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In online betting in general, players are all too familiar with the phrase “Handicap”. A popular type of bet, applied in almost every field of betting, from sports to casino or slot games… With rugby betting, many players ask Wintips for Handicap betting instructions. Of course, we can’t refuse this. However, information on the topic of Rugby league handicap betting is quite new. You need to read each item carefully to avoid confusion. Let’s get started now.

Handicap betting in rugby leagues in 2024
Handicap betting in rugby leagues in 2024

Rugby Handicap Handicap Overview

What is a Handicap handicap?

Handicap betting (Asian handicap betting) is a type of bet based on the odds provided by European bookmakers. From there, Asian bookmakers will offer Asian handicap odds to serve bettors. In these handicap bets, the odds are formatted based on various figures calculated using goals.

Odds are understood as the monetary value assigned to each match by European bookmakers. Each bookmaker employs experts who study upcoming football matches. They analyze multiple aspects to predict the outcome of a given match, and based on their analysis, they determine the amount of money to be wagered on each side. However, the calculation also needs to meet the requirement of attracting balanced bets on both sides so that profits can be made from the betting service through a margin.

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Handicap in rugby league betting

In the realm of rugby betting, match betting stands out as one of the most favored options, akin to many other sports. This involves placing a wager on one of the teams to secure victory in the game. Given that rugby tends to produce high scores, tie games are a rarity. Consequently, certain match betting markets omit the possibility of a draw, while others might assign odds of around 40/1 for a tied outcome.

Handicap betting, also known as spread betting, holds significant importance in the landscape of rugby wagering. This type of betting entails according a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams, achieved by either adding points to their score or deducting points from it. This market becomes particularly appealing when one team is considerably favored to win.

Common Handicap Odds in Online Betting
Common Handicap Odds in Online Betting

Ex: In a World Cup match between New Zealand and Tonga, if New Zealand is favored by 13.5 points, you can bet on Tonga with a +13.5 handicap. This means Tonga starts with an extra 13.5 points. If Tonga wins or loses by less than 13 points, your bet succeeds. However, if New Zealand wins by 14 points or more, your bet loses. Additionally, over/under bets involve a set number of points. If the total is, for example, 41.5, betting “over” wins if points are 42 or more, while “under” wins if points are 41 or less.

Some Rugby Handicap Sub-Markets to explore

  • Match Result Handicap: This form of betting enables punters to anticipate the match’s outcome – whether one team will win, lose, or it’ll end in a draw.
  • Handicap With Tie: Similar to the match result, this option permits you to wager on a draw, but restricts your bet to a single team’s victory or loss.
  • Asian Handicap: Gaining traction in Asia, this market limits bets to either team, removing the possibility of a draw from the equation.

Top 2 most popular forms of rugby league handicap betting

When examining rugby handicap odds, you’ll often come across numbers like -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, and +2, occasionally including -3 and +3. These numbers denote positive values for the underdog and negative values for the favored team. For bets with a .5 suffix, they represent Asian handicaps, erasing the draw option and giving a slight edge to sportsbooks. Handicap bets also offer appealing returns, ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 in odds, promising satisfying winnings.

Rugby league and Season Bets

Wintips, a recommended bookmaker, provides a wide range of betting odds across numerous competitions. These encompass both rugby league and rugby union, covering prominent national and international leagues and cups. You’ll have convenient access to betting options for esteemed events like the Six Nations Championship, the Rugby World Cup, and the Rugby Championship.

The Rugby World Cup, occurring once every four years, gathers the finest rugby players for an intense tournament. Distinguished from club rugby, international rugby stands as the pinnacle of the sport, showcasing elite athleticism and competition.

There are many rugby leagues to bet on Handicap
There are many rugby leagues to bet on Handicap

Concurrently, the Six Nations Championship, held annually, showcases contests among Northern Hemisphere countries. England, Ireland, France, Scotland, Wales, and Italy compete passionately for the Six Nations title each year.

Individual Player Betting

Increasingly, fans are engaging in individual player betting during rugby matches, and a prominent market is the first tryscorer. This entails betting on the player you believe will score the opening try of a match. Predicting this can be challenging. Typically, favorites are the backs who can swiftly transition to attacking plays. However, forwards can also power their way to the try line, often offering higher odds. If you anticipate that the match’s outcome will be determined by the team with the most points. Here, you’ll likely focus on one of the two fly-halves, assuming they are responsible for converting tries and taking penalties.

Additionally, you can explore disciplinary markets. Given rugby’s physical nature, altercations between teams or mistakes in tackling can occur. Players might receive yellow cards, leading to a temporary exit from the field for 10 minutes. You can bet on the first yellow card in a game. While more infrequent, red cards are also part of the Rugby.

