Summary of terminology used in League of Legends

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If you are a longtime player in a certain game, then you must know the jargon that gamers use in the game. These terms may refer to objects, events, or simply slang that gamers use in the game. Terminology used in League of Legends is one of the things that players are most concerned about when playing.. In some cases, you need to know the terminology in the game to coordinate better with your teammates or know that the term refers to a particular object or event.

If you are new to playing League of Legends, you can refer to the list of LOL terminology in the article below by Most of these LOL terms are abbreviated according to English words in League of Legends.

League of Legends possesses a lot of different specialized terms
League of Legends possesses a lot of different specialized terms

Terminology used in League of Legends

1. Terminology beginning with the letter A

  • ACE: means wiping out the entire enemy team
  • AD (Attack Damage): means physical damage (attack power) and is often mistakenly abbreviated as at/át, or confused with ADC, which stands for Attack Damage Carry, meaning marksman.
  • ADC (Attack Damage Carry): means marksman, often abbreviated as ad, át, or at, and refers to a champion that deals physical damage at range.
  • AFK (Away From Keyboard): means the player is not active in the game or has lost connection. If someone tells you that you’re AFK, it means they are telling you to take a break from the game.
  • Aggro/Aggression: refers to the target priority of minions or turrets.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): refers to the pre-programmed computer-controlled players (similar to bots).
  • AoE (Area of Effect): refers to a spell or ability that affects a wide area.
  • AP (Ability Power): refers to the power of spells and abilities.
  • Ap Ratio: refers to the scaling of ability power, which determines how much a spell’s power increases based on the amount of ability power the champion has.
  • AR (Armor): refers to the armor stat, which increases a champion’s physical damage reduction.
  • Aram: refers to a 5v5 map with one lane, the Howling Abyss, where champions are randomly assigned.
  • ArP (Armor Penetration): refers to armor penetration, which increases physical damage dealt by ignoring a portion of the target’s armor (flat or percentage).
  • AS (Attack Speed): refers to the rate at which a champion attacks.

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2. Terminology used in League of Legends with the letter B

  • B (Back): Retreat/Go back, also a shortcut key to recall to the fountain.
  • Backdoor: Pushing a lane or turret without the enemy team noticing or being able to respond in time.
  • BG (Bad Game): A term used in LoL to describe a bad match.
  • Bait/Baiting: Luring the enemy team into a trap, meaning to make the enemy team do what the player wants them to do.
  • Blue: Refers to the Blue Sentinel, a large monster in the jungle that gives a vision-granting buff that increases mana regeneration and cooldown reduction for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Giving Blue means giving this buff to someone else.
  • Bot: Refers to a Bot, a computer-controlled opponent that a player fights against (similar to AI).
  • Bot (Bottom/Bot lane): Refers to the bottom lane of the map.
  • BrB (Be Right Back): Means “be right back”, indicating that a player is leaving briefly to heal, buy items, or do something else before returning quickly using teleportation or a skill.
  • Brush: Refers to the bushes or tall grass in the game that can provide cover and vision obstruction.
  • Buff: Refers to a temporary increase in a champion’s strength, health, or armor. A champion can be buffed by using skills, items, or support spells on an ally to give them a beneficial effect, or on an enemy to give them a negative effect.
Terms that may be commonly used in gaming or betting
Terms that may be commonly used in gaming or betting

