Best Snooker Betting Sites 2024: 7 bookies for 9/2024

06/01/2024 Sports betting

Snooker betting is a form of online betting developed by reputable bookmakers. It soon became a form of money-making entertainment chosen by a lot of people. Online billiards is modeled from traditional billiards games. Accordingly, snooker bettors need to accurately predict the outcome of the match. You proceed to place bets according to the bookmaker handicap given. Here are the top 7 Snooker bookmakers in the world today. This question will be answered by Wintips admin right in this tutorial. We invite you to consult.

Snooker Betting 2024 - Top Bookmakers
Snooker Betting 2024 – Top Bookmakers

Learn a little about Snooker

Snooker, commonly referred to as “bi-a” or often known as “pool” (derived from the French word “billard”), encompasses a series of skilled sports games. Players use a cue stick to interact with billiard balls, maneuvering them on a specialized table designed for this sport. The table is usually covered with cloth and surrounded by cushions made of rubber. According to Snooker rules, the table is typically equipped with a white cue ball with a red dot and 12 differently colored numbered balls, arranged in a triangular pattern. The objective is to determine the winner or winning team by assessing who successfully pots all balls numbered 1 to 12 in each frame.

This discipline demands players to possess skills, dexterity in their hands, and the ability to apply calculated and reasonable strategies. As recorded, Snooker competitions were first organized in 15th-century Europe, originating from outdoor lawn games.

  • Each year the World Snooker Federation organizes the World Cup of 3 – tape Billiards.
  • Asian Championship carom billiards tournament with the participation of top Asian players such as: Korea; Jordan; Japan; Vietnam…
  • Competition events including 1-tape carom and 3-tape carom.
  • Since 2006, the World Cup snooker tournament has been held, each team will send a pair of athletes to compete.

What is Online Snooker Betting?

Online Snooker betting is offered by bookmakers who program and simulate the traditional game of billiards. An online billiards match typically involves two players or two opposing pairs. Bettors are tasked with monitoring these sports matches, and subsequently making predictions on the individual or team that will emerge victorious.

In essence, betting on Snooker is much like wagering on other sports like soccer or volleyball. All you need to do is place a monetary bet on the entity you believe has the highest likelihood of winning compared to the opponent. The prize money will be automatically transferred to your account after the match concludes, provided that you accurately placed your bet on the winning individual or team.

Top 7 Best Snooker Betting Sites 2024

1/ W88

With that said, Snooker is a very popular game and is loved by a lot of people. Therefore, W88 bookmaker has provided online billiards betting to help enthusiasts bet in the tournaments they like. If you win, the bonus will be credited to your account immediately by the bookmaker. Conversely, if you lose your bet, you will have to lose the amount you previously staked. In order to attract and promote strongly in marketing, Best Snooker Betting W88 regularly has attractive promotions and promotions for new and old players. You can check the promotion information here.

Registering a Snooker betting account on W88 is completely free
Registering a Snooker betting account on W88 is completely free

On average, deposit time at W88 is almost instant, about 1 – 5 minutes. The withdrawal time is about 10 minutes, you will see an SMS reporting the money to the bank. W88’s consultants are very professional, answering your problems almost instantly. When you have problems, you just need to live chat anytime, anywhere 24/7. Once you successfully register for a W88 account, your information will be encrypted through multiple layers to ensure its security. Besides, W88 is also committed to absolute 100% security in any case.

2/ BET365

Not only is it regulated by one of the largest organizations in the online betting world, up to now, Bet365 has affirmed its safety and reputation through legal operating licenses from organizations specializing in online betting. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the level of safety and security when participating in betting at Bet365.

Bet365 betting odds are the highest on the market today
Bet365 betting odds are the highest on the market today

Throughout the time since its establishment, Bet365 has constantly striven to, improved and upgraded its online bookmaker system to be worthy of its position as a top-class online bookmaker. Therefore, you will not be able to miss the attractive, quality betting experience when coming to Bet365 bookmaker.

3/ BK8

The Best Snooker Betting Sites BK8 is renowned for its incredibly diverse and extensive game collection, most of which are the hottest betting products today. From traditional sports betting to casino games, it offers a wide variety. As well as lottery, lucky spins, keno, and fishing games.

BK8 - No. 1 bookmaker in technology and security
BK8 – No. 1 bookmaker in technology and security

At this sports betting hub, you can not only follow captivating matches but also participate in betting with highly favorable odds. In addition, BK8 aggregates numerous exciting tournaments, including top-notch billiards tournaments. With a range of bet types such as Over/Under, European odds, Asian Handicap, and Handicap, BK8 provides bettors with the most enjoyable and fantastic gaming experiences.

4/ 12BET

The bookmaker 12bet was founded in 2008, operated by Pacific Sea Invests SA. Thanks to its financial strength, the bookmaker not only developed strongly in Asia, but also expanded the market to Europe. 12Bet bookmaker is headquartered in the Philippines, licensed by First Cagayan Leisure. Currently, the 12 bet bookmaker’s website supports 9 languages. This helps solve the language barrier for players.