The best Rugby league handicap betting bookmakers 2024

1. Bet365

Surely anyone who comes to online betting entertainment wants to be able to find a reputable and high-quality bookmaker, Bet365 can absolutely be such a qualified address. Bet365 is a bookmaker with a lot of reputation in the betting industry and makes a deep impression on sports betting enthusiasts about sports betting such as football betting and countless other popular sports.

Rugby Handicap betting at Bet365 is greatly appreciated
Rugby Handicap betting at Bet365 is greatly appreciated

As a famous bookmaker in the gaming industry, predicting the results of sports. Bet365 not only gives players the highest quality and most exciting experience, but also has a lot of new, modern and equally attractive elements in addition to the traditional elements of a top quality bookmaker.

2. Betfred

This Betfred review evaluates their online services against their well-known high-street reputation. With a 4-star rating and over a decade of positive experience as an account holder, Betfred’s reliability in paying out winning bets is evident.

Betfred bookmaker has many promotions on rugby betting
Betfred bookmaker has many promotions on rugby betting

Their feature-rich website includes in-play betting, enhanced live streaming, stats, cash-out, and promotions. However, some design and modernization issues compared to larger bookmakers are noted, though their app and mobile site perform well. Betfred remains a reputable company that guarantees payouts, offering a variety of tools for an engaging betting experience.

3. BetUS

Established in 1994, BetUS stands as a seasoned betting platform catering to diverse preferences. Its offerings span beyond just the sportsbook, extending to a racebook and casino. While its sportsbook is a standout, boasting an impressive array of options such as e-sports, event wagers, and compelling live bets, BetUS distinguishes itself with the unique addition of BetUS TV.

Handicap odds are very popular at BetUS
Handicap odds are very popular at BetUS

The homepage seamlessly integrates ongoing promotions, sports betting choices. Notably, the Locker Room and BetUS TV sections deliver sports betting news and insightful blogs. The casino adopts a tile format for easy navigation, while the sportsbook interface proves highly intuitive. The platform’s organized structure ensures swift access to all components, contributing to a user-friendly experience.

4. BetVictor

Betvictor holds licenses from both the Government of Gibraltar Licensing Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. This dual licensing enables them to offer legal online gambling services globally from their Gibraltar headquarters and to UK bettors.

BetVictor bookmaker famous for sports betting
BetVictor bookmaker famous for sports betting

Their betting app enjoys a prominent standing in the App Store, consistently garnering high review ratings ranging from 4.2 to 4.7 out of 5.0. The app’s compatibility extends to various smartphones, featuring a convenient top menu for comprehensive account management and a bottom menu facilitating market navigation, open bet checks, and cash-out options.

5. Bet UK

Emerging as a new player in the online betting arena, BetUK aims to solidify its presence in the industry by striving to become a premier destination for sportsbook and casino betting enthusiasts. Upon engaging with the bookmaker’s platform, a plethora of promotions and offers greet users, all effortlessly accessible.

Bet UK is the top best online betting brand in 2024
Bet UK is the top best online betting brand in 2024

These promotions span from enticing sign-up offers to additional incentives tailored for existing customers. For those seeking a fresh betting experience, signing up with BetUK proves advantageous. The platform boasts a commendable sportsbook and casino offering, while also excelling in terms of accessibility and user-friendliness.

Strategies for Effective Rugby league handicap betting

While comprehending rugby odds and betting choices is crucial, employing strategic thinking can notably amplify your profit potential. Here are tactics to bolster your chances of successful handicap bets:

Analyze Team Dynamics

Different rugby teams employ distinct playing styles and tactics. For instance, while some teams focus on scoring tries, others might rely more heavily on penalties for points. A strategic approach involves favoring teams that aim for tries, as they typically offer higher odds of winning. Given that matches often conclude with a substantial number of points being scored, aligning your bets with teams favoring tries could increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Leverage Bookmaker Insights

One of the most valuable tips for effective handicap betting is to utilize the statistical information provided by the platform.

Rugby betting is now more popular
Rugby betting is now more popular

Pay particular attention to the average scores achieved when a home team competes against visiting teams. These statistics can offer valuable insights into the potential point differentials and aid in making well-informed betting decisions.

Develop Your Handicap Projection

Prior to the commencement of a match, take a moment to assess the offered handicap bet. Formulate your own prediction for the likely outcome of the game based on your analysis. If your projected result aligns with the handicap option presented by the bookmaker, it can serve as a positive indicator to proceed with placing your bet. This self-made prediction, backed by your understanding of the teams and their dynamics, can give you a sense of confidence in your betting choices.


It can be seen that the “Rugby league handicap betting” is not a simple thing. However, believe that they bring you a lot of interesting things. Not only that, when playing at the “bookmakers online” recommended by Wintips, you will receive overwhelming incentives. These websites fully meet the betting requirements of players, especially sports/casino. Rugby handicap betting is no exception. Quickly register to create an account and bet right now, good luck.

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