3. Terminology beginning with the letter C

  • Camp: Camping/ganking a lane repeatedly. Usually refers to being repeatedly ganked by the jungler.
  • Care: Be careful.
  • Carry: A champion that can carry the team to victory in the late game. Typically refers to champions that need to farm a lot early in the game to become strong later on.
  • CB (Combat): Refers to a fight.
  • CC (Crowd Control): Refers to effects that control or limit an enemy’s movement or ability to use abilities, such as stun, silence, slow, fear, snare, etc.
  • CD (Cooldown): Refers to the time it takes for an ability to become available again after being used.
  • CDR (Cooldown Reduction): Refers to reducing the cooldown time of abilities.
  • Champ (Champion): Refers to a hero or character.
  • Combo: A series of abilities used in a specific sequence for maximum efficiency and damage.
  • Counter Jungle: Invading the enemy jungle to steal their camps.
  • Cover: Providing support or backup for allies.
  • Creep (CR): Refers to minions or monsters, and can also refer to the number of minions or monsters killed for gold.
  • CrC (Critical Strike Chance): Refers to the chance of landing a critical hit.
  • CrD (Critical Strike Damage): Refers to the amount of extra damage dealt by a critical hit.
  • CS (Creep Score): Refers to the number of minions or monsters killed for gold.

4. Terminology beginning with the letter D

  • Dis (Disconnect): It means losing connection, or it could be misspelled as “đit” or “đít”. Generally, it is easy to misunderstand as swearing.
  • Dive/Tower Diving: Going into the range of enemy towers.
  • DoT (Damage over Time): Damage dealt over a period of time.
  • DPS (Damage Per Second): Deals a large amount of damage in a short period of time, also known as burst damage.
  • Tax: Staying to farm minions in a lane after ganking for the team, usually done by the Jungler.
  • Split push: Pushing a lane alone after the laning phase, often divided into 1 – 4 or 1 – 3 – 1, and not every champion can split push alone. Some champions that can split push include Jax, Fiora, Camille, Singed, and tank champions.
  • Bronze: The lowest rank in League of Legends, but often understood as being insulted for playing poorly or not knowing how to play. Similar names include Iron, Plastic, Wood…
  • Freezing the lane: Keeping minion waves in a static position (usually last-hitting) to deny the enemy’s ability to farm or avoid ganks.

5. Terminology beginning with the letter E

  • ELO: A point system based on individual performance in each game. High Elo usually refers to winning multiple games in a row, while Hell Elo refers to losing multiple games in a row.
  • Exp (Experience): Points earned to level up.
Not only LOL but every MOBA game has its own terminology
Not only LOL but every MOBA game has its own terminology

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6. Terminology beginning with the letter F

  • Facecheck: Checking bushes for enemies.
  • Faker: A skilled player. Implies praise for someone’s skills or sudden talent.
  • Farm (Farming): The act of killing minions/jungle monsters to earn gold.
  • Fed: Earning a lot of gold by killing many enemy champions.
  • Feed/Feeder: (Person) dying more times than getting kills in the game. Anyone who dies repeatedly will be called a feeder.
  • FF: Surrender, a phrase used to vote for surrender with the command “/ff.”
  • Flash: A summoner spell that allows the player to teleport a short distance to avoid danger or chase enemies.

7. Terminology used in League of Legends with the letter G

  • Gank: A combat situation where allies from other lanes come to assist, usually involving the Jungler ganking a lane unexpectedly or other lanes joining in on a particular lane.
  • GG (Good Game): Typically used to acknowledge a well-played game, but it can also be misunderstood as a form of surrender.
  • GGWP (Good Game Well Played): Similar to Good Game, but emphasizes that the game was played well by both teams.
  • GOSU: A player with exceptional individual skill, often used as a compliment towards someone’s skills.
  • GP5 (Gold Regen): The amount of gold earned per 5 seconds.

