Who are the smartest football players in the world?

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Football is consistently regarded as a sport that demands agility, finesse, and technique. However, not every talent on the pitch is necessarily coupled with intelligence off the field. In the realm of football, there are exceptional players who excel not only in technical skill and physical prowess but also in intelligence. They not only exhibit outstanding talent on the field but also possess incredibly high levels of intelligence. Their intelligence even earns admiration from ordinary fans. Who are they? Let’s delve into the details with Wintips admin’s analysis in the “Top 10 smartest football players in the world” below.

The smartest football players in the world
The smartest football players in the world

Top 10 smartest football players in history

1. Gerard Pique (IQ: 170)

Topping the list is the former 36-year-old center-back and Barcelona legend, Gerard Pique. Pique’s IQ score is an astonishing 170 – a number that is incredibly impressive. He surpasses even the intelligence quotient of the genius scientist Albert Einstein (160). With this sky-high score, Pique belongs to the top 0.001% of the smartest people in the world.

The smartest football players in the world
Pique was once the world’s top centre-back

Currently, Pique is pursuing a master’s program at the prestigious Harvard University in the United States, specializing in business, sports, media, and entertainment. After retiring from professional football, he harbors ambitions of becoming the president of FC Barcelona in the future and is already laying the groundwork for this endeavor.

2. Frank Lampard (IQ: 150) – Smartest football players

The Chelsea legend and former head coach is the second smartest footballer in the world, with an IQ score of 150 – closely approaching that of Albert Einstein. This score places Lampard in the top 0.5% of the world’s most intelligent individuals.

Lampard is one of the smartest players in the world with an IQ of 150
Lampard is one of the smartest players in the world with an IQ of 150

During his schooling years, Lampard achieved 12 A grades for his GCSEs (a two-year foundational high school program in the UK) and received an A+ grade for his Latin studies. With his exceptional intellect, Lampard has helped Chelsea navigate through challenging times during the 2019-2020 season. He also returned as the interim head coach for Chelsea in the 2023 season.

3. Mario Balotelli (IQ: 147) – Smartest football players

Forward Mario Balotelli is a young and talented footballer. Born in 1990 in Palermo, Italy, Mario Balotelli is known as one of the most gifted players in the world. His exceptional skills on the pitch are matched by his off-the-field intelligence. Balotelli is one of the three footballers with the highest IQ scores, standing at an impressive 157.

The smartest football players in the world
Balotelli always had shenanigans but also very human jokes

However, Balotelli is often considered a wild card due to his unpredictable behavior, rebellious nature, and lack of discipline both on and off the field. Despite this, Super Mario has shown compassion towards the less fortunate, including the homeless. He is passionate about charitable activities, donations, and support for those in need.

4. Juan Mata (IQ: 142)

Graduating from the Sports Science and Finance Academy, Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata possesses an IQ score of 142. Juan Mata studied journalism in Madrid, and his articles have also received high professional praise.

The smartest football players in the world
J. Mata is intelligent and elegant

While very few professional footballers achieve outstanding academic qualifications, Juan Mata excelled, earning an A grade in both sports science and marketing. Upon joining Chelsea FC, Juan Mata quickly adapted to his new environment and became fluent in English within just one year—a feat that few manage to accomplish.

5. Clarke Carlisle (IQ: 141) – Smartest football players

Clarke Carlisle is a former professional footballer who played for Leeds United, Watford, Burnley, and Northampton Town before retiring in 2013. He is considered one of the most intelligent players in English football.

Carlisle made his mark on intelligence on the TV show Countdown
Carlisle made his mark on intelligence on the TV show Countdown

Carlisle showcased his intelligence on the TV show Countdown, achieving 10 A grades at GCSE level, an A grade in Mathematics, and an A in Politics. This defender also holds a degree in Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting from Staffordshire University.

6. Petr Cech (IQ: 140) – Smartest football players

Petr Cech is one of the goalkeepers with the most clean sheets in the history of the Premier League. He has won 4 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 1 Europa League, and 1 Champions League during his illustrious career.

The smartest football players in the world
Despite being a goalkeeper, Cech is still an extremely smart star

What sets Cech apart from other goalkeepers is his exceptionally high IQ. Additionally, an interesting fact about the Czech goalkeeper is that he signed a contract with an ice hockey club to serve as a goalkeeper after retiring from football.

7. Henrikh Mkhitaryan (IQ: 136)

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is considered a genius with an exceptionally high IQ. Even during his school days, he was recognized as a young boy with outstanding intelligence.

The smartest football players in the world
Mkhitaryan is considered a genius with a sky-high IQ

Fluent in 6 languages: Russian, Italian, English, French, German, and Portuguese, Mkhitaryan is very confident when communicating and playing on international stages. In addition, this midfielder holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education. He also studied economics at St. Petersburg University and plans to become a lawyer after retiring from football in the future.

8. Giorgio Chiellini (IQ: 110) – Smartest football players

Giorgio Chiellini, besides being one of the world’s legendary center-backs, also possesses impressive intellect and educational achievements. In 2011, the Italian former defender graduated from university with a degree in economics. Seven years later, he excelled in receiving a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a perfect score.

The smartest football players in the world
Chiellini graduated with a degree in business administration with a perfect score of 110

From a young age, Chiellini was praised for being extremely intelligent and effortlessly aced every test in school. He then attended the prestigious University of Turin, where he graduated with a perfect score of 110 in business administration. Surely, his intelligence has aided him in pairing up and contending with any forward on the field.

9. Romelu Lukaku (IQ: 107) – Smartest football players

Chelsea and AS Roma’s current forward, Romelu Lukaku, is not just an ordinary player. Lukaku is renowned for his exceptional goal-scoring ability and imposing physical presence, but he is also a natural polyglot.

R. Lukaku is a born linguist
R. Lukaku is a born linguist

Lukaku is fluent in five languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Portuguese. While playing for Inter Milan, the striker also learned Italian. Additionally, he is said to understand German and Swahili, and he holds a degree in tourism and public relations.

10. Socrates (IQ: 107)

Finally, let’s delve deeper into the fascinating life and accomplishments of Socrates, the legendary Brazilian footballer known not just for his skills on the pitch but also for his intellect and contributions off the field.

Socrates with the nickname "the sage" of Samba
Socrates with the nickname “the sage” of Samba

Socrates, often referred to as “the wise philosopher” of Brazilian football, was more than just a talented player; he was a thinker, a leader, and a man of principle. With his iconic headband and distinctive beard, he stood out not only for his appearance but also for his unique approach to the game. His style of play was elegant and intelligent, reflecting his deep understanding of football’s nuances.


Above are the football players with the highest IQ scores in the world today. Not only intelligent, these players all have illustrious sports careers that many admire. Hopefully, Wintips has provided readers with useful information. Check out more articles about football, sports, and home health care on the bet bookmaker website every day. Best regards!

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