Summary of motor racing betting bets that you should know

18/05/2023 Sports betting

Around the world, motorcycle races have always offered bettors huge opportunities. And in Vietnam, this form of motorcycle racing betting is very developed, the gameplay is simple and the win rate is relatively high. But there are a lot of people who still don’t know the types of motorcycle racing betting. So what do online bookmakers usually bet on in this sport, let’s win tips to find out!

Types of bets in motor racing betting
Types of bets in motor racing betting

Types of motor racing betting

Besides motor racing tournaments, you can also choose to play motor betting in many different forms of betting. Bookmakers always want to give players the best betting experience. Therefore, the bookmaker always offers a variety of betting forms along with the best odds for players when betting on motor racing games.

Betting total points of 1 motor racing driver

The total score bet is always 1 of the most difficult types of motor racing betting to play and also the hardest to win in motor racing betting. This type of bet requires punters to predict the total points that 1 particular racer will achieve during the race.

However, due to a number of reasons, the driver may not complete the entire tournament, especially due to injuries during the competition. Therefore, riders must participate in at least 6 matches in the tournament to be considered eligible.

Betting on the driver who wins the championship

Individual bets or a champion team are always the most popular bets in the tournament. In motor racing, the player will have to predict the driver will achieve the highest total points after the season ends. This is a very long-term bet, requiring bettors to collect information and follow each match closely.

Drivers with a high championship rate will receive more voting points
Drivers with a high championship rate will receive more voting points

In order to narrow down the number of riders who can win, professional bettors have used the trick of relying on the list of “seeds” that the organizers announced before the tournament. This list ranks by the drivers most likely to win the top prize in first place, followed by the lower-rated riders (usually up to 20). Although this list will not always produce the right results, however, punters can rely on it to make predictions easily.

Bet on the rider who will finish first

Each race consists of many athletes participating, they share the same goal of finishing first. Therefore, bookmakers cannot ignore this bet. This type of bet players will bet on each match which rider is the first to finish. In particular, big tournaments such as Supermoto, Moto GP, Supersport Racing …, in a race there will be many stages with many roads. You will bet on the driver who finishes first in each stage of the race.

Since the strong riders before the match have been highly appreciated by experts, this is considered one of the easy ones. If you race by stage, you can completely guess the winner thanks to the forte of each racer.

Betting on the winning team

The winning team will help increase the extremely high winning rate
The winning team will help increase the extremely high winning rate

Famous car brands will bring their own established racing teams to major tournaments to compete. Due to the small number of participating teams in each tournament, this is the most prominent and easy bet in online betting.

Some good tips from motor racing betting experts

There are pretty good betting tips win from motor racing betting experts to help you win this bet.

  • First, pay attention to the competition history, each team will have tournaments that they usually win.
  • Next, pay attention to the competition list of each team, because the determining factor for the winning team is the winner of that race.
  • Then pay attention to the performance of each rider. Because you have good form to win high results on the race.
  • Finally, there is the road to play. Each driver, each engine and the individual design of each car company are suitable for different roads. This greatly affects the overall performance of the whole team.


Hopefully, with our knowledge of motor racing betting and betting tips from the above expert, you can confidently participate in betting on this great sport. Wish you win with suffocating laps.

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