Summary of the most prestigious badminton bookmakers today

A lot of people now like badminton and consider it a method of exercising every day. So if you’re knowledgeable about it why don’t you try badminton betting once? The vastness of online search engines gives you many badminton betting addresses but you can’t be sure which one is a reputable bookmaker. This article win tips bet suggest you the Top 5 the most prestigious badminton bookmakers today.

Summary of the most prestigious badminton bookmakers today
Summary of the most prestigious badminton bookmakers today

What is badminton betting?

Badminton betting is simply betting on the betting odds in badminton offered at each bookmaker. This sport has singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles or men’s and women’s doubles. To ensure fairness badminton matches are supervised and operated by the International Badminton Federation, so bettors can believe that the match results are objective and fair.

A badminton match is composed of 3 rounds. The winning percentage in badminton is usually 0- 3, 1- 3, which means that the winning team must eat at least 2 out of 3 games. Each round is equivalent to 21 points, whichever side leads by 21 points and is 2 points away from the other team, that side wins. If the two teams lead a draw of 20 – 20, continue to play until the difference is 2 points.

Currently, bookmakers such as 188bet also offer a wide variety of bets such as: handicap bets; even/odd bets; over/below score bets; handicap bets….

Criteria for choosing a reputable badminton bookmaker

Choosing a reputable badminton bookmaker to participate in is extremely important, especially who is new to this betting game. There are many people who, because they have not studied the house carefully, have bet a lot of money on matches. As a result, bet bookmaker burst with money, even being exploited by the bookmaker to sell it outside with malicious purposes.

The important criteria for you to identify a reputable badminton bookmaker can be mentioned as:

  • Information security mode.
  • The diversification of forms of play.
  • Deposit speed – withdrawal.
  • The number of players involved.
  • Bookmaker operating time.
  • Reviews.

Top 5 reputable badminton bookmakers that you should not miss

1. Bookmaker W88 – The leading prestigious badminton betting house

Longtime punters and even non-punters know about W88 through advertisements in many places. Not only in Vietnam, W88 also has influence around the world. Rated by badminton bettors with an almost absolute score on the prestige and quality of online betting services.

Bookmaker W88 – The leading prestigious badminton betting house
Bookmaker W88 – The leading prestigious badminton betting house

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Bookmaker W88 definitely does not disappoint you with the diverse badminton betting table and extremely high odds that this bookmaker brings, many international tournaments are updated at W88 daily.

The highly appreciated standards of badminton bookmaker W88 is a system to organize bets with very fast speed, fast bonus withdrawal speed in just 30 minutes, high security,…

Currently, W88 is still developing badminton betting towards stability, prestige, creating high trust in the hearts of players.

2. Bookmaker 188Bet – Attractive, transparent badminton betting

Like W88, 188Bet is also the most searched name today. 188Bet’s service system is extremely diverse and the strongest is sports betting including the popular badminton game. There is also Esport, Casino, Lottery….

188Bet is also a prestigious sponsor of the leagues of Chelsea, Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan…. So everyone who participates in betting here is also very proud and trusts this bookmaker.

3. Letou Bookmaker – Asian standard badminton bookmaker

Letou is a bookmaker with nearly 17 years of operation, has been granted a business license in the field of online betting, so the prestige of this bookmaker is 100% guaranteed. Badminton bettors here also highly appreciate Letou for its interface, betting products, payouts, visual, detailed betting tables, high odds, customer care mode.

With a modern, extremely fast deposit mechanism, Letou has completely won the hearts of badminton bettors. Balance information is also clearly displayed so players can comfortably bet and control the balance. Letou is really the “old man” in the betting village.

Letou Bookmaker – Asian standard badminton bookmaker
Letou Bookmaker – Asian standard badminton bookmaker

4. FB88 Bookmaker – High-class badminton bookmaker

FB88 has only been established for nearly 6 years but is extremely prominent in the market. FB88 attracts attention because of its modern betting mechanism, all kinds of betting. Including badminton betting is quite prominent. With many small to large tournaments around the world, high odds, easy-to-understand betting tables,… Along with that is the mechanism of depositing / withdrawing money for public transactions, transparency, extremely good information security regime.

Every player who comes to FB88 goes through a very thorough identity and account verification process, so you can rest assured when betting on badminton here.

5. Bookmaker Fun88 – Bookmaker plays badminton betting with a variety of bets

This bookmaker is famous for collaborating with many big teams and high-caliber tournaments. The most outstanding feature in this bookmaker is a variety of sports betting types including badminton betting, followed by the deposit and withdrawal mode that supports most popular banks today. Customer care mode is also highly appreciated, confidential information is thorough.


Just now is the general information of the most prestigious badminton bookmaker today. Hope you can choose a bookmaker worthy of you and bring you the best bets, the highest winning rate.

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