All information about Fun88 bookmaker promotion

18/05/2023 Betting News

Currently, Fun88 is the most prestigious and famous bookmaker in Asia. Prominent among them are extremely attractive offers. When participating in betting at Fun88 bookmakers, players will have the opportunity to receive many huge promotions from Fun88. In the following article, win tips will help you find out the most attractive Fun88 bookmaker promotion that many players choose to participate in.

About the promotion at Fun88 bookmaker

Many of you probably already know Fun88 is a bookmaker that owns many attractive, quality and extremely reputable betting segments in the market. Coming to Fun88, players can freely bet on the hottest betting genres such as sports, live casino, slot game,…. All of them have much higher payout rates than some current bookmakers.

All information about Fun88 bookmaker promotion
All information about Fun88 bookmaker promotion

In particular, Fun88 also organizes regular super promotions for players to participate. This is how to “Please” and “Thank” players when they choose and put their trust in Fun88. These promotions also have the following meanings and purposes:

  • The promotion aims to attract new members, potential members to join Fun88 bookmaker. That’s why you will find that promotions applied to new members are many and diverse.
  • Bookmakers want to use promotions to retain their customers. This helps players at Fun88 always feel the interest from Fun88.
  • Organizing promotions will help players have more opportunities to participate in betting at Fun88.

In addition, through the promotion Fun88 wants to prove its abundant and stable financial resources compared to other bookmakers in the market. This factor has contributed to the prestige and position of Fun88 today.

Featured promotions at Fun88

Over a long period of operation, Fun88 has launched countless attractive promotions. However, in the minds of players, these outstanding programs have not shown signs of cooling down, specifically:

Fun88 promotion for new members

In order to attract and welcome new players, Fun88 has offered many promotions when registering and making successful first deposits here. On the first deposit, players will receive attractive rewards, including:

  • Free bets up to $40
  • 25 lucky spins are completely free.
  • 1 EPL jersey.

However, if you have not deposited your payout, as soon as you successfully register, you will also receive $5 in bets and 10 more free spins at The Exterminator Slot game. Besides, if on the first deposit, you deposit at least $ 10, you will receive 15 slots immediately.

In addition to the above super incentives, there are some other incentives for new players such as:

  • 120% sign-up bonus at Fun88 sports.
  • 100% registration bonus at Fun88 E-sports.
  • 60% sign-up bonus at Fun88 Poker.
  • 100% sign-up bonus at Fun88 online casino.
  • 100% sign-up bonus at Fun88 games.

Promotion at Fun88 sports catalog

In the sports category of bookmaker Fun88, including prediction betting tips, in addition to football betting, there are still many other interesting sports games. This means that Fun88 will also offer more promotions that benefit players. Talking both helps create excitement and supports players to have more capital to reinvest.

Promotion at Fun88 sports catalog
Promotion at Fun88 sports catalog

Here will be some attractive promotions in the Fun88 bookmaker category:

  • Give Basa sports betting tickets to lucky players.
  • 10% refund at Basa sports.
  • Lucky spin with CMD sports.
  • Instant 2% cashback at oblique bets.
  • All oblique bets at the sports hall are refunded.
  • Get a free bet when predicting the champion,…

Promotions at the Casino Fun88 catalog

Fun88’s Casino portfolio also attracts the attention and participation of a large number of players. These Casino games are extremely interesting, especially with huge bonuses. In addition, Fun88 bookmakers are also applying many attractive promotions for this category, which are:

  • Playing crab bowls will receive $15 per week.
  • Bonus $80 Ebet casino per week.
  • Participating in online betting games will be eligible for a $5 bonus.

Refund promotion at Fun88 bookmaker

Fun88 promotion is very diverse with high value. Prominent among them are the return offers for players when participating in betting here. Accordingly, the payback of each game will be somewhat different. Concrete:

  • The payback for sports betting games is 0.88% of the bet amount.
  • Rebates for lottery games are up to 5%.
  • The reimbursement for IM sports games is 0.38%.

Promotion when referring new friends

When referring friends to participate in betting at Fun88, players can also receive many attractive bonuses from this bookmaker, specifically:

For referrals

  • When you refer 01 new player and they successfully register, you will receive $5. The more referrals, the greater the reward.
  • The referrer must make a successful deposit of at least $10 from the moment of account registration to be eligible for the bonus. If you have not made a deposit at Fun88, you will not be eligible to participate in this promotion.
  • The bonus will be updated after a maximum of 03 working days if you meet the requirements as prescribed.
Promotion when referring new friends
Promotion when referring new friends

For referrals

Not only referrals receive incentives, but referrals can also use their own offers:

  • Get $4 in bets completely free.
  • Give away 15 lucky draw spins.
  • Give 500 bonus points.

Note when using promo code Fun88

To use Fun88 promo code effectively and successfully, you need to note some important things:

  • When creating an account, it is necessary to be honest, provide the most complete and accurate information. Sometimes just missing a little bit of information is enough to make you miss the opportunity to receive attractive bonuses from Fun88 bookmakers.
  • Immediately after successfully registering an account, you should quickly deposit money because the bookmaker has a lot of great incentives for new members.
  • The more money deposited into the account, the higher the bonus received.
  • Follow the announcements from the bookmaker to catch up on promotions because sometimes the bookmaker only offers a certain number of members.
  • Fun88 promotion will come with some mandatory conditions so you also need to pay attention.

General rules of all promotions at Fun88

Although Fun88 promotions help players get easy chances to get bonuses from bookmakers. However, if you violate the rules below, you will not be able to receive rewards. These are:

  • Players deliberately create multiple Fun88 accounts to profit from free welcome promotions from the bookmaker. This is considered a behavior prohibited by the bookmaker. So you can only create 1 Fun88 account.
  • Members need to comply with all general regulations of Fun88. That way, you are eligible to participate in the promotion.
  • Members participating in the promotion need to reach the round revenue required by Fun88 before withdrawing the bonus from the bookmaker.
  • Promotions will be stopped by Fun88 bookmakers at any time. So if you find out that the bookmaker has just held a promotion, please register to join now.


Through the above article, we have shared with you all Fun88 promotions that are constantly updated by the bookmaker every day. If you are playing at Fun88 bookmaker, you should not ignore the promotions to increase the capital you have. In case you have just created a Fun88 account, please take advantage of the promotion to welcome new members to get free start-up money at this bookmaker. Wish you join the fun and win big with Fun88!

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