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Tennis is a sport that currently attracts a large number of players. Its level of appeal is no less than that of football, basketball, or racing. To satisfy the betting enthusiasts, many bookmakers have invested in offering this sport along with exciting odds. Among them, one popular type of bet is the handicap bet. So what is Tennis Handicap? How do you place such bets, and what are some handicap betting tips? Expert Wintips will provide detailed answers in the following article.

Tennis Handicap at the Online Bookmaker
Tennis Handicap at the Online Bookmaker

Tennis Betting Overview

Rules to understand in Tennis betting

  • All transactions in Tennis betting are only valid once the match has concluded. In the event that the referee requires a replay, the bets will also be reset.
  • The all bets placed will be void if they fall into one of the following cases: the player cannot participate in the scheduled match, the player or their teammate withdraws or is disqualified, there is a change in the venue, or there is an increase or decrease in the match duration.
  • Bets will still be valid if the match is postponed or suspended. In some cases, the wagers may even be refunded to the players.
  • Placed Bets after the match has started will become invalid. However, if the match starts ahead of schedule, the previous bets will still be considered valid.
  • For combination bets, if at least one of the matches in the combination takes place, the bet will still be valid, and it will be based on the result of that specific match.

How to calculate points in the sport of Tennis?

If you are new to tennis betting, scoring points can be quite complex. However, it becomes easier if you have been a long-time player and have experience in new betting site. Here is a simple way to score points in this sport, helping you keep track of time and scores in each set.

The scoring system is 15, 30 and 40. When serving, if the player wins the point, the score is 15-0. If the opponent wins and the scores are tied, it becomes 15 – 15. The scoring continues in the same manner until reaching the final point.

What is a Tennis Handicap?

In tennis, a handicap refers to a form of betting where one player or team is given a virtual advantage or disadvantage to level the playing field. The purpose of a tennis handicap is to create more balanced betting odds when there is a significant skill disparity between the two competitors. When a handicap is applied, it means that a certain number of games or sets is added or subtracted from the final score of a player or team. The handicap can be positive (+) or negative (-) depending on whether the player is considered the favorite or the underdog. Tennis handicaps allow bettors to wager on matches where there is a clear favorite, making the betting outcome more challenging and potentially more rewarding.

For example: Let’s say Player A is heavily favored to win against Player B. To balance the odds, a handicap of -3 games may be applied to Player A. This means that at the end of the match, three games would be subtracted from Player A’s final score. If the final score, after applying the handicap, is still in favor of Player A, they would be considered the winner for betting purposes.

There are many types online bookmakers
There are many types online bookmakers

On the other hand, if the handicap is applied to Player B with +3 games, those extra games would be added to their final score. If, after adding the handicap, Player B’s score is higher than Player A’s score, they would be considered the winner for betting purposes.

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What are the types of Tennis handicaps?

In tennis, handicaps are used to equalize the playing field between two players or teams of different skill levels. Handicaps are designed to give a disadvantaged player or team a certain number of games or points advantage to balance the match. There are several types of handicaps in tennis:

1. Game Handicap

In this type of handicap, a certain number of games is added to the score of the underdog or subtracted from the score of the favorite before the match starts.

Ex: If the underdog is given a 3-game handicap, they will start the match with a 3 – 0 lead in games.

2. Set Handicap

Set handicaps are similar to game handicaps, but they are applied to the sets won by each player or team. For instance, if one player has a set handicap of +1.5, they would win the bet if they win at least one set or lose by a scoreline of 2 sets to 1.

3. Point Handicap

Point handicaps involve giving one player or team a certain number of points advantage before the match or set begins. The player receiving the handicap starts with a predetermined number of points, while the opponent starts at zero. The handicap is added to the total points won by the player with the advantage to determine the outcome.

4. Game Line Handicap

In this type of handicap, the line for the total number of games played in a set or match is adjusted. For example, if the line is set at 9.5 games and a player has a handicap of -1.5 games, they would need to win the set with a score of 6 – 4 or better to cover the handicap.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on Tennis
Choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on Tennis

These are some of the common types of handicaps used in tennis. The specific handicap system may vary depending on the tournament, bookmaker, or betting platform. It’s always important to understand the specific rules and terms associated with handicaps before placing any bets or participating in handicap-based matches.

How to play Tennis handicap at online bookmakers?

Choose a reputable online bookmaker

Research and select a reliable online betting site UK that offers Tennis betting options, including handicap betting. Ensure the bookmaker has a good reputation, user-friendly interface, and competitive odds.

Create an account & Deposit funds

Sign up and create an account with the chosen online bookmaker. This usually involves providing some personal information and creating login credentials. Once your account is set up, deposit funds into your account using the available payment methods provided by the bookmaker. Make sure to check the minimum deposit requirements and any bonuses or promotions available for new customers.

Navigate to Tennis betting section & Select a match

Find the Tennis section on the bookmaker’s website or mobile app. Typically, it will be listed under the “Sports” or “Tennis” category. Choose the Tennis match you want to bet on. Look for matches that offer handicap betting options, which are usually indicated with a handicap symbol or “H” next to the match.

Review handicap options

Once you’ve selected a match, review the handicap options available. The bookmaker will provide the handicap value for each player or team, indicating the number of games or sets added or subtracted. Pay attention to the positive (+) or negative (-) sign associated with each handicap.

Place your bet & Confirm and monitor

Decide on the handicap you want to wager on and enter the amount you wish to bet. Double-check your bet slip to ensure accuracy.

Tennis bets attract a lot of participants
Tennis bets attract a lot of participants

After placing your bet, review your selection and confirm the bet. Keep track of the match progress and check the final result to determine if your handicap bet was successful.

Experience Tennis handicap from masters?

  • Research player performance: Before placing a handicap bet, thoroughly research the players involved in the match. Analyze their recent performance, head-to-head records, playing style, fitness, and form. This information will help you assess their capabilities and potential outcomes.
  • Understand the handicap values: Pay close attention to the handicap values offered by the bookmaker. Evaluate whether the given handicap accurately reflects the skill disparity between the players. Look for opportunities where the handicap appears to be misaligned, offering value for your bet.
  • Consider surface and playing conditions: Tennis is played on different surfaces, such as grass, clay, and hard court. Take into account the player’s strengths and weaknesses on the specific surface. Also, consider external factors like weather conditions and court speed, as they can impact player performance.
  • Study past matches with handicaps: Review historical matches where handicaps were involved. Observe how the players performed when given a handicap advantage or disadvantage. Identify any patterns or trends that could inform your betting strategy.
  • Monitor player motivation and momentum: Consider the players’ motivation levels and their recent form. A player who is in good form, highly motivated, or on a winning streak may perform better even with a handicap disadvantage. Conversely, a player who is struggling or lacks motivation may struggle to cover a handicap advantage.


Handicap tennis betting involves adding or subtracting a certain number of games or sets from a player’s final score. The favored player will have a negative handicap, requiring them to win by a margin greater than the handicap value, while the underdog will have a positive handicap, allowing them to win even if they lose by a margin less than the handicap. As with any form of betting, responsible gambling practices should be followed. It’s advisable to start with smaller bets, manage bankrolls wisely, and continuously educate oneself about tennis and betting strategies. Additionally, keeping track of the match progress and adjusting predictions accordingly can contribute to a more successful handicap tennis betting experience.

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