12BET Bookmaker – Asia's Reputable Snooker Betting Website
12BET Bookmaker – Asia’s Reputable Snooker Betting Website

With 12Bet, you will not need to worry about information theft. Currently, to secure player data information, the bookmaker uses extremely modern Thawte encryption technology. Fraud in betting is inevitable. To ensure fairness and safety, the bookmaker regularly monitors to ensure that no fraud in betting occurs. In addition, in cases where you suspect cheating, do not hesitate to immediately declare to the bookmaker to ensure the interests of players and fairness.


Stake is a reputable sports betting and cryptocurrency online casino company, licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. This brand accepts both traditional currency and cryptocurrency for placing bets, aiming to attract players worldwide. Addition to its vast casino game collection, Stake is also widely recognized for its substantial sponsorships of famous players in the Snooker Betting community.

The current customer offerings at Stake are highly valuable
The current customer offerings at Stake are highly valuable

Compared to other rewards and incentives, the welcome bonus at Stake Bitcoin Casino is particularly attractive and exceptional. Stake offers a welcome bonus of up to 200% on the first deposit within 24 hours for new players. However, the minimum deposit required is $100, and the maximum is $500. This welcome bonus is applicable to both Stake Casino and sports betting, providing new members with multiple entertainment options on the platform.

6/ William Hill

In 1934, British entrepreneur William Hill opened the first betting office. Since then, the company has actively developed, and in the United Kingdom alone, it has more than two thousand land-based sports betting points. Since 1998, the bookmaker has embraced online betting. The first version of their website was in English. By 2020, you could choose from one of the available 20 languages, including Russian.

William Hill bookmaker employs a reward program to attract players
William Hill bookmaker employs a reward program to attract players

The homepage of the website has sections for sports, live betting, casino, poker, and live casino. Additionally, major promotional programs, valid bonuses, and a list of selected events are all available. At the top, there is a language selection option for the website and registration and login buttons for registered users. The website features a combination of white and blue colors.

7/ Unibet

Unibet, the betting company, places great importance on players’ initial impressions of the platform. Therefore, right from the start, the company has invested carefully and substantially in its image. Unibet utilizes a simple, user-friendly, and clear website interface design, with the dominant color theme being green, symbolizing freshness, modernity, and a gentle touch. This design provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for players, allowing them to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work.

Unibet Snooker Betting Sites interface is perfectly reviewed
Unibet Snooker Betting Sites interface is perfectly reviewed

The company has diversified its offerings to support 12 different languages across Europe and the Oceanic region, including English and French. However, there is a slight disadvantage for Vietnamese players, as the website does not support the Vietnamese language. For those who are not proficient in foreign languages, this could be inconvenient and challenging when accessing the platform. Nevertheless, with a bit of attention, after a few attempts, players can become more adept and find it easier to navigate and play.

Types of Snooker Betting Sites

Straight Bet

If football betting at the bookmaker offers European odds, then for billiards betting, there are straight bets available. In this format, players predict which player is likely to win the match or the entire tournament. The Snooker Betting Sites provides odds for each player, and these odds decrease as the tournament progresses towards the finals.

Over/Under Bet

Similar to betting in other sports, players place Over/Under bets based on the odds provided by the bookmaker for the match.

Match Betting

For most live-streamed matches, there are odds for each player’s victory in each corresponding round. Players will place bets on the player they predict will win the match. One interesting aspect of billiards betting is that multiple players can participate, allowing bettors to wager on various players.

Frame Betting

This type of bet offers relatively high rewards, indicating its higher level of difficulty. In this format, players predict the total points scored in a frame of the match.

Handicap Betting

Similar to betting in sports like football, tennis, basketball, etc., the bookmaker will analyze and provide odds where the stronger player is handicapped against the weaker player.

Snooker Betting 2024 with a variety of bet types
Snooker Betting 2024 with a variety of bet types

Players predict which player will win the match, taking into account the applied handicap.

Highest Break Bet

This is a unique form of betting in Snooker, not available in all sports/games. In this format, you select the player achieving the highest break in the tournament and place your bet on that player.

Snooker betting experience is easy to win

Tracking the Match Schedule

This is an advantage for you as you can quickly place bets on predictions of outcomes, avoiding the regret of missing out on bets for your preferred players.

Understanding Different Billiards Formats

Billiards is a diverse sport with various playing styles. You need to thoroughly understand the format you’re betting on in order to calculate win-loss probabilities effectively.

Clear Budget Preparation Before Betting

Consider this step as “excess,” but in reality, it’s the smartest way to approach betting. Sports betting, including billiards, can be complex and mentally demanding. You wouldn’t want budget shortages to cloud your judgment!

Choosing the Right Platform for Betting

Snooker betting on online platforms typically involves real money, similar to live betting. Hence, when you win, you’ll receive real money too. However, the risk lies in choosing a reliable Snooker Betting Sites. Opt for well-established platforms with proper licenses for your own benefit.


Above are the best Snooker Betting Sites in the market for you. Don’t forget to register an account and make a deposit so that betting can happen quickly. Players themselves also need to keep in mind the basic Snooker betting knowledge in this article. That will help you develop the ability to think and choose the most suitable bet. Hope the above information will help you better understand online billiards betting. Thanks for taking the time to read, please visit Wintips in the next article.

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