All information about Stake bookmaker promotions

18/05/2023 Betting News is one of the names that many bettors are interested in. It is one of the most active betting sites on the market, offering players a wide range of betting products. In addition, when participating here, players also have the opportunity to receive many great incentives. To find out more information regarding Stake bookmaker promotions, you should not ignore the following article of

About the Stake bookmaker promotions

Stake has officially received the Curacao eGaming License. This is one of the business licenses that any online bookmaker wants to get. Obtaining this license requires the bookmaker to meet the strict standards set by the Curacao government for cryptocurrency gambling websites. And is one of the few crypto bookmakers that satisfies all requirements.

All information about Stake house promotions
All information about Stake house promotions

With an advanced security system, applying modern security technology, is considered an absolutely safe betting address. Moreover, throughout its many years of operation, has not been reported by any player, complaining about the leakage of personal information.

In particular, with the provision of 2FA player account protection, the bookmaker using Stake cryptocurrency helps players feel more secure when participating in betting here. Although in the cryptocurrency industry 2FA is a standard feature. However, in fact, not many bookmakers using virtual currency betting apply this feature to their systems.

With the online bookmaker Stake operating completely legally, it has been licensed by reputable gambling organizations around the world. Therefore, players do not need to worry about being scammed when participating in betting at this bookmaker. Besides, Stake also ensures all games are fair bets and give random results.

Featured promotions at Stake

It can be said that Stake really pays attention to its promotions and considers this as one of the strategies to grow the business, attract players to register to participate. At the moment there are up to 15 different promotions with very attractive bonus values.

Welcome promotions

One of the minus points of Stake is that there is no promotion to welcome new members. This makes new players joining the house somewhat disappointed. However, Stake has also compensated players through other quality promotions such as 15% cashback on unlimited bets.

When registering a betting account at Stake players should use the promo code “MANIAKS” to be able to receive a 15% cashback. However, if you forget to enter this promo code when you sign up, you can go to your account -> Select Settings -> Select Offer -> In the Welcome section, enter this promo code.

Give $50,000 Weekly

This is one of stake’s most attractive promotions. As long as players have at least one bet with a minimum bet of $1,000, they can participate in this bonus program with a bonus amount of up to $50,000. The greater the number of tickets staked, the greater the chances of winning.

Give $50,000 Weekly
Give $50,000 Weekly

$10,000 Bonus on Game Betting

Participating in “The Stake Game” at Stake players who can pass the betting rounds will receive a super valuable reward, up to $ 10,000.

Watford FC’s first goal

If in any EPL match, Watford score the first goal Stake will pay out all bets for players betting on this club.

Many attractive promotions with great bonus value at Stake are still waiting for players to discover. The promotion does not require many strict conditions. Therefore, the chances of players receiving promotions are huge.

Stake bookmakers also have their own promotions for VIP members. And this stake player promotion is confident to be able to compete with any bookmaker in the market. Promotions are divided into many different levels, corresponding to which the value of the reward also changes.

At Stake there are also monthly, weekly, level-up bonus promotions,… And of course the bonus is not low.

Note when using Stake promo codes

When participating in and using Stake promo codes, in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes, people need to be aware of some of the following issues:

  • Stake promotions may limit the number of members participating, so you should be aware of joining as soon as possible.
  • The bookmaker can change the content of any promotion, so you need to regularly monitor the announcements from stakes.
  • Some promotions will not be applied in conjunction with other promotions, so you should be aware.
  • Each promotion will require players to participate a certain number of times.
  • You should participate in the game honestly, do not cheat to profit in any form.
  • Players should note that at the house Stake the currency is converted in $1.
  • If you want to receive the promotion, you must comply with the terms and conditions of the bookmaker.
Note when using Stake promo codes
Note when using Stake promo codes

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General rules of all promotions at Stake

Any bookmaker now has strict rules when participating in promotions and Stake is no exception. To ensure your rights, you need to keep in mind the following general rules:

  • Once participating in the promotion, members must accept and comply with all the terms and conditions as well as the general rules set out by the Stake bookmaker.
  • Members need to complete the wagering turnover level prescribed by each promotion offered by the bookmaker in order to be eligible to withdraw money from the wallet to their own account. If ineligible the funds in the wallet can be disabled and withdrawn later.
  • The total deposit amount needs to be completed as a condition during the applicable period otherwise both winnings and bonuses will be revoked.
  • Wagering revenue is only calculated for winning or losing bets, if the result of a draw, a canceled bet and a two-sided bet will not be valid.
  • In case the Stake bookmaker detects fraud for the purpose of profiting from the promotion, the bookmaker reserves the right to retain all the existing funds in the member’s betting account.
  • The Stake dealer reserves the right to change or stop the promotion at any time without prior notice to the player.


So through the above article, we have shared with you the best Stake promotions. If you want to receive rewards from these attractive promotions, register today to become an official member of Stake. Surely you will be satisfied with what this prestigious bookmaker brings. Wish you join the betting fun and have a lot of luck with Stake!

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