The easiest types of volleyball bets to win for new players

19/05/2023 Sports betting

In addition to football betting, volleyball betting bets are also attracting a large number of participants. Are you a new player and don’t know much about the sport? Let’s discover more about this types of volleyball bets.

Popular types of volleyball betting bets at online betting websites

Volleyball is known as a sport of a highly antagonistic nature. A volleyball match will last between 3 and 5 sets depending on the tournament size. The team that participates in volleyball wins more sets, that team wins the middle. The online betting market is also therefore investing more and more in volleyball tournaments. Let’s take a look at some of the popular volleyball betting styles in recent times.

The easiest types of volleyball bets to win for new players
The easiest types of volleyball bets to win for new players

Type of handicap

This form of volleyball betting has the same odds and gameplay as the handicap in football betting. The two volleyball teams will split into two upper and lower door teams.

To be able to capture the standard odds, you should also follow the bookmaker’s betting table. On it there will be goal differences across tournaments as well as the rankings of volleyball teams. This is the most accurate base that allows players to easily control their odds.

The way to win the volleyball handicap is as follows:

The upper door team that wants to win the bet must achieve a difference score compared to the lower door team higher than the point set by bet bookmaker. If the score between the two volleyball teams is tied, the lower team will win the bet. If the lower door team loses, but the threshold for losing is at the level specified by the bookmaker, the person who places the lower door bet is still eligible for the bonus.

Participate in betting on match results

This is also one of the types of volleyball betting bets applied by a large number of members. With this type of betting, members will have to decide which team will win and bet on that team.

For example, the bookmaker offers two betting gates for a volleyball match between teams A and B. If team A wins, the odds are 1.1, and if team B wins, the odds will be 0.9.

Therefore, if you bet team A wins and the result of the match is in favor of team A you will receive a bonus at the rate of 1.1, while if you bet team B wins but the result falls on team A now you will lose the bet at the rate of 0.9.

Participate in betting on match results
Participate in betting on match results

Bets by total points

Instead of predicting the outcome of each team calculating the prize money, in this form of bet, players will calculate the total scoring points of both volleyball teams. And that result will be compared with the bookmaker’s odds.

You will win if you place a margin in case the actual points total of the two teams scored is less than the bet. The winning method will be the opposite, i.e. you only win if the total real score of the two teams is greater than the bet.

The player will draw if the predicted result of the two matches coincides with the bookmaker’s bet result.

Bets on even and odd scores

Bets on even and odd scores are simply understood as players will consider the situation of two teams through different matches and make a forecast of whether the total points received by the two teams are even or odd.

If you bet evenly and when the total points between the two teams are even, you will win the bet, and if you do, you will lose.

Effective volleyball betting experience

Above we have explored all types of online volleyball betting, including sure betting tips. Now, let’s delve further into these skills to enhance our game strategies and serve with precision.

Choosing the most reputable bookmaker to conduct bets

On the market there are currently quite a few bookmakers sprouting up, it is difficult for users to distinguish. However, you should choose a bookmaker with financial potential, be granted a stable operating license as well as consult more feedback from the community.

Effective volleyball betting experience
Effective volleyball betting experience

Betting in accordance with your own abilities

For new players who do not have much experience in betting, you should consider the amount of money you spend in that game. Avoid spending a lot of money without making an accurate judgment that leads to white loss.

To improve match-judging skills, players should participate in betting forums to hear expert advice combined with experiences from previous ones.

It is not recommended to bet all the available capital

You should apply the 60-40 rule. That is, you should only bet on 60% of the financial amount you have, the rest will be left there without putting it all into the bet. It is the safest and most effective way for participants in online betting at the bookmaker system.


The above are the most popular types of volleyball betting that new players need to know and apply it. Be sure of the betting rules as well as cultivate more common knowledge to improve your chances of winning. Good luck!

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