Top 10 best soccer players with the number 5 in the world

15/04/2024 Betting News

The player wearing the number 5 jersey can appear in any position on the field. Their presence affects every other player on the field. They embody the ideal captain, names that endure in football history. For many, the jersey number in football is a significant issue. However, assigning the right number to a player is not easy. The number 5 is often given to a center-back, while some defensive midfielders also prefer this number. Based on that, here are the current Top 10 soccer players with the number 5 from the Wintips website.

10 best soccer players with the number 5
10 best soccer players with the number 5

Soccer players with the number 5 – Top 10

1. Franz Beckenbauer

The German legend, Franz Beckenbauer, is widely regarded as the pioneer who transformed the traditional role of the number 5 in football. His innovative approach to the game revolutionized the position, setting a new standard for future generations of defenders. Beckenbauer’s exceptional ability to read the game, coupled with his intelligent movement on the field, allowed him to seamlessly transition between defense and attack.

"Royal to Germany" - Franz Beckenbauer
“Royal to Germany” – Franz Beckenbauer

At the heart of his brilliance was his astute leadership from the backline. F. Beckenbauer had an innate sense of when to push forward to support the attack and when to drop back to shore up the defense. His composure under pressure and tactical awareness made him a formidable presence on the field.

2. Sergio Busquets – Soccer players with the number 5

One of the greatest defensive midfielders of all time, Sergio Busquets, is the key reason behind Barcelona’s success over the past 13 years. A product of the club, Busquets debuted for Barcelona in 2008 and immediately impressed with his performances. The Spanish international doesn’t boast remarkable physical strength or speed, but he is an outstanding reader of the game and possesses exceptional technical skills.

10 best soccer players with the number 5
S. Busquets’ career is associated with the number 5 shirt

Busquets has had a remarkably consistent playing career at the highest level for both club and country. The 33-year-old player is still evolving and is currently the captain of Barcelona following Lionel Messi’s departure. Busquets is also a key figure for the Spanish national team, having won the World Cup and the Euros.

3. Marquinhos – Soccer players with the number 5

One of the world’s outstanding defenders, Marquinhos, captains Paris Saint-Germain and is one of the first names on the French club’s team sheet. However, all surprise dissipated when Paris Saint-Germain signed Marquinhos in 2013 for £28.3 million.

PSG captain centre-back Marquinhos
PSG captain centre-back Marquinhos

Nevertheless, the 29-year-old player has become one of the best defenders in the world, a confident and defensively astute player. Marquinhos also has the ability to operate as a defensive midfielder and has excelled in that position in recent years. The Brazilian international is also a player with consistently strong performances.

4. Cannavaro

As the defensive leader of Italy, Fabio Cannavaro guided his team to the pinnacle of European and world football. Despite his diminutive stature, he stood out as one of the finest players on the pitch, thanks to his exceptional athleticism and muscular conditioning. Cannavaro was versatile, appearing in various positions across the field, providing swift defensive support with his ball-winning abilities.

10 best soccer players with the number 5
Midfielder F. Cannavaro wears the number 5 shirt for Italy

Cannavaro’s impact extended beyond his defensive duties; he was also instrumental in building attacks from the back. His ability to distribute the ball effectively and organize the team’s shape from deep positions was crucial to Italy’s success.

5. Jorginho – Soccer players with the number 5

According to many, Jorginho is one of the outstanding players, if not the best, in the world with his performances last season. There have been many debates on this topic, but the impact of Jorginho in Chelsea’s Champions League triumph in 2020-21 and Italy’s success at Euro 2020-21 cannot be denied.

10 best soccer players with the number 5
Arriving at Chelsea, Jorginho chose to nagy himself the number 5 shirt

Jorginho plays a crucial role for both club and country, possessing the ability to control the game from midfield with his excellent passing. The 30-year-old midfielder is not a frequent goal scorer, so there is relatively little support for him to win the Ballon d’Or. Despite his current move to Arsenal, Jorginho remains a special player in the hearts of Chelsea fans.

