in the promotion:

  • Members must register for the promotion at the 1xbet betting channel or on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Members must place bets at least 20 times during sporting events and all bets must result in a loss.
  • All bets are calculated over a period of 30 days.
  • The minimum bet is 2 USD and the odds cannot exceed 3.00.
  • The promotion applies only to single and cumulative bets.
1xbet promotion for losing bets
1xbet promotion for losing bets

Note when using promo code 1xbet

The 1xbet promotion is very diverse and attractive. However, to use these types of bonus codes successfully, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • You should pay attention to all the rules that 1xbet bookmakers give when organizing promotions. It should be done in 1 serious way to avoid unfortunate things happening.
  • If you use multiple accounts to receive the offer, the bookmaker will strip you of the reward and permanently lock your account.
  • There are some types of games that do not apply promo codes, so you need to pay attention to choose games that have bonus codes to play.
  • The time and terms of betting will be changed by the bookmaker depending on the actual situation. Therefore, please regularly pay attention to the information posted continuously on the 1xbet homepage.

General rules of all promotions at 1xbet

Here are the general rules when participating in 1xbet house promotions that you know well to implement:

  • Only customers who are 18 years old or the age of majority as prescribed by the host country and agree to the bookmaker’s betting laws, as such can participate in the promotions.
  • Players must complete their information on the bet slip, enter the amount they want to bet and select the account to receive the promotion to place the bet. Players will not be allowed to make withdrawals before meeting the conditions of the offer.
  • The offer may not be used in parallel with any other promotions or special offers. Bookmaker 1xbet reserves the right to check the player’s transaction history to get all information. If the player takes personal action from the promotions, 1xbet will cancel the right to participate in the promotion and withdraw the entire bonus.
  • The promotion can only be entered for members with 1 and only 1 1xbet account, each IP address, each device and any information related to the account must be unique.


Above, we have shared with you information about the most outstanding offers of 1Xbet bookmaker promotions. Hope it will help you a lot when participating in entertainment here. Through the testing of senior experts in the betting industry, we believe that this bookmaker in the near future will have a strong growth rate and is one of the bookmakers that players should not ignore. Wish you success and good luck with the bookmaker 1xbet!

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