8. Terminology beginning with the letter H, I, J, K

  • Harass: To chip away at an opponent’s health, causing annoyance or frustration.
  • HP (Hit Point, Health Points): The numerical representation of a character’s health.
  • HP5 (Health Regen): The amount of health regenerated every 5 seconds.
  • IAS (Increased Attacks Speed): The increase in a character’s attack speed.
  • Imba: A term in League of Legends indicating extreme dominance or skill.
  • Initiate: To begin a combat engagement.
  • Invade: To enter the enemy team’s jungle to steal resources or initiate a fight.
  • Inzumin In: Refers to Inzumin’s signature move, the Lee Sin “Sonic Wave” into “Resonating Strike” combo. Inzumin is a former professional player for Saigon Jokers and now works as a commentator. This term is used to describe a player who executes the move like Inzumin.
  • Juke/Juking: To deceive an opponent in order to escape pursuit or avoid attacks.
  • Jungling/Jungle/Forest: To kill neutral monsters in the jungle for gold and experience points.
  • Kill: Refers to either killing an enemy champion or neutral monster, and is sometimes mistakenly written as Skill.
  • Kite/Kiting: A technique of attacking and then quickly retreating to maintain distance from an opponent while dealing damage and avoiding unnecessary attacks. This is typically only possible with champions who have long-range attacks.
  • KS (Kill Steal): Refers to taking a kill that a teammate was already about to secure, often by dealing the final blow to an enemy champion.
Mastering the terminology will make the game experience better
Mastering the terminology will make the game experience better

9. Terminology beginning with the letter L, M

  • Lane: A term used in the League of Legends to refer to the paths on the game map that soldiers traverse, typically there are three lanes: TOP, MID, and BOT, but Jungle is sometimes counted as a lane as well.
  • Last Hit: A term used in LoL to refer to the final blow dealt to an enemy soldier in order to receive gold and also to deny the opponent from farming.
  • Leash: To pull monsters to allow allies to deal damage and receive damage from them.
  • Leaver: A term used to describe a player who leaves the game before it ends.
  • Lv (Level): The level of a champion in the game, often mistakenly written as Lever. Upon leveling up, champions gain increased stats and skill points.
  • Meta/Metagame: The most suitable gameplay and tactics for each stage of the season, often initiated by a team in professional LoL competitions. Proven to be effective and suitable for various situations.
  • MIA (Missing in Action): A term used to describe a missing opponent whose actions cannot be predicted.
  • Mid (Mid lane/Middle): A term used in LoL to refer to the lane in the middle of the map or the player who plays in that lane.
  • Misaya: Refers to the combo of Twisted Fate’s Destiny (R) + Gold Card among enemy team + Zhonya’s Hourglass. Misaya is a professional player for Team WE who was known for his Twisted Fate gameplay. In the early seasons, Twisted Fate was always banned against Misaya. It is said that Misaya is the only player who can time the W card’s cycle while it is on cooldown.
  • MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Area): A genre of PVP games set in a square map that is divided into three lanes, such as LoL, Dota, and 3Q.
  • MP (Mana Points): The energy stat (located below the health bar), not all champions have a mana bar.
  • MP5 (Mana Regen): The amount of energy that regenerates every 5 seconds.
  • MPen, MrP (Magic Penetration): The ability to penetrate magic resistance, increasing magic damage by bypassing some magic resistance (directly or proportionally).
  • MR (Magic Resist): Equipment that resists magic, reducing the power of spells.
  • MS (Movement Speed): The speed at which a champion can move.

10. Terminology beginning with the letter N, O, P, Q

  • Noob (Newbie): A League of Legends term referring to a player who is new to the game.
  • Nerf (Nerfed): To reduce the strength of a champion that is too strong compared to the rest to balance the game. Not only overpowered champions can be nerfed, but also champions that fit a particular playstyle or have an overpowered item build.
  • Offtank (Offensive Tank): A League of Legends term referring to a backup tank when the main tank is unable to engage in combat.
  • OOM (Out of mana): A state of not having enough energy to use skills due to depletion of mana.
  • OP (Overpowered): A term used to describe a strong player or champion in a game.
  • Open Mid: A phrase used to suggest that the enemy team should all gather mid and quickly end the game. While this phrase can be used anywhere, it is primarily used in Korea because of the gaming culture that values quickly starting new games when short on players or losing lanes.
  • Outmeta: Refers to a champion that is no longer suitable or played in a specific version of League of Legends. Outmeta champions are not necessarily weak, but simply do not fit the current meta. These champions are often left by Riot and adjusted for strength.
  • Outplay: To turn a losing situation into a winning one in combat, often by using skills to defeat or escape from the opponent while being chased. Outplay moments are often seen in solo lanes.
  • Ping: A signal used to communicate between teammates in the game.
  • Poke (Poking): To harass or chip away at the opponent’s health from a distance using area of effect skills.
  • Proxy: To farm minions behind the tower.
  • Pushing: To push the lane and kill minions with the intention of destroying the tower, also known as tower pushing.
  • Throwing the game: To intentionally make the game harder, or to show off or attempt to disrupt the team’s formation while in a winning position. The consequence is often a reversal of fortune or a highlight of the opposing team’s coordination.
League of Legends betting guru emphasizes memorizing terminology
League of Legends betting guru emphasizes memorizing terminology