6. Rio Ferdinand – Soccer players with the number 5

During their prime, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidić formed one of the most formidable center-back partnerships in European football, instilling fear in opposing attackers and earning the admiration of fans worldwide. Their synergy on the field was unmatched, as they complemented each other’s strengths and covered for each other’s weaknesses.

10 best soccer players with the number 5
Man Utd legend in history – No. 5 Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand, with his imposing physical presence, was a commanding presence in defense. Blessed with exceptional athleticism and strength, he possessed the ability to outmuscle opponents and dominate aerial duels. However, what truly set Ferdinand apart was his astute positional sense and tactical intelligence.

7. Carles Puyol

Barcelona and Spain have boasted some of the finest number 5s in history, with players like Carles Puyol standing shoulder to shoulder with legends like Cannavaro. Puyol, primarily stationed as a central defender, exhibited remarkable versatility on the field, adept at intercepting passes and thwarting opponents’ fast counterattacks.

10 best soccer players with the number 5
C. Pyold always came out with blood and enthusiasm

Puyol’s defensive prowess was undeniable, often making crucial tackles and interceptions to break up opposition attacks. His physicality and timing in challenges made him a formidable obstacle for opposing forwards. Additionally, Puyol’s leadership qualities were instrumental in organizing Barcelona’s defense and marshaling Spain’s backline during their dominant era.

8. Zinédine Zidane – Soccer players with the number 5

The French legend, Zinedine Zidane, is truly a special case when it comes to the number 5 position in football. Although he is known primarily as an attacking midfielder, Zidane has the ability to dribble and control the game far beyond any particular position on the pitch.

At Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane chose to wear the number 5 shirt
At Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane chose to wear the number 5 shirt

Zidane’s dribbling technique is not only excellent, but also a symbol of sophistication and precision. He has the ability to adjust the ball flexibly, overcome opponents with ease and magic. This shows that Zidane is not only a technically excellent player, but also an artist on the pitch.

9. Pablo Zabaleta – Soccer players with the number 5

Despite not being able to stand out on the pitch for several years, Zabaleta remained an integral part of Manchester City during his tenure with the club. His contributions, while perhaps not always grabbing the headlines, were nonetheless crucial to the team’s success. One of his most notable attributes was his relentless and determined style of play, particularly evident in his tenacious tackling and ball recovery efforts.

Top full-back in City history - Pablo Zabaleta
Top full-back in City history – Pablo Zabaleta

While Zabaleta may not have possessed the flashy skills or scored the highlight-reel goals, his work rate and defensive prowess were invaluable to Manchester City’s midfield. His ability to disrupt opposition attacks and win back possession often went unnoticed but played a significant role in the team’s overall performance.

10. Harry Maguire

Since joining Manchester United from Leicester City in 2019 for £78.3 million, making him the world’s most expensive defender, Harry Maguire has faced criticism. However, Maguire’s performances have quieted the noise. As one of the best ball-playing defenders in the world, the English international has bolstered Manchester United’s defense with his physicality and leadership.

Doubted, but in the end Harry Maguire came back brilliantly
Doubted, but in the end Harry Maguire came back brilliantly

Maguire is now the captain of the Old Trafford club. The former Hull City player is known for his composure on the ball. His outstanding performances at Euro 2020-21 once again affirmed his qualities, as both Manchester United and the England national team seemed somewhat unfamiliar without the 30-year-old’s presence.


In classical football, the number 5 requires high physical demands because in the football beliefs of that time, contact sports like football demanded high physical fitness. Football in its early days also didn’t have strict rules like today. It wasn’t easy to assign the right numbers to players. The number 5 is often given to center-backs, although some defensive midfielders also like this number. We hope the names mentioned on our bookmaker in betting website will satisfy you. Thank you for your interest in this article.

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