Summary of F1 racing bets and races

23/05/2023 Sports betting

F1 racing betting is a famous and attractive racing tournament, attracting millions of people around the world to watch and watch. Along with this race, the online betting market is equally attractive and exciting. Here, let’s wintips learn about the F1 racing bets and races popular racing blocks today and chosen by players most often.

Fun F1 racing bets to bet on
Fun F1 racing bets to bet on

F1 racing at a glance

The F1 racing tournament is a super tournament with spectacular, beautiful performances of professional racers along with the sports car. The race speed can reach 200 mph and reach 19000 revolutions per minute. Each F1 race will have about 20 cars on a track. Each driver will have to complete races of different lengths, the track has a total length of over 190 miles. The total results of the races will determine the 2 world champions, namely the driver and the team.

The origin of F1 racing comes from European countries and was first held in 1950, gradually F1 was introduced to many other continents.

Summary of the best F1 racing bets

F1 Champion Bets

The bet of winning the tournament will be the best bet in F1. If before the season starts you predict the winner, you get better odds than if you bet close to the start of the season.

Bet 3 Podium positions, 6 leading race positions and top 10 finish the race

Bet positions on leaderboards
Bet positions on leaderboards

You will bet on the driver to finish with the top three positions, finish in the top 6 or even bet whether he is in the top 10 leading the race.

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Bet the driver with the fastest lap

Betting on the driver with the fastest lap is a very popular bet. The driver with the fastest lap is not always the winning driver, because suddenly they run at a fast speed and handle good corners but are not awake, do not have the endurance to fight to win the race. You can also bet on the fastest rider in qualifying and practice laps.

Bet if any riders give up

F1 racing is a mechanical sport and for many reasons around the impact that giving up midway in every race happens. You can bet on which rider will quit before or at any time during the race. Sometimes, you can even bet the amount of time you think some rider will give up.

Betting for the racing team

Bet on a strong F1 racing team
Bet on a strong F1 racing team

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If you bet on a specific team such as Ferrari and not on a particular driver, there are many types of bets to choose from: The team of the winning car, both finishing cars are on the same team, which driver will finish first in a team, both drivers share the podium of the same team or both drivers score points, the difference between the 2 drivers who finished first, in 1 group of drivers who are the fastest on the lap…

The secret of winning in F1 racing betting

To be able to become a winner when betting on F1 racing, you need to pay attention to a few things:

Know the rules of play

To have the most reasonable strategy, you need to know the rules in F1 racing as well as the betting rules given by the bookmaker. Mastering the rules of F1 betting will help you win simple bets.

Get to know F1 drivers

Get to know the driver or team well
Get to know the driver or team well

As long as you spend a little time learning about the actual strength, about the performance of the racers, you can easily choose the person who will have the highest probability of winning. From there, the bet decision you make has a higher percentage accuracy.

Split the bet capital

To avoid putting all your capital into 1 bet, because if you play like that, when you lose, you will lose a huge amount of bets, so split the capital, bet on many different types of bets with moderate amount.


It is important that you equip yourself with as much information before placing an F1 bet. Then you have a chance to win the house. Our information on F1 racing bets will be your luggage for you to enter the F1 racing betting path. Quickly register a reputable bookmaker to participate in F1 racing betting at an extremely attractive reputable bookmaker and have the opportunity to immediately receive attractive rewards from this bookmaker. I wish you a big win!

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