11. Terminology beginning with the letter R, S

  • Re: Enemy reappears.
  • Red: Red Charm/Bramble Vest turns into a spirit. Troth’s Elixer enhances the ability to regenerate health outside of combat and deals burning damage + slows down enemies for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If you ask for Red, it means you want the Red Charm.
  • River: A river that cuts through the middle of the map.
  • Roam: Going from one lane to another to gank like a jungler.
  • Rune: Supportive gemstones/Runes.
  • Scales: Skills/Abilities that are stronger thanks to items.
  • Scaling: Skills/Abilities that are stronger thanks to Runes.
  • Skill: The abilities of a champion.
  • Skill Shot: Directed skill, a skill that follows a predetermined direction.
  • Skill Target: A skill that targets a specific target. A skill that flies straight to the designated target.
  • Smite: A punishing support spell.
  • Smurf: Refers to high-ranking players playing under low-ranking nicknames to win. In simpler terms, this is boosting, rank-boosting.
  • Snowball: Rolling snowballs, just pushing small advantages into bigger ones.
  • SoloQ or Solo Queue: This is a solo ranking match, but you can understand it as high-level players playing to showcase their skills (streamers, for example).
  • SP (Support): Refers to the support position.

12. Terminology used in League of Legends with the letter T, U, X, W, Z

  • Tank (Tanker): A League of Legends term referring to the player who absorbs most of the damage and usually takes the lead in the team.
  • Team Fight: A League of Legends term referring to a 5v5 combat.
  • Tele/TP (Teleport): A Summoner Spell that allows players to quickly teleport to another location.
  • TeLEPort: Refers to a teleport that is quick but not accurate. Specifically, the teleport play of LEP with Lulu in the midst of the C9 enemy team while under tower fire and landing with 1/4 health.
  • Top: A League of Legends term referring to the top lane position/player.
  • Troll (Troller): A player who intentionally causes trouble, disrupts the game, feeds, curses, builds inappropriate items, contests lanes, sabotages the team, and ruins the game.
  • TT (Twisted Treeline): The name of the 3v3 map in League of Legends.
  • Ulti/Ult/Ultimate/R: The ultimate ability of a champion, which not every champion has, and may not necessarily be the strongest skill. But usually, the ultimate ability brings a high degree of unpredictability.
  • UP (Underpowered): A champion/item/equipment that is too weak compared to the general level.
  • Xpeke: Refers to Backdoor/Sneakily destroying the enemy’s main structure when there are no enemies around. You can review the game where Xpeke used Kassadin to backdoor and help Fnatic win with only 39 health left and four team members dead.
  • Wombo Combo: Similar to a combo, but it’s the combination of multiple champions’ abilities together. For example, Yasuo combining with Malphite, Orianna, Rakan, and Miss Fortune.
  • Zone (Zoning): A controlled area with vision, usually around towers, NPCs, champions, wards, and minions.


The above is a terminology used in League of Legends. If you are new to the game and do not know the terminology in the game, remember to use the term LOL in the